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Martin Barrett
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How Much is LinkedIn Learning?

How Much Is LinkedIn Learning? Price And Plans

You may associate LinkedIn with being a social media network for professionals, but it is more than that. LinkedIn has been designed to link professionals and help them grow their careers, which is why they also have LinkedIn Learning. 

However, LinkedIn Learning isn’t something that you can access for free. That’s only a temporary reprieve from LinkedIn Learning’s payment options. You can get LinkedIn Learning for yourself or for your team.

So the question is that how much is LinkedIn learning?

LinkedIn Learning is $26.99 a month if you buy it annually, or $39.99 monthly. However, if you want to get it for a team of up to twenty people, you may be looking at $379.99 a year, with larger organizations costing even more. 

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform site, where you can access a variety of different courses. Originally, LinkedIn Learning was known as Lynda.com which was founded in 1995. 

Lynda.com was originally developed as an online support platform for the classes of Lynda Weinman, with the company eventually growing to offer courses online by 2002.

It grew over the years, and by 2008, it had started to produce and publish documentaries on artists and entrepreneurs. 

With the success of Lynda.com, LinkedIn bought the site for $1.5 billion in May 2015. In 2017, Lynda.com merged into the LinkedIn site and was renamed LinkedIn Learning, and by 2021, Lynda.com would no longer exist in its previous iteration.

As LinkedIn Learning (see also ‘What Is LinkedIn Learning?‘), there are thousands of courses and personalized recommendations for LinkedIn members. All courses are easy to access, and any members can add the skills they’ve gained on LinkedIn to their profile once they’ve been completed.

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What courses are available on LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning (see also ‘Is LinkedIn Learning Worth It? Honest Review 2022‘) has over 5000 courses available, with a variety of different courses available. You’ll find that they have a variety of courses available for technology, creative skills, and business.

But let’s take a closer look at what kind of learning paths you can access through these different areas.


There are numerous topics that fall under the business category of LinkedIn Learning. All of these courses are designed to help you improve your skills and to improve yourself in your career.

Here are some of the most popular business topics that they have available: 

  • Career Management
  • Communication
  • Computer Skills
  • Data Analysis
  • Hiring and Interviewing
  • Job Searching
  • Leadership Skills
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Personal Branding
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Public Speaking
  • Spreadsheets
  • Talent Management
  • Time Management
  • Well-Being and Self-Care

As you can see by the topics, these are all designed to improve upon your own entrepreneurial skills. 


While LinkedIn does focus on business in all three of its sections, they also have a host of creative skills to learn about.

These can either be used to improve your own skills for work or even on a self-improvement level. Here are some of the most popular topics available in the creative section: 

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Modeling
  • Analog Photography
  • Construction Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Job Searching
  • Keying
  • Manufacturing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Music Lessons
  • Portrait Photography
  • Product and Industrial Design
  • Rendering
  • Video Production

Many of these topics are designed to improve upon your own skills or learn a new creative skill or hobby. However, they also tie into other paths to help you improve upon your career prospects. 


How Much is LinkedIn Learning?

Technology ties into the previous two sections regarding the variety of courses available. However, these are designed to focus on IT and software development paths more so than the business and creative sections. Here are the most popular topics in technology currently: 

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Database Administration
  • Decision-Making
  • DevOps Foundations
  • DevOps Tools
  • Help Desk Skills
  • iOS Development
  • Network Administration
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Programming Foundations
  • Programming Languages
  • Spreadsheets
  • Virtualization

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that these sections all have a lot of subjects in common. However, these are to help filter the topics that are available. 

As part of LinkedIn Learning, you take part in interactive lessons and full access to LinkedIn Premium (see also ‘How To Unsubscribe From Linkedin Premium‘). You can also get certificates to add to your LinkedIn profile to stand out to prospective employers.

How much is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning isn’t cheap, and you can always try it before you buy it. LinkedIn Learning comes with a month long free trial before you buy it (if you need to cancel during this trial, read here).

If you decide to continue LinkedIn Learning, you can pay for an annual membership which would cost $26.99 per month. That would save you 33% compared to the monthly subscription of $39.99 a month. However, the downside to this is that you would have to pay roughly $323 for twelve months. 

An annual subscription is only a little bit cheaper than a team’s membership for business, which also comes with a month free. To pay for a team of between two and twenty people, you would expect to pay $380 per year.

However, if you have an organization of over twenty people, you need to contact LinkedIn Learning (see also ‘How To Add LinkedIn Learning Certificate To Profile?‘) directly to know how much it will cost. 

However, if you don’t want to purchase a subscription, you can also buy individual courses for a variety of different prices. While some courses may require you to have a membership, many of these courses will cost between $20 and $50.

However, if you want to access them for free, the only way to do so is through a free month long trial.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn Learning is a great resource to learn from, with thousands of courses available to choose from. While there is no free option, it’s a great option for businesses or individuals if they’re looking to improve their skill sets.

1 Month Free
LinkedIn Learning
  • Offers a wide range of courses and tutorials on various topics
  • Boost your Career with LinkedIn Learning
  • Anytime, Anywhere Learning
  • Validate your Skills