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Martin Barrett
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How Long Are Google Certificates Valid For

How Long Are Google Certificates Valid For?

Within contemporary internet culture, it has become easier than ever to obtain online qualifications, and there are near countless institutions that offer this service – many of which also offer an official certificate after completion. 

One such example is the Google Career certificate courses offer numerous comprehensive courses – all of which grant the student an official support professional certificate that they can then take forward in their future careers.

But exactly what does Google certification entail, and how long are they valid for once received?

Let’s read all the information in this Google career certificates review for a better understanding of this platform and know how long are Google Certificates valid for.

What Are Google Certificates? 

Also known as ‘Google Career Certificates’, Google certificates are online learning programs designed to assist busy, working people in progress with their future chosen careers without the need to engage with mainstream education. 

This is one thing where Google is ahead of the pack and allows people who have other commitments to work towards a certificate on their own timeframe, and without any of the time constraints associated with an undergraduate degree, or an equivalent mainstream qualification. 

While many courses are available, the main focus is to deliver work-based skills and learning that can then be used as transferable skills for future employment. 

Who Benefits From Google Certificates? 

Generally speaking, those who benefit most from Google certificates are those who are already working jobs, like project management, and search engine optimization specialists and who have other commitments (such as young children), or who otherwise do not have the time to advance their professional careers. 

It is also suited for those who lack specific qualifications in chosen areas of the working world, and who cannot progress with their careers without attaining the necessary training and skills in said area. 

Google certificates like Google Ads are also suited for those who lack the right skills and training to obtain entry-level positions, and who need that little helping hand to get them on track and ready for the world of work. 

How Long Are They Valid For? 

Generally speaking, Google certifications are valid for two years from the moment they are obtained, and unless specified otherwise, people will need to then recertify after this time to maintain their certification status at that level. 

This is because the courses specialize in practical skills within the world of business and work, and as such, any amount of time when said skills are not being revised or practiced, could actually mean that they become less focused and pronounced. 

This happens in the real world as well as the digital marketing and social media marketing world, and it is not uncommon for people to have to regularly update their skills to maintain their place within a specific field.

One notable example is food hygiene certification, as well as health and safety – both of which need to be periodically completed by Google employees to ensure they remain valid for work in their respective fields. 

What Are The Benefits Of Google Certificates? 

Of course, despite the hassle of having to regularly complete these certification courses, there are notable benefits to having them on your resume. 

No Experience Required

Firstly, they can be completed by anyone – irrespective of the prior experience they might possess.

This is because the whole point of the program is to allow people without experience to become better versed in their chosen fields, and to advance their career forward. 

If they needed experience to even get onto the course, then the whole system would be useless for those who need it the most, and as such would not work. 

Grab Employer Attention

How Long Are Google Certificates Valid For

They are just a great way to bolster any resume and show prospective employers that you are not only skilled in the areas they are looking for, but that you have taken the initiative, and used your own spare time to become better versed in an industry you are passionate about. 

This is not only a great way of grabbing the attention of employers and separating your face from the crowd, but it is also a good indication of your character – and motivation levels – something that could make you appear more favorably in competitive industries. 

Individual Timeframe 

Perhaps the biggest selling point for most people is that you can complete the course on your own chosen timeframe – meaning that those who have other commitments  – such as work or child care – can still find time to complete the course without having to compromise their other commitments. 

This is where online education has really excelled in recent years, changing the nature of the very industry to adhere to the needs of those who require it the most.

No longer does education need to be a major time commitment – or potentially three years out of mainstream work – and you can now learn in your spare time and improve yourself much quicker. 

Scholarship Systems

There are also over 10,000 Google scholarships available to help those who need it to access the course content and achieve the certifications they need to advance – or indeed kick start – their careers and improve their own prospects. 

This makes it much easier for those in need to get the help they need and ensures that the playing field is much more level than traditional means of higher education. 

Completely Online

Google career certifications are also completely online, meaning that there is no need for traveling, or in-person learning that could otherwise be difficult to access or fit into your weekly schedule. 

This means that, wherever you are in the world, you can have equal access to the opportunities presented through the courses – with the only requirement being an internet connection, and the money necessary to register. 

How Long Do They Generally Take? 

The basic design of the Google certification courses is that they should take the average person, with the average level of commitments, roughly 3-6 months to complete. 

This also takes into account those coming from a place of zero experience, meaning that even the most inexperienced people can improve their career skills and prospects in a relatively short period of time. 

How Much Do They Cost? 

While there are many free courses that you can engage with through Google, the majority cost around $39 dollars to register and complete – after which you will then receive a certificate and be qualified to move forward with your career. 

What Other Requirements Are There? 

The only other real requirement is that you have a valid form of government-mandated identification to allow you to register and collect your certificate afterward. 

This is to prevent issues surrounding fraud and is purely for the continued safety and protection of legitimate workers, employers, and those taking the courses. This is standard and is the same in mainstream education. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Google Certificates, and exactly how long they are valid once obtained. 

It’s true that Google certificates have many uses within contemporary internet culture, and allow individuals and corporations to deliver their services with a college degree of protection and reputation behind their name. 

So if you are keen to reap the benefits of this practice, then be sure to get your own Google certificate. Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!