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Martin Barrett
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can i teach on masterclass

How To Teach On MasterClass

MasterClass is a premium e-learning platform where celebrities and other prominent figures offer online courses about design, home and living as well as science and technology.

MasterClass is more unusual compared to other online learning courses because its instructors are all well-known in their field.

This means that you need to have achieved a certain amount of fame before you can teach on MasterClass.

In this article, we answer a FAQ: “Can I teach on MasterClass?” and find out who can teach MasterClass courses, as well as what you need to know before you sign up for MasterClass as an instructor.

Who Can Teach On MasterClass?

If you’re wondering “Can I teach on MasterClass?”, we will have to disappoint you, because you cannot just sign up on MasterClass as a teacher.

Instead, MasterClass approaches celebrities and experts directly.

Unlike other online learning platforms where teachers can just sign up, MasterClass doesn’t offer this functionality for everyone.

This means that the only way to teach on MasterClass is by receiving an invitation from the platform itself.

MasterClass generally pays celebrities a large sum of money for each course.

What Do You Need To Teach On MasterClass?

There are certain requirements that MasterClass teachers need to fulfill before they can teach a MasterClass course.

This being said, MasterClass hasn’t published any specifics about these requirements but we found the following elements essential for MasterClass instructors.

Be A True Expert In Your Field

Similar to other e-learning classes, teachers on MasterClass need to have achieved a high level of proficiency and mastery of their field before they can teach others.

Be A Celebrity

What makes MasterClass so unique is that its many online classes are taught by celebrities and people who have a certain level of fame.

While you may not recognize all the teachers’ names, MasterClass instructors are all famous in their own fields.

This means that students can be sure that they get a great quality online class for their MasterClass subscription money. (Find the most popular MasterClass courses here.)

Be A Good Speaker

If you want to teach on MasterClass, then you will naturally need to be a good speaker.

You will need to be able to present a topic clearly and in detail.

While many celebrities have an entire team to support them, it is essential that a MasterClass instructor can bring a concept across very easily (see also ‘What Is The Concept Of Masterclass?‘).

After all, MasterClass is not just supposed to be entertaining and fun but it should also be teaching its students the basics of a certain topic.

How Do You Know Teaching A MasterClass Is Right For You?

Teaching an online course isn’t for everyone. You will need to check the requirements and consider if you feel confident enough to present on your topic.

As MasterClass courses are usually taught by celebrities, they are likely to have achieved a level of fame in their field already.

It’s also a good idea to consider if you have enough time for creating online content. 

As all MasterClass classes are taught by experts, the online learning platform requires a high level of knowledge and a detailed lesson plan.

How Does MasterClass Get Their Teachers?

MasterClass approaches celebrities and well-known experts directly with a significant amount as an offer to teach an online course.

This is a common method to get celebrities on board. But MasterClass also offers some level of creative control to their celebrities.

They can teach in the style they like which makes learning also more enjoyable for many MasterClass students.

As the online learning platform is growing, more celebrities are also becoming aware of MasterClass as a form of PR and to further their brand.

Celebrities who teach on MasterClass not only get in front of a new audience but also draw in their fans which is very beneficial for MasterClass.

How To Create A MasterClass Course

Can I teach on MasterClass

While MasterClass courses are taught by celebrities, they have a similar structure to many other online classes.

This means that they are also created in a similar way.

This being said, it is likely that celebrities have an entire team to help them with the creation of their online course.

Plan Your MasterClass Course

At the beginning of every online learning course is the planning phase.

Every e-learning teacher needs to plan their overall course with individual sessions.

As MasterClass online courses are typically either 60 minutes long or 90 minutes long, there are only two options for teachers to choose their format.

However, each course is divided into sessions that are clearly outlined in the lesson plan.

MasterClass teachers need to design the lesson plan and write up all the related content with it.

This includes an instruction guide for the course, related student materials, and also the course description on the website.

Record The MasterClass Video

The pre-recorded video is an essential part of every online MasterClass course. 

Celebrities usually rely on a team of videographers and marketers or a MasterClass support team to ensure that their MasterClass videos are high quality.

As MasterClass allows their instructors some flexibility when it comes to the teaching style, teachers can use this to their advantage and present their video lessons in a way that feels comfortable for them.

How Much Does MasterClass Pay Instructors? 

MasterClass doesn’t publish any official figures for how much their celebrity instructors are paid.

However, most celebrities are paid up to $100,000 before they start recording the course.

MasterClass teachers also receive a percentage of the revenue that is generated from their classes.

David Rogier, the CEO of MasterClass, once said that many of their teachers create their classes as a type of legacy to the world.

This being said, there are no public records of the financial deals between MasterClass and their teachers as they are part of negotiations.

However, it is easy to assume that MasterClass must have a relatively high budget for their online courses as celebrities typically only work with a large up-front sum.

Saying this, the MasterClass concept with its high-quality teachers seems to work as the platform is growing ever more popular.

It also starts to attract more interested celebrities who are keen to create a course and leave a legacy for their fans who can watch their MasterClass classes at any time on the MasterClass app.

Are Celebrities Good Teachers?

Yes, MasterClass teachers are experts in their fields.

This is not just because they are famous but also because they can provide a significant amount of knowledge.

MasterClass online courses aren’t just about the teachers, however. 

The high-quality MasterClass videos, together with detailed course material, create a convincing concept for many MasterClass students who watch MasterClass courses.

Whether you are interested in skateboarding with Tony Hawk or cooking lessons with Gordon Ramsay, the MasterClass app has a large variety of online courses.

One of the key concepts of MasterClass is to make online education accessible, appealing, and fun. This idea works for young children and adults alike. (See here for how to give MasterClass as a gift.)

By bringing in celebrities to give their courses, MasterClass creates online courses that are educational, as well as entertaining.

Some MasterClass student reviews mention that their online courses feel much more like entertainment, and this is exactly the approach MasterClass is taking.

Final Thoughts

MasterClass courses are only taught by celebrities. This means that you can only teach on MasterClass when you get an invitation from the platform.

Celebrities have a variety of reasons why they want to teach on MasterClass.

Many want to leave a form of legacy that allows their fans and new audiences to watch MasterClass videos of them on the MasterClass app.

In addition, the unique MasterClass concept of combining online education with celebrities appeals to a wide range of people and encourages them to buy MasterClass memberships.