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Are Google Certifications Worth It?

Are Google Certifications Worth It?

Should you invest your time in a Google Professional certificate? You’ve probably been wondering if prospective employers will care about it.

Suppose you’re worried about are Google Certifications worth it or not. In that case, we’re here to help you decide to invest your time and effort in studying one. 

What Is A Google Certification?

The best thing about a Google certification is that you don’t need a degree or prior qualifications to participate in your chosen course.

You don’t need to take any interviews to experience them, and you can also study for them in the comfort of your home.

There isn’t a rigid schedule either, so you can choose to study wherever you want, as you don’t need to wait for an instructor to come online.

By designing courses for Google career certificates, the Google career certificate program has focused on developing those looking for a high-demand job.

They also make accessing the course more manageable, especially if you want a career change to get better wages.

Using Google certifications, you can get more experience in IT, Google project management, course, and digital marketing.

Various types of Google certifications help you take the next step in your career. These certifications are perfect for anyone who wants to start a new job.

Still, they may worry if they’re capable without a college degree. In a way, the Google certifications are a stepping stone for those who want to switch industries but can’t afford the high costs of a college degree.

What Are The Three Types Of Google Certifications? 

There are three types of Google certifications, and the one you take will depend on which industry you prefer to focus on.

Google Career Certifications

Google career certifications can help you gain experience in Project manager skills, UX design, data analytics, Google IT Support Professional, and Android development. You can find these Google Career Certificate courses on Coursera.

Google Digital Marketing Certifications

You can find Google digital marketing certifications on Google Digital Garage and Coursera.

These Google Career certification courses focus on different topics to help you build a career in digital marketing. These include online marketing, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, cloud training, and machine learning courses.

Google Product Certifications

Suppose you’re looking for a free training course where you can still get a support certificate. In that case, we recommend looking at Google product certifications.

These are related to Google’s products, and two of the most popular certifications include Google Ads and Google Analytics. You can find these certifications on Google Skillshop

How Long Does A Google Certification Take?

How long your course will take will depend on several factors. A Google Certificate can take between three and six months to complete.

However, you must consider how long it will take to complete the course. The Google certifications are self-paced, so the time taken will vary for each course student. 

You should identify a clear schedule if you want to participate in the course. It should take roughly ten weeks to complete their course.

However, that is if you devote ten hours of your week to your studies. You should adjust your schedule to fit your needs, as these courses were designed for flexibility.

How Much Does A Google Certification Cost?

Not all Google certifications cost money, with some available to all users for free. If you’re considering taking a Google product certification, you won’t have to pay anything.

The same can be said for some Google Digital Garage support Professional certificate, as multiple digital marketing certifications are free.

Are Google Certifications Worth It?

However, taking a course on Coursera to get a Google certification will cost a monthly fee of $39.

If you’ve never used Coursera, you can get the first month free, but as it takes three to six months on average to complete a certification, it will still cost more.

On average, you can expect to pay roughly $240 altogether before you have completed the course. 

Remember that if you take longer to complete your Google certification course, you may have to pay more.

We recommend keeping to a schedule and budgeting for the months you plan to study for your certification to get the most out of your money.

Can A Google Certification Get You A Job?

A Google certification can open you to a new world of job opportunities. Upon completing your certificate, you can access an exclusive job platform.

On this job platform, there are over 150 employers who are looking for prospective candidates who have completed their Google career certification. 

You can also add your Google certification to your resume to improve your chances of getting a job.

Google certifications have the additional benefit of being recognized as valid credentials for anyone applying for an entry-level position. 

However, you shouldn’t only rely on a Google certification to get you a job. Your resume is essential to ensuring you find a new job.

While you may understand the theory, and employers will likely notice your credentials, they will also consider your relevant experience. 

Google certificates will only get you a job if you can back up your knowledge. Generally, employers will still look favorably at your resume, as they will be pleased to see your dedication to learning new skills to improve.

However, suppose you can’t back up your knowledge or show that you can use it in a practical setting. In that case, they will go with another candidate. 

Are Google Certifications Worth It?

Overall, we’re here to answer the question of whether Google Career Certificates worth the effort or not.

Suppose you have the time to invest in studying each week to get your certificate and learn the skills you need.

In that case, this professional certification will be worthy of you. However, it may not be relevant if you only want to learn a new skill.

Google certifications are only worthwhile to those who wish to learn new skills to enter a specific industry.

You need to understand what you want to do with your certification when you earn it. If you don’t plan to move into any sectors in which you can get a certificate, you may not be as interested in them.

However, suppose you want to boost your resume and show that you are willing to invest time and money in improving your skills.

In that case, you may find a Google certification worth it. Ultimately, it depends on your plans for the future. Suppose you want to change to a more high-demand job.

In that case, we recommend investing your time and money into a Google certification. 

A Google certification takes time to complete, so you must be sure that you want to invest your time and money into the course before you begin.

We recommend reviewing their free courses or ensuring you take a free trial before committing to a Google certification, as you’re entering a more competitive field.

Bottom Line

A Google certification is only worth it to those who plan to move into a specific field. Those who want to move into a high-demand industry, such as digital marketing and IT, will find these more attractive than anyone looking for new skills to pad their resume. 

If you want to know more about certifications and improving your career, please check out our website.

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