Can I Get An Udemy Refund?

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Can I Get An Udemy Refund

People sign up for courses on a whim and change their minds.

Other people sign up for courses to enhance career prospects or personal development.

Continuous learning keeps skills current and makes you marketable.

A comprehensive education leads to employment and career growth.

But sometimes, people find they cannot continue with study commitments for one or another reason and want a refund.

Does Udemy offer course refunds, and under what circumstances can you claim a Udemy refund?

How do you claim your Udemy refund, and how easy is this process?

Reasons to request an Udemy refund?


You’re excited about starting your new online course with Udemy.

You identify the top Udemy course you want to study.

You budget for your course and do your homework by reading about the course content and customer reviews. You are sure that you have chosen the right course and tutor to improve your education.

The last thing you think about is that you may want a Udemy refund, but it happens!

Why would you or anyone feel the need to apply for an Udemy refund?

There are several reasons why this happens.

1. Course material is incorrect or too tough

For some reason, the course content you read through does not follow through on your expectations.

You are disappointed and believe that the content won’t allow you to achieve your learning goals. Or you may find that the material is too challenging for you

Although it is a hassle, you feel that it is necessary to request a refund.

2. Unanticipated circumstances

No matter how well you plan for your ongoing education, something happens that you have no control over.

You may be involved in an accident or lose a loved one, neither of which anyone can plan around.

Consequently, your financial or emotional may change drastically to the point where it compels you to apply for a Udemy refund.

3. Training needs change

Your employer may advise you to upskill yourself in a specific area, only to inform you later that your post has been made redundant.

You no longer need additional training and feel you have wasted money on a course you won’t ever use. 

4. A new job offer

Following a recent job application, an exciting phone call can come through, making your course registration obsolete.

As much as you may want to follow through with new learning, the course doesn’t suit your plans. You can not longer use the course you signed up for and see no reason why someone else should benefit from your good fortune.

5. Other reasons

People have many reasons to cancel their online courses and don’t have to explain their change of heart.

Anyone signing up for a service expects some level of customer service when returning a product.

This customer service level is often a critical factor in attracting people to purchase services and products. Regrettably, this is one of those few times when you want a Udemy refund and expect the course provider to be compliant.

What are the requirements for a refund?


Udemy understands that people and businesses require refunds for multiple reasons.

These reasons are why you can get an Udemy refund within 30 days of course payment, within specific parameters.

Udemy refund policy

Udemy refunds payments when the course explicitly states that a refund is possible.

When a course is eligible for a cash refund, this refund will be made via the original payment method.

Cases where a refund is not possible

Udemy reserves the right to deny any refund requests under specific circumstances.

These circumstances include:

Despite non-refundable reasons for courses, Udemy refunds most eligible courses because they support customer satisfaction 100 percent.

It is up to users to check the terms and conditions of their courses before expecting refunds. It is also up to site users to follow Udemy’s policies to be eligible for refunds.

What is the refunding process?


The steps you need to take to request an Udemy refund are simple.

You can either follow the process through your Purchase History on your account or the Course Player. You can also only request an Udemy refund from your PC or laptop and not the Udemy app.

  • Requesting a refund from your Purchase History
  • Requesting an Udemy refund via the Course Player

Udemy will confirm your request via email, and you can keep an eye on the process in your Purchase History.


Be aware of refund options when choosing a course to ensure a cash refund is possible.

If not, your only option is to ask for a credit refund. Don’t abuse the system, so when you need to request an Udemy refund, the process will be straightforward.

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