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How To Give Masterclass As A Gift

How To Give Masterclass As A Gift in 2023

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the holidays? Here is the best gift that very few know about, online courses!

Nothing says Wow like a Masterclass subscription for your next gift. As someone who has completed an extensive amount of online courses in the past few years, I can confidently say that they make for a fantastic gift. Not only have I gained valuable knowledge and skills, but I have also found myself constantly thinking, “Wow, my best friend, Mum, Dad, or even business partner would love this.”

So, whether it’s a cooking class, a singing lesson, or a coding course, the annual masterclass membership makes for an ideal gift!

Masterclass Gift

Masterclass has very quickly proven itself to be an awesome way to learn new things online and to learn it from some of the best minds in a chosen field.

What sets Masterclass apart from its contemporaries like SkillShare is the fact that it invites well-known professionals to give their own masterclasses related to their fields.

Can You Give a Masterclass Subscription as a Gift?

Yes, you can give a Masterclass subscription as a gift, upon purchase of an annual plan the gift recipient will be emailed access to the Masterclass courses. So they can get started right away.

But how do you actually go about giving a Masterclass membership as a gift? Are there any official ways to do it? And are there any ways outside of that? 

How Do You Give Masterclass As A Gift?

Luckily, the Masterclass platform makes it incredibly easy to give a membership to its services as a gift to someone you love. Here is a step by step guide to make it easy for you.

Step 1: Go to the masterclass gift page

All you need to do is head to the main page of the Masterclass website and then look towards the upper right-hand side of the website homepage. You should see a menu button that is denoted as three horizontal lines. 

Click on the menu button, and you will be met with several options that you can then choose. You will want to click on the button marked as ‘Gift Masterclass’.

Or click here and you will be magically transported to that exact page.

Step 2: Select a Master Gift Subscription

After clicking the button “Give the Gift of Masterclass” you will be taken to the annual membership options.

Masterclass Gift Options

Select the Masterclass annual membership plan that best suits your budget. Click here for more information on Masterclass subscriptions and pricing.

You will be asked to sign up for a masterclass account using Facebook, Google, or your personal email address.

Step 3: Personalize Your Gift

Here you can personalize your Masterclass gift. Enter the recipient’s Name, email address, and an optional gift message.

Personalize Masterclass Gift

You also have the option to send it immediately or send it on a specific date (for example birthday)

Step 4: Make Payment

Enter your payment details and place a secure order. You will not be charged for an annual membership, so check the “total billed today” amount first.

How Much Will Your Masterclass Gift Subscription Cost – Payment

A Masterclass subscription is billed annually so you will pay for the whole year upfront. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee should the gift recipient decide to cancel the Masterclass subscription.

1 account, 1 device1 account, 2 devices1 account, 6 devices
Cannot Download for Offline viewingCan Download for Offline viewingCan Download for Offline viewing
180+ Classes180+ Classes180+ Classes
Monthly price (billed annually)

How Does The Recipient Redeem a Gift

When the recipient gets your gift from MasterClass, they will receive an email with a red button that says “Activate Gift“. They should click on that button, and it will take them to MasterClass.

They might need to make a new account or sign in to an old one. Once they do that, they will see a page that says they got the gift and can start using it. If the gift doesn’t work on the phone app, try using a computer instead.

Is Masterclass a Good Gift

When it comes to buying gifts, look no further than a gift that keeps on giving. The first time I received a course as a gift, I thought to myself what a great and thoughtful idea.

Not only can they learn what they are interested in with over 180+ classes to choose from. 180 gifts all packaged up in one email is excellent value, and can be a last-minute purchase for those who may have forgotten about getting a gift for someone.

So I’ve been buying some of the best courses like Masterclass for friends and loved ones for years now.

Masterclass Gift Ideas: Topics and Classes

Here are a few of the topics you can find from the list of 180+ Masterclass courses:

This makes it a truly valuable resource for learning and explains why it has such an exclusive price tag.

FAQs – Masterclass Gift

Can You Cancel A Masterclass Gift Membership?

How To Give Masterclass As A Gift

Yes, you can cancel a master gift membership that has been sent to the recipient or even one that is still yet to be sent to the recipient.

However, you will need to make sure that you cancel the masterclass membership before the gift is claimed by the recipient. 

To cancel a gift and receive a refund for the cost paid to purchase it, you will need to reach out and contact the Member Support Team, who can help you to cancel the masterclass gift and get you access to your refund.

If your masterclass gift has already been received and claimed by the gift recipient, then unfortunately, it is no longer possible to cancel the gift and receive a refund.

Can You Cancel MasterClass After A Month?

If, after a month, you find that Masterclass just isn’t right for you, then you can easily cancel the masterclass account, by canceling the recurring subscription payment.

Does MasterClass Have A Family Plan?

Yes. If you want to give access to Masterclass for the whole family, then you can easily purchase the ‘Masterclass Family plan’, which allows up to six users to access the platform at the same time on different devices! Handy!

How Much Is MasterClass A Month?

A MasterClass membership will only cost you around $15 per month, making it very affordable.

Can You Give A Masterclass Membership As A Gift At A Specific Time?

Yes, you can! If you wish, you can give the person receiving the gift access to the Masterclass membership right away, via a link that will be sent to their email address.

This is great if you need a last-minute gift that you can give instantly.

However, if you plan to give the membership as a gift to someone for a certain occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, then you will want to make sure that it arrives to the recipient at the right time, in order to maintain the surprise. 

Luckily, Masterclass makes this incredibly easy, as they allow you to choose an exact date and time that your gift purchase will be sent to the recipient’s email address.

Simply continue with the purchase as normal, and then select “send date” to choose an exact date and time that the masterclass gift will be sent out. 

And if you ever find that you’ve input the wrong date, or you want it to be sent a little earlier or a little later, all you need to do is head to the ‘Gifts’ portal on the app or the website, this will allow you to then see the current date and time that the gift will be sent, as well as to change that date and time if you see fit.

What If The Recipient Does Not Receive Their Gift Membership?

Though it is a rare occurrence, sometimes Masterclass users can encounter trouble when it comes to their gifts being received by the recipient by the chosen delivery date. 

What if My MasterClass Gift Isn’t Delivered Properly?

If the recipient claims to not yet have received their gift certificate, then you should advise them to check their spam folder, as some email hosting clients may automatically file the gift email into such a folder.

Check to find out if the recipient has a Gmail address, as the Gmail algorithm may automatically file a Masterclass gift email into the ‘Promotions’ folder.

But if the recipient still cannot find the gift email, do not fret, as you can instead head to the ‘gifts portal’ on the Masterclass website, and then personally change the recipient email address to the correct one to send the gift immediately again to your recipient.

You can resend the email as many times as you like, as the gift needs to be claimed by clicking on a specific link. 

Can You Buy Multiple Masterclass Gifts For Multiple Recipients At One Time?

How To Give Masterclass As A Gift

Unfortunately, no, you cannot buy multiple distinct gifts for multiple distinct recipients at the same time. However, it is still possible to buy multiple gifts, you will just need to buy each one separately. 

Luckily, this is incredibly easy, as Masterclass allows you to save your card information to make multiple choices at a faster rate.

This allows you to purchase one gift for one recipient, and then head to buy another gift for another recipient right away.

Once you have purchased all of the distinct gifts, you can then easily manage all of them from the ‘gifts portal’ on the Masterclass website or app! Or you can buy a family membership.

Can You Purchase A Masterclass Account For A Business?

If there is a business working in a particular niche, then the employees of said business may well benefit from accessing some Masterclass lessons. 

Luckily, Masterclass makes it incredibly easy to purchase a large membership for a business of multiple employees.

This can be done by heading to the ‘MasterClass For Businesses’ homepage, which contains all of the information you could need pertaining to purchasing multiple memberships for employees at a specific business.

As well as making it easy to purchase multiple annual memberships for business employees, Masterclass also offers an incredibly generous 10 to 30% off discount if more than 20 memberships are purchased at once.

This can help you to save a massive amount of money in the long run.

To Wrap Up

Luckily, giving a Masterclass membership as a gift to someone you love is incredibly easy, and you can have it all sorted out within just a few minutes.

It can be tailored to suit whoever your gift the masterclass to. For example, if you are buying the membership for a person’s birthday, you can choose to have it only be sent to the recipient when that day arrives.

You can also easily purchase multiple memberships for multiple employees of a business through the use of the business portal, which makes it easy to send out multiple memberships in one go.

And when memberships have been purchased, it is more than easy to then manage those memberships, and even cancel them, provided this is done before the memberships have been claimed!

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