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Udemy For Business Explained

Udemy for business is designed for business customers who wish to train their employees without breaking the training budget.

Udemy’s business plans cater to different customers, allowing scalability in upskilling their staff.

Despite the popularity of this learning platform, the site does have its pros and cons.

Although most learning platforms come with benefits and disadvantages, Udemy remains a premium destination for companies wishing to support staff training.

Whether Udemy for business is worth it is a question that companies often ask.

Our article includes answers to this question, enabling readers to make their own decisions.

What is Udemy for Business?

What Is Udemy For Business

Udemy for business offers business owners and employees the opportunity to access learning courses and resources in various plans.

Access to these plans allows even small business owners to upskill their employees cost-effectively. Similarly, medium and large businesses can quickly meet skills gaps within budget instead of paying for formal employee education.

Udemy for business further offers all business sizes the chance to include ongoing learning as a staff benefit. Not only does this benefit add value to employee lives, but it also benefits the companies for which they work.

Udemy for business plans include several benefits, which are outlined below.

Team plan

The Udemy for business Team plan costs around $360 for each business user and accommodates between five and 20 users.

Business owners get to enjoy the following benefits from the team plan:

  • Access to more than 5,500 of the best courses available on the platform at any time. 
  • Customers get dashboard branding and their own custom URL on this plan.
  • Employees get to view courses offline with casting capabilities on both iOS and Android apps.
  • Employees can access analytics and reports for user adoption statistics and individual user agreement figures.
  • Around the clock, support is also available on this team plan.
  • Customers can request a 14-day trial period to determine if this plan will meet individual business needs.

Enterprise plan

The Enterprise plan on Udemy for business is a tailor-made cost, only available through consultation with the platform sales team.

Business owners and their staff members can take advantage of the same Team plan benefits, plus:

  • Creation and custom host content.
  • The opportunity to create and share your own tailored learning paths.
  • Customization of learning categories.
  • A diverse, international collection of courses available in English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese.
  • Customizable messages with each course assignment.
  • User groups that are customizable for your business needs.
  • Advanced group management features.
  • Analytics and reports of course insights, inclusive user activity, comprehensive engagement reporting, and custom content dashboard.
  • Integration functionality comprises single sign-on capabilities, reporting, course, and user list APIs.
  • Businesses can also integrate LMS, Slack, and Workplace into their Enterprise plans.
  • 24/7 Customer service is available.
  • Interested businesses can request a demo of the features and benefits of this plan before committing to purchases.

As impressive as these plans appear, most services have pros and cons as everyone’s needs and experiences differ.

Pros and cons of Udemy for business

Pros Cons

Udemy for business contains many pros and cons, and the value to business clients differs, depending on the courses that interest them and other features.

Before your business signs up for one of the subscription plans, browse through the benefits and advantages to determine whether Udemy for business meets your expectations.


  • Plans offer soft and technical skill courses.
  • Udemy updates its course four times a year to ensure its relevance to the labor market.
  • All business courses must have at least 25 reviews and ratings of 4.4 or higher.
  • Each plan’s free trial or demo provides access to the entire Udemy library for 14 days.
  • Refunds are made available for courses depending on the T&Cs.
  • Course material is available in multiple languages.
  • Support is readily available to query course material or technical help with the platform.
  • The platform is easy to use and simple to navigate.
  • A broad range of lecturers and course material in the same topic provides customers with many options.
  • Course setup allows students to decide how much they wish to learn and how much time they want to spend on their studies.
  • Training materials are an excellent tool for employee motivation.
  • Multiple platforms facilitate the learning process.
  • Metrics are available to record employee training details.
  • Udemy for business is more cost-effective than many competitors.
  • Content is customizable for businesses that wish to improve control over employee training.


  • None of Udemy for business courses are accredited by any formal educational institutions.
  • The categorization of courses is so broad that it can be challenging to sift through the sub-categories to find what you want.
  • It can be challenging to remain focused on lecturers.
  • Some customers suggest that the practical learning aspect is missing from specific courses where experience is necessary.
  • Customers suggest that stricter vetting of lecturers and course material will significantly improve the site’s value.
  • There is no feature to save course material for offline study.
  • No bulk download of material is available to provide a complete perspective of the course before commencing studies.
  • Customers note that Udemy should play an advisory role in course suggestions for business customers to upskill employees without businesses querying what their staff members should learn.
  • The mobile app does not sync well with the platform, and the UI is frustratingly slow.

Despite the many cons of using Udemy for business as shared by users, the benefits outweigh any disadvantages. The popularity of the Udemy platform continues to attract business users due to the many advantages of supporting employee training and closing skills gaps.

Who is Udemy for business for?

Upskill Your People

Udemy for business is the ideal choice for any medium to large company that can afford the payment plans.

The computer software industry is among the most prolific users of this learning platform as they can train employees informally, focusing only on specific skills.

With these payment plans, company employees can access everything from soft skills to computer literacy courses and updating advanced technical skills.

Udemy subscription plans are incredibly cost-effective for continuous learning in upskilling employees, with many features to benefit all business types.

Local businesses can engage employee training on this platform to ensure current skills. Multiple language learning ensures international companies can maintain a relevant skills base.

Udemy harnesses global expertise to share with companies worldwide, delivering an authentic online learning experience to business employees.

Customization of training is efficient, as the Udemy for business library is populated with over 5,000 courses, all being updated throughout the year.

Reporting and metrics ensure companies keep track of employee learning, allowing them to plan and meet knowledge needs constantly.

Companies and employees benefit from the virtual learning platform, which saves time and money as opposed to college or university learning which takes more time and money.

E-learning is convenient, and employees can apply new knowledge almost concurrently in the workplace. When learning outcomes are this rapid, companies’ and employees’ value is exponential.

Companies can also use the Udemy for business platform to plan employee training for the present and future as they prepare for upcoming technological advances.

Is it worth it?

Udemy For Business - Is It Worth It

The simplest way to answer whether Udemy for business is worth it is to refer users to the thousands of active business plan subscriptions.

When so many companies are using an online learning platform to train employees, they are clearly deriving value.

Companies can access high-quality theatre mode lectures, which improves the group learning experience, unlike the individual user.

Employees can view their progress as they advance through each course. Managers can maintain personal training records and suggest course learning to bridge skill divides.

Even though Udemy business plans are more suitable for medium to large businesses, even small businesses can leverage the platform for training.

Companies can access thousands of courses for new and existing staff members to update their skills and earn the rewards of new learning.

Similarly, instructors benefit from sharing their expertise under business plans. Instructor courses are exclusive to Udemy and nowhere else.

Further, instructors receive more excellent value for their time and training on business plans, and they can only share their courses under these plans for limited periods.

Limitations of course timing ensure that Udemy business plan subscribers always have access to fresh learning material. This maintenance of current learning material is yet another feature that makes Udemy for business worth the fees.

With so many companies paying for business plans to support employee and business growth, it is impossible to imagine that these subscriptions are not worth the money.

Depending on the company size, training needs, and how well they support employee training, Udemy for business is worth it.



Udemy for business grew due to demand in the informal education sector.

Individuals and companies looked for alternative means to realize their training needs affordably.

As individual course popularity grew, so did packages for companies, meeting a market demand that has proven extremely valuable.

Many companies now opt for Udemy business plans to support employee learning and company growth.

While some companies question the value of the business plans on offer, most leverage the potential learning Udemy offers to grow their employee knowledge base in tandem with company goals.

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