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Martin Barrett
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Google Cloud VS AWS Which Certification Is Best

Google Cloud VS AWS: Which Certification Is Best?

Cloud technology is becoming more and more vital in the modern technological landscape, and it has proven benefits in a massive range of applications.

Professionals in all kinds of industries can leverage cloud technology in their favor to work more efficiently. 

However, in order to really make the most of cloud technology it can be important to learn how to interact with it effectively and how to really get to grips with cloud computing.

Towards this end, there are countless courses that individuals can take to help them to improve their cloud computing skills.

Two of the most popular and widely used cloud platform certifications are the AWS vs Google Cloud certifications.

And you’re likely reading this now because you are having a tough time choosing between the two. So, which certification is better Google Cloud or AWS?

Which courses offer the most information and knowledge, and which certifications would look best to potential employers or clients?

Allow us to do the hard part for you because today we are going to find out all you need to know about the two certifications and find out which one is best for you! 

What Is The Google Cloud Certification?

The Google Cloud Certification is an official Google certification that can be used to directly demonstrate an individual’s ability to use Google Cloud platforms products and use them to perform numerous technical tasks, such as developing cloud-based apps! 

The certification can be very valuable because it communicates directly to clients and potential employers that an individual has the ability to use Google Cloud products to help improve businesses and their operations. 

There are three distinct Google Cloud industry certifications that can be earned. 

Foundational Certification

This is a simple version of the certification that helps demonstrate an individual’s knowledge of the various products, services, and tools the Google Cloud platform offers and how they can be used. 

This is a great entry certification because it does not require too much technical knowledge to earn it.

Associate Certification 

The intermediate Google Cloud certification takes things a step further and assesses an individual’s ability to take the Google Cloud tools and apply them to projects and use them to maintain programs built in the Cloud.

This certification requires a few extra skills and technological know-how, but it is great for applying for cloud engineering roles.

Professional Certification

This is the highest authority version of the Google Cloud certification.

This one tests participants on their more advanced skills and their ability to manage all of Google Cloud’s products. 

This is a very attractive certification to potential employers and clients. 

What Is The AWS Certification?

AWS refers to the ‘Amazon Web Service’, which is a platform that offers its users more affordable cloud computing. 

The platform is used by a massive number of businesses because it is affordable, yet well-built and robust.

Businesses have used it to effectively scale up their operations, thanks to its range of tools. (Check out ‘10 Best Coursera AWS Courses & Certifications.’)

AWS offers a range of certifications that are directly tailored towards specific cloud roles, such as the ‘AWS Certified Developer – Associate’ course, or AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

This makes it a great place to head to for a course that can help you along your career path! 

Similar to the Google Cloud certification, there are numerous distinct versions of the AWS Certifications.


This certification helps an individual to demonstrate that they have a foundational knowledge of AWS’ Cloud tools, and the best thing about it is that it requires no prior experience, so anyone can get started with AWS!


The Associate certifications are designed to help individuals to demonstrate knowledge of AWS services and how to use them to achieve certain goals.

There are numerous distinct versions of the Associate course that can help individuals to specialize. 


The Professional courses are designed to show that an individual has more advanced AWS skills and knowledge and that they can design secure applications. 


If an individual earns a professional AWS Certification, they can then move into the Specialty courses where they can hone their skills to fit specific strategic goals.

This is great for individuals to further hone their abilities in specific fields. 

Which certification is better Google Cloud or AWS

Which Certification Is Better Google Cloud Or AWS?

So, now that we have a greater sense of what each of these certifications entails, and what they can represent, you’re likely finding yourself even more eager to find out which one is best. (See also ‘4 Awesome Google Certifications That We Highly Recommend!’)

Generally speaking, the best one for you will depend on your needs, as well as your existing skills and experience.

For the most part, the Google Cloud certification is a little easier to earn, and a little easier to get started with.

However, AWS offers a massive range of certifications to users, which can make it easy to get started.

The massive range of distinct certifications that AWS offers also makes it easier for users to hone their career path.

AWS also offers specialist certifications that allow those with more knowledge of cloud computing services to focus their skills to achieve specific things, and thus prove more attractive to potential employers or clients.

Let’s take a look at some of the other areas where the two certifications can differ. 


Both certifications have an associated cost that users must consider before attempting to take any of the courses.

Generally, the AWS courses are offered at a much lower price point than Google Cloud courses, which can make them more attractive, especially for total beginners to other cloud providers’ certifications.

Cloud Power

Luckily, both Google Cloud and AWS offer very powerful cloud computing that can be used to carry out numerous tasks simultaneously.

Google Cloud is based on the Google ‘Compute Engine’, while AWS operates on ‘Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud’.

Both of these are highly powerful and robust.

However, Google Cloud’s engine is a little bit more powerful, making it more effective for more complex and difficult tasks. 


In terms of widespread usage and recognition across the technology world, AWS is a more used cloud service provider than Google Cloud.

AWS has been used to help countless businesses and has been in the market for many years.

Comparatively, Google Cloud storage is relatively new.

This can mean that AWS certificates may look more attractive.

The Bottom Line

Now that we’ve taken an in-depth look at both of these certifications, and the cloud services they are tied to, we can confidently say that AWS is the clear winner, and the best option for you if you want to earn a cloud computing certification. 

AWS is incredibly flexible, as there are numerous specialized certifications that you can earn, which makes it great for those that really want to improve their cloud computing skills.

As well as this, it is also the most affordable course, and the certifications are more widely recognized and prized by potential employers and clients! Microsoft Azure is another in-demand option with a wide variety of cloud services, so check it out if you aren’t satisfied with the previous two mentioned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth Getting Google Cloud Certification?

Absolutely. Getting started with Google Cloud certifications is not too tough, and they are well-trusted and recognized certifications! 

Is Google Certification Enough To Get A Job?

Absolutely. Google Cloud certifications can prove to employers that you have the skills necessary for some very in-demand jobs! 

Do Google Certificates Expire?

Yes. Google Cloud certificates are valid only for two years after they are earned.