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How Long Does A Google Analytics Certification Take

How Long Does A Google Analytics Certification Take?

If you’ve found yourself on this site, you’re probably wondering: “How long does Google Analytics certification take?” You’ve come to the right place to find your answer! 

You might be considering taking the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) exam, but you’re not sure whether you have the time to complete it.

There’s nothing worse than starting the Google Analytics Certification exam and realizing that you don’t have enough time to finish it! 

There’s no need to worry, though! In this article, you’ll find out exactly how long it takes for beginners to get Google Analytics certified, and what the benefits of this certification are! Let’s get started! 

What Is A Google Analytics Certification?

Before we get started, let’s have a look at what a Google Analytics certification actually is and whether it will benefit you. 

Google Analytics is an online platform that is used to track and report on traffic to certain web pages.

It is a very important tool when it comes to digital marketing, and it is not only used to track traffic to certain websites, it is also used to test the session duration and bounce rate of the site. 

This data is very useful as it will help businesses to improve their user experience using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google ads. There is also a paid version of Google Analytics which includes some more advanced analytics.

If you want to improve your skills through learning about Google Analytics, then obtaining a Google Analytics Certification is exactly what you should be doing.

These certificates will improve your skills and your job prospects in one fell swoop! (Check out ‘4 Useful Tips For Passing The Google Analytics Exam‘)

If this sounds appealing to you, let’s have a look at how long it will take to obtain and the benefits of completing it!

How Long Does Google Analytics Certification Take To Complete?

The Google Analytics certification will usually take between 4 and 5 hours to complete. This will depend on the familiarity that you have with the course content. 

The study courses that you will need to take a look at contain around 3 hours worth of training. 

After you have completed the training, you will then be required to complete the assessment.

You have a maximum of 75 minutes to complete this, but it may not take you as long as this depending on your existing knowledge. (See also ‘How Much Does Google Certification Cost: Worth In 2023‘)

Timings Of The Google Analytics Certification 

The Google Analytics certification course is made up of four different parts. These are: 

  • Training session 1: Use Google Analytics To Meet Your Business Objectives
  • Training session 2: Measure Your Marketing With Google Analytics 
  • Training session 3: Go Further With Your Google Analytics Data 
  • Assessment: Google Analytics Certification 

Once you have completed this course, you will have a strong understanding of Google Analytics!

What Is A Google Analytics Certification?

Once you have completed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam, and passed, you will be given a certificate for Google Analytics.

This will act as proof that you were successful in the exam and you can show it to your potential employers or add it to your resume.

Benefits Of The Google Certification 

Many benefits come with obtaining the Google Analytics certification. These include: 

  • Improving your chances of employment because you receive a certificate that you can share with potential employers
  • Showing that you are looking to improve your skills 
  • Giving you great knowledge of Google Analytics! 

Step-By-Step Guide To Obtaining A Google Analytics Certification

It is fairly easy to obtain this certificate. All you need is some time to take the course and the exam, an understanding of Google Analytics, and an internet connection! 

Let’s have a look at the steps that you need to take to obtain your certificate!

1. Learn About Google Analytics 

The first step to getting your certification is to learn as much as you can about Google Analytics. You can learn Google Analytics through the resources that are available via Google Analytics.

They will teach you everything there is to know.

You can learn lots of different things about Google Analytics, including setting up an account, analyzing basic Google Analytics reports, and tracking campaigns. 

How Long Does A Google Analytics Certification Take (1)

2. Prepare For The Exam 

The Google Analytics exam covers lots of different things, from basic ideas to more advanced ones.

There are lots of different topics covered including data collection, planning, principles, administration, reports, metrics, and dimensions. 

If you are confident in all of this knowledge surrounding Google Analytics, then you can always jump straight into the exam. However, if you are not so confident, consider having a look through the training. 

3. Take The Exam

Once you are confident in your knowledge, you should take the exam! This is free of charge, and it covers all of the topics that are listed above.

There are 70 questions in this exam. You will be given 90 minutes to complete the exam, but this may only take you around 60 minutes to complete. 

The questions will vary from true and false answers to multiple-choice questions. You will need to get 80% of the questions correct to pass this exam.

If you do not pass the exam the first time around, there is no need to worry! You will be able to take the exam again 24 hours after your first attempt.

During these 24 hours, go over the information again to ensure you pass on the retake.

4. Share Your Certificate 

When you are successful in the exam, you will get a certificate from Google Analytics Academy with your name on it. This will note your qualifications. 

Ensure that you make it clear that you have this certificate when applying for jobs, as lots of employers will be impressed with those who have taken the time to improve their skills and gained the qualification.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will The Google Analytics Certification Last?

A Google Analytics Certification lasts 12 months from the date that you pass the exam. After the 12 months are up, you will need to retake the exam for the certification to be valid. 

Will A Google Analytics Certification Help My Employability?

Yes. Having a Google Analytics certification will show your potential employers that you are interested in learning new skills and enhancing your existing skills.

This is a very positive thing to add to your job applications and resume that will certainly improve your chances of being hired, as you will stand out from other Data professionals. 

Is The Google Analytics Certification Free To Obtain?

The Google Analytics certification is free to obtain. You will have the opportunity to get this certificate free of charge, and this will improve your knowledge of Google Analytics as well as your employability. 

Is It Difficult To Get Google Analytics Certified?

No, it is easy to obtain the Google Analytics certificate. You will need to score 80% on the exam to pass, but you can take this exam multiple times if you do not pass the first time. You will just need to leave 24 hours between each attempt.

Final Thoughts 

So, there you have it! A Google Data Analytics certification will take around 4 or 5 hours to obtain, depending on how much knowledge you already have of Google Analytics.

The exam itself will take between 60 and 90 minutes to complete. You should now have all the information you need to decide whether or not the Google Analytics certification and becoming a Data Analyst is right for you. 

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