Can Udemy Courses Get You a Job?

Can Udemy Courses Get You A Job?

The most popular eLearning platform on the internet is Udemy.

It offers tons of courses on many topics that you can pick to become part of Udemy careers. The website currently has 65,000 courses that are taught by expert professors that can help you jumpstart your career.

Since skills are the most valuable asset in the job market right now, you can increase job qualifications as well as get promoted to better positions through Udemy.

Taking physical and expensive courses alongside your job or other life commitment can be hard, but Udemy ensures that you go according to your pace

This alternative form of learning can be quite convenient and easy for a lot of people. Since it has a lot of career-focused learning such as cybersecurity, business, coding, foreign languages, illustration, and more, there is a lot you can learn on Udemy. 

Here is a full overview of Udemy careers to see whether these courses can land you a job. 

What Type of Certification Do You Get After Completing a Udemy Course?

What Type of Certification Do You Get After Completing a Udemy Course?

When you complete the course, you will get the Certification of Completion that is shareable to potential employers, co-workers, relatives, and friends.

These Certifications of Completion demonstrate accomplishments. However, it is not an accredited website; hence, the certificates are not used for formal accreditation like college degrees are. 

Can These Kind of Courses Land You Any Jobs?


The bottom line is that Udemy careers are possible, but you also have to put in the work to make that happen. There are thousands of courses online that can equip you with the skills you need to handle a job.

Their certificates can also help to bring your resume to another level and outline your knowledge in interviews as well. 

However, you need to stay away from courses that are focused on hobbies such as gardening, yoga, or dancing unless you are planning to make a career in them. Focus on courses that are directly related to your career path only. 

Here are some benefits to taking professional courses from Udemy. 

Develop Knowledge and Experience 

There are several courses that can help you increase your knowledge on the subject of your choice. You can learn more about career-focused courses below. 

You should be careful that you select courses that are trending. They can highlight the skills that you will need to succeed in the job market. These courses will enable you to develop the skills you need to keep up with the changing marketplace. 

Job Interview Call

You will be able to strengthen your resume by listing Udemy courses, which can help you get the interview call. The interview panel is always looking for signs that you are the right candidate.

It will help them decide whether investing in you is a good idea. While it can help you highlight the skills you have, you need to do a good job displaying these skills in the interview or test as well. 

Upgrading Your Skills

You may have covered some subjects in your school or college, but Udemy’s career courses can help you upgrade your skills.

They can take you on the journey from beginner level to expert level, making sure that you are picking up new tricks on the way. It can also help you learn about the latest trends or new software that you may not have gotten the chance to cover. 

Getting Promotions

Promotions begin with doing your job well, but it may not be enough to make your organization realize that you are ready for a greater role.

You can sharpen your skillset and knowledge through these courses, which can make you the most suited for the next big promotion. Employers also prefer factors like educational continuity, which Udemy can provide. 

Affordable Courses

You will be able to take advantage of the competitive prices offered on the platform.

It varies depending on the time and location you reside in, but you can get most courses for around $10. The courses never expire, so you can take your time and go at your own pace. 

Gaining Complementary Knowledge

You also have the chance to gain complementary knowledge through Udemy.

For example, if you take a Masterclass on photography that includes a complete overview, you can also take complementary courses that focus on photography elements like landscape, portraits, post-processing, etc.

This can increase your skill levels and allow you to become a complete master in your field. 

Resume Building 

Having a Udemy certification on the resume can demonstrate your passion.

It is also evidence that you are an expert in your career, and since Udemy is a reputable platform, it can be a great addition to the resume. It will also give you a chance to highlight skills that will set you apart from other candidates. 

LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is the source for many jobs, and listing your courses on it can make you a more viable candidate. It can make your profile seem more attractive to potential employers. 

Udemy Certification Careers

Udemy Certification Careers

There are many courses that can help you build a Udemy Career. Here are some of the most popular career-oriented courses that you can take. 

An Entire MBA in One Course

This course is focused on teaching you how to build a company and design financial methods.

It can give you insight into different factors that can help in running a business, such as interacting with investment banking companies, hiring consultants, and economics.

You can also learn about taxes, bankruptcy protections, partnerships, business communication, and analyzing markets. 

It is taught by Chris Haroun, and the price is $182, with 344,566 students already enrolled. 

Simple Strategy for Swing Trading the Stock Market

You will learn more about Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) and how to become a successful trader. It outlines how to keep losses to minimum levels as well as using technical indicators to signal when to buy and sell. 

It is taught by Tom Watson and costs $37.

The Complete SQL Bootcamp 2021: Go from Zero to Hero

The course teaches you how to use the Structured Query Language (SQL). You can also apply the skills to other SQL database platforms like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc.

You will start with the basics of SQL syntax, aggregate functions, advanced queries, logical operators, and much more. 

It is taught by Jose Portilla and is for $178. 

Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial Modeling and Valuation

You can master Excel through this course since it takes you from a beginner level to an expert on advanced features. You will have easy and well-crafted materials with detailed explanations to get you to a master level.

You will be able to learn how to design a P&L statement after running raw data extraction, value companies, cash flow statements, and much more. 

The course is taught by 365 Careers and costs $10. 

Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners

Blender is a cool platform that allows you to make AAA-quality models for 3D printers, game engines, and other software.

You can learn how to create an asset for video games, or design dream houses, cars, 3D artwork, or 3D printed presents. You will be able to learn the basic principles of modeling, particle effects, animation basics, combing CGI, and much more. 

The course is taught by Rick Davidson and costs $10. 

Illustrator CC 2021 MasterClass

This course will cover the basic principles of Illustrator like pixel graphics and vectors, as well as working with objects. The drawing part of the course helps you master the Pen tool, modes, and Curvature tool.

You will become a pro at manipulating and drawing paths. You will learn about the different brushes and how to use their unique features. You can even learn to design custom brushes and Image Trace. 

There is also an advanced technique section that covers things like perspective drawing, gradient meshes, recoloring artwork, graphs, symbols, and masking. You will even learn basics like exporting your illustration properly. 

It is taught by Martin Perhiniak and costs $10. 


With over 65,000 courses taught by expert instructors, Udemy has the potential to jumpstart your career onto a more successful route.

There are plenty of ways that it can uplift your career, and taking advantage of their courses is something you need to focus on. By honing your skills and taking on additional knowledge, you can be quite a viable candidate for any job you want.