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4 Awesome Google Certifications That We Highly Recommend

4 Awesome Google Certifications That We Highly Recommend

If you haven’t heard of Google certifications before, then you’ve probably been living under a rock. Google certifications have skyrocketed in popularity during the past few years, and it’s not hard to see why.

Google certifications, which are given at the end of a completed course, help to provide individuals with tangible qualifications that they can put on their resumes. 

Those who previously had very little experience in a professional setting are now able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

Google certifications cover a wide variety of different topics and are incredibly useful if you want to go into fields such as marketing, IT, project management, or Google Data Analytics Certificate

Their Google certification courses are some of the most reputable on the entire internet and are great for getting users started when they want to learn about a new topic or skill.

This all sounds great, doesn’t it? But, where do you get started? There are tons of Google certifications out there, so you probably want to find out which are the best. 

That’s where we come in. Below, we’ve compiled a handy guide that outlines some of the very best Google certifications on the internet.

To find out more, simply read, as we take a closer look at the 4 awesome Google certifications that we highly recommend.

1. Google Ads Certifications 

If you’re a young professional who is hoping to go into the marketing industry, then we’d recommend that you take a look at the Google Ads Search Certification.

These Google Shopping Ads certifications are great for teaching you everything you need to know about how to improve your Google digital marketing presence, making the course a great tool for businesses too. 

When you complete this course, you’ll be given a Google certificate, which shows that you are an expert in online advertising.

There are several different certifications within this category, and you can either take just one of them, or you can go ahead and pursue them all. 

In this test, you will be required to pass with a minimum score of 80%, and it is timed, so you won’t be able to pause for too long in between each question.

You will be given a total time of 75 minutes in order to complete it, so just a little over an hour. 

Once you’ve passed the test, you will be certified for a total of one year. With marketing advertisements changing on a continual basis, you will need to be recertified after this period has finished. 

2. Google IT Support Professional Certificate

If you’re somebody who wants to get into the IT business, but you don’t have all of the qualifications yet, then you might benefit from taking the Google IT support certification.

This one is great in terms of employment and is one of the best for putting on your resume once it’s finished. 

This one will help you get started with your role in the technology industry and teaches you all of the technical support fundamentals along the way.

Some of the things that you’ll be covering in this course include, assembling computers, wireless networking, and installing new software programs. 

This course teaches real-life applications, and as a result, is highly recommended. It’s also considered to be one of the most comprehensive courses that Google offers, as it has around 105 total hours of instruction. 

Unlike many of the other Google courses, this one isn’t assessed with one final exam. Instead, you will have a number of different assessments on different skills and topics all throughout the course.

You will be given real-life scenarios, where you have to choose what you would do in a given situation. 

In addition to being incredibly beneficial in terms of employability, this course is also excellent for getting into certain college courses.

Some colleges recognize this certification as a form of credit, so make sure that you check out if you accept this. 

4 Awesome Google Certifications That We Highly Recommend (1)

3. Google Cloud Architect Certification

If you’re somebody who has an online business, then we’d recommend that you take a closer look at this course offered by Google.

For this one, you have the opportunity to learn about how you can manage your services and products online. Some of the biggest companies in the world use Google Cloud, including Apple. 

If you want to learn how to use Google Cloud effectively for your online business, then this course will give you all of the ins and outs until it’s second nature for you. 

In addition to being great for businesses, this course is also excellent for those who want to get into their new career as a Google Cloud engineer.

In fact, it can help you to prepare for this role in just a matter of months, so it’s incredibly fast-paced too. 

It comprises a number of different modules, each of which progresses in terms of difficulty. You will learn about the different services on offer, such as Google Kubernetes Engine Google Cloud Storage, and Google App Engine

4. Google Project Management Certificate 

This is another course that’s considered to be fantastic for adding to your resume and landing that job.

The Google project management course teaches you everything you need to learn about the topic, including how to organize projects, how to lead other people, and how to plan everything out. 

If you’re hoping to pursue a Google career certificate in project management, then we’d recommend that you delve into this one, as it teaches you a number of different skills that apply in real-life scenarios.

Some of the skills that you’ll learn in this course include managing stakeholders, managing risks, estimating project budgets, and of course, time management. 

This course comprises six different sections, each of which has a specific module that will instruct you on a key aspect of project management.

It’s also an incredibly lengthy course and is made up of approximately 145 hours worth of material. 

You will need to schedule around 10 hours per week in order to complete this course, and you’ll have various different assignments along the way. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, there are a whole host of different Google certifications out there that can help to provide you with the skills and information you need to get started in your new career.

More and more employers are recognizing Google certifications as proof of a potential candidate’s abilities, and they’re an amazing way to show off your expertise in any given area. 

If you want to pursue any of the roles mentioned above, then we’d highly recommend taking a look at the relevant certifications, as they could help you immensely on your career journey. 

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