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Fun Attendance Questions For Google Classroom

10 Best Fun Attendance Questions For Google Classroom

Remote learning can be a little different from regular school.

Even though learning is super important, forming good relationships and connecting with others is also just as important when it comes to promoting a good learning environment, which is why it’s a good idea to schedule some time to connect with your students outside of learning.

The only question is, what types of fun questions can you ask your students that will help to promote class attendance, as well as class engagement?

This is where we come in to lend you a helping hand.

In this guide, we are going to be talking you through some of the best fun attendance questions for Google Classroom that you can ask your students prior to learning.

These questions that we are going to be providing are tried, tested, and guaranteed to be great talking points.

Plus, alongside helping to encourage good attendance rates of all your students, these questions can also serve as great icebreakers if you are going to be providing virtual learning lessons, too.

So, without further ado, just keep on reading.

What Are Attendance Questions?

Before we jump any further into this guide, we first think that it would be a good idea to quickly talk you through what an attendance question is, and how it differs from other types of questions.

To cut a long story short, an attendance question is essentially a type of question that is primarily student-focused and specifically asked in order to prompt one-word answers from students while taking the attendance roll…hence the name!

Just like the name suggests, an attendance question is often asked to prompt a response on a certain topic instead of the standard “present” or “here” responses often given when the attendance roll is being taken.

However, given the fact that you are going to be using these attendance questions for online learning, we also recommend that you consider using these questions as general talking points, too.

This is especially true if you are planning on providing some remote learning classes via Zoom or a similar video platform such as Skype.

Fun Attendance Questions For Google Classroom

Now that you have a much better understanding of what attendance questions are and how they can be used – we are now going to be providing you with a helpful list of some of the very best questions that you can ask your students at the beginning of class.

What Learning Activities Would You Like To Do First Today?

This is a great question to ask your students either during the attendance roll or in general.

By offering your students the opportunity to share what it is that they want to learn about the most that day, you will help to increase their engagement with the class program.

If You Could Have Any Superhero As A Friend, Which One Would You Choose?

This is a more relaxed and informal question that you can ask your students during attendance or as an impromptu question while taking a short break from learning.

This type of question will encourage your students to engage in some free thinking as they analyze which superhero they would like to be friends with, while also serving as a talking point for other students in the class as they share their opinions on who their favorite superhero is!

If you wanted to take it a step further, you could even encourage your students to write down some of the positive attributes associated with their superhero, so that they can share them with the rest of the class.

What Topic Are You Enjoying Learning About The Most?

Here’s another fun and thought provoking question that you can ask your students.

Asking your students to talk about what topic that they are enjoying learning about the most is a great way to learn more about what your students like to learn about, as well as providing you students with the ability to discuss amongst themselves what they are enjoying the most about the current curriculum that you are teaching them.

Along with this, you can also encourage your students to openly discuss some of the topics that they aren’t enjoying so much, as this can help provide you with a better understanding of some topics that might need some extra attention.

If You Could Pick Any Plants In The Solar System To Visit For One Day, Which One Would You Choose And Why?

This is another fun, impromptu question that you could consider posting on Google Classroom or simply asking your students at the start of class.

This question is fun and informal, and is a great way to break the ice if you happen to have some nervous students that need some extra encouragement to participate.

Along with this, this type of question is also a great way to take a mini-break in-between learning in order to re-energize the class for the rest of the lesson.

Would You Rather Give Up Cheese Or Chocolate Forever?

Would You Rather Give Up Cheese Or Chocolate Forever?

This is a great attendance question if you want to swap out the regular “present” or “here” for a different one word answer.

Asking each student to share what they would rather give up is a fun way to encourage class participation while also providing a talking point for the class as a whole.

We’re sure that the room will be divided!

What’s Your Energy Level Like Today?

This is a great question that you can consider asking your students either during attendance or just in general.

As well as this, this question is great for asking during both physical lessons as well as remote learning lessons, too.

The purpose of this question is to provide your students with the opportunity to share how they are feeling, and perhaps go into greater detail if they wish to do so.

Besides allowing your class to share if they’re feeling tired or full of energy – these types of talking points are a great way to encourage stronger relationships between students and teachers, too.

What Are You Planning To Do This Weekend?

This is another awesome question that you can use either during attendance or as a talking point in general.

By asking your students to share with the class what they are planning to do this upcoming weekend, you will have the opportunity to get to know your students on a more personal level.

This will help to increase your relationship, and in turn, improve your ability to teach them.

However, unless you want to hear some groans from your students, we recommend that you consider saving this particular question for the end of the week!

How Are You Finding Remote/In Person Learning This Week?

This is a great question that you can either ask your students during the attendance roll, or again as simply an impromptu question that you ask to break the ice and encourage class participation right off the bat.

As you can see from the question provided above, you have the option of using this question regardless of whether you are teaching an in-person class or offering a virtual learning room.

Regardless of what way you are providing the learning, this question is the perfect opportunity to get to know how your students are feeling, while also potentially being able to learn about some ways that you can improve the learning that you are providing them with.

If You Could Choose To Have Any Magical Power, Which Would You Choose?

This is a super versatile question that you can ask your students during the attendance roll or as a way to re-energize your students during the lesson if you are finding that the participation is dwindling.

Whichever way you would like to present this question to your students, you will be sure to provide them with the opportunity to do some free thinking, before then coming back to the class with an answer to what superpower/ magical power they would choose to have if they had the opportunity.

Where Is Your Dream Vacation?

Last but certainly not least, another awesome question that you can use for both attendance and as a talking point in general is where your students want to go on vacation the most.

The great part about this question is that there’s going to be so many different answers.

Thanks to this, it will raise the chances of your students breaking off into a wider discussion which will help to increase their relationship with one another.

Keep in mind that these are just a few suggestions of the types of questions that you can ask your students to answer.

For that reason, please feel free to change and customize the questions that we have provided above as much as you like to appeal to your students.

As well as this, you should also keep in mind that these questions that we have shared with you above as attendance inspiration can also be used for general talking points, too.

For example, if you are going to be providing some online learning classes to your students via remote school, then you can ask these types of questions at the start of the class (or during a break) in order to encourage students to break the ice and engage with each other.

As well as this, these types of questions can also be used as general talking points in a physical classroom setting, too.

In fact, many teachers find that asking students these types of fun and informal questions is a great way to break up learning, encourage maximum engagement, inspire learning and even re-energize the class.

Not only that, but asking your students impromptu questions is also a great way to break the ice and encourage yourself and your students to form stronger connections.

What Are The Benefits Of Attendance Questions?

As we’re sure you might already be able to see from the questions that we have provided you with above, there are plenty of benefits to asking your students attendance questions.

Asking your students a fun question at the start of class is a fun way to increase classroom participation from the get-go, all the while helping to break any ice that might be present at the beginning of the lesson.

Keep in mind, you can also use these questions as general talking points during class (it doesn’t matter whether you are teaching in-person or via virtual classrooms) as a way to increase the relationships shared between your students, as well as you as their teacher.

The Bottom Line

All in all – there’s no denying that remote learning can be nerve-racking for both students and teachers, especially when in a virtual learning environment of upwards of 40 people.

That being said, these fun questions that we have provided you with above will help to encourage more of your students to attend remote learning, and engage in the classes that you are putting on.

Of course, even though these questions are ideal for being used at the start of class during attendance.

If you are going to be providing some online learning classes, then keep in mind that these questions can also be used as more general icebreaker questions to help make everyone feel comfortable before you begin teaching, too.

When it comes to using these questions in Google Classroom, you can easily add these questions to your student’s dashboards if they are going to be participating in some online learning.

You can then encourage your students to share their answers during the start of class.

Before you click off this guide, why don’t you consider giving this page a bookmark?

That way, if you ever need to come back and refresh your knowledge on fun questions for Google Classroom, you will know exactly where to find this guide.

Thank you for reading, and happy teaching! Bye for now.

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