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Martin Barrett
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Best Udemy Courses To Make Money

Best Udemy Courses To Make Money in 2023

When it comes to hard times, it can always pay to have… well, a little more pay, in your pocket.

Whether you have some free time that you want to try and monetize, or you want to see how viable creating a passive source of income is for you, everyone wants a little extra money in their pocket.

However, learning how to make money is something that many people often struggle with, especially if you don’t have the funds to go to university and learn finance, or through some other institution.

This is where sites like Udemy come into the picture.

So, what are the best Udemy courses to make money online in 2023? Let’s dig into it and out!

What Is Udemy?

Udemy is an online platform where creators can create their courses that help customers learn specific skills that otherwise may be quite difficult to learn and find more information about for themselves, at least without paying vast sums of money. In this respect, it is very similar to other learning platforms, such as Squarespace.

However, unlike Squarespace, instead of purchasing a month or year’s subscription for access to the whole site for a period, Udemy allows customers to buy permanent access to a specific course.

While not exactly university or college-level in education, these smaller online courses are a great way to pick virtually any new skill that you may be looking to pick up, from art to baking, to finances and starting a business, to even things like being more empathetic and reading people.

In this article, we are going to focus on the courses on Udemy’s site that can help you make more money, as well as discuss some things that you should be looking for in a good Udemy course, in case you want to conduct your research.

Passive Income Investing & Side-Gig Mastery

Starting this list with one of the best-selling courses on the subject on Udemy, we have this excellent course that focuses on maximizing your time and energies into getting that little extra cash on the side, without being too exhausting for one person to carry out for themselves.

This course places a big emphasis on leveraging any already existing investments that you may have to help squeeze out just a little extra cash where you may be letting it slip through the cracks, as well as making the most of side-gig opportunities that may present themselves to you!

Created by the king of money-saving himself, Steve Ballinger, this is a course that has been crafted by the hands of an expert, so you know that you’re going to take away something from this course, even if you are taking it purely out of curiosity.

Plus, there are tons of course content to sink your teeth into here. With 44 lectures to watch through and absorb, there is an impressive 4 hours of content for you to get through. Which, for us, is a great balance. You get enough time with this course to go into these money-making topics in-depth, whilst also not going on for too long that you start to either glaze over the lectures, or simply click away.

If you want a simple course that can help you make just a few extra bucks, this is the course to look for!

Why You Should Choose this Course

  • This course was created and is given by Steve Ballinger MBA, an expert in the field of finance and money-making.
  • 44 Lectures of content give you all the foundational information that you could need to make the most of your current investments and side gigs to come.
  • By the end of the course, you will know of at least a few money-making methods that you can use for yourself to get just a little extra cash.
  • With almost 10,000 students on this course alone, this is an incredibly popular course that has been getting high customer feedback since it was released!

Make Money Selling Low Content Books On Amazon, No Writing 

When it comes to getting a little extra money in your bank account, many people do often see writing as a quick path to success, with the idea that just one hit book will be all it takes to make extra money.

However, as this course shows, there are more than a few ways of making a few extra bucks as a side gig than with a single bestseller.

With 3 hours of content to go through, you will learn some incredibly valuable letters that will allow you to make money by selling these books on one of the biggest platforms out there, Amazon!

This course helps people with no writing experience make a pretty impressive income by simply using the avenues that are available to them, as well as getting a grasp on the many methods of publishing works out there.

All you need to take this course is a laptop, a Wi-Fi connection, and a few hours over the spurs of a few days or weeks, and you’ll be set to start for yourself!

Plus, you’ll even learn how to create these low/no content books for yourself, saving you the endless frustration of trying to come up with massive full-length novels that 

Why You Should Choose this Course

  • This course will give you all the resources needed to start selling low/no content books, journals, and diaries on easy-to-reach platforms such as Amazon.
  • Will also show you how to create these types of media easily, freeing up even more of your time.
  • The course only takes a little more than 3 hours to go through with all its lectures, too!
  • This is one of the highest-rated and most popular courses when it comes to creating books to make money with.

Udemy Course Creation For Passive Income

Low-effort income is a great method for helping get that little extra money in your pocket.

However, this is simply not an option for some people. Perhaps they don’t feel that they have any skills that can be used to help keep these low-effort moneymakers going, or simply do not have the time and energy to maintain them for long. Modern life can get pretty busy, after all!

Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for the best way to make money without having to exert any extra energy after initially setting yourself up, you need to spend a little time learning about passive forms of income.

And of those, this particular Udemy course might be the best for expanding your existing knowledge.

This particular course is, somewhat ironically, about making the best courses for people to learn from online, either through Udemy or on any other platform.

The course teaches you how to create this content yourself so that once the course has been uploaded, your course will be able to be a passive income source for you, as customers pay for and download what you have to teach and tell others.

This particular course has been created by lifestyle coach and fashion aficionado Louise Croft, who has already created 20 other successful courses and contains plenty of extra info in the 2.8 hours of lectures and video tutorials that come with this particular package.

This course has plenty of downloadable content for you to go through in your own time too, in case you want to continue your studies after the lectures are over, and you’re still left curious.

Why You Should Choose this Course

  • This course teaches you how to generate passive income by creating your courses on Udemy.
  • These courses can be on any topic you may be knowledgeable about or anything you have an interest in.
  • The lifestyle coach that has created this course has 20 other successful courses under their belt.
  • Course lectures take less than 3 hours to complete.

Cryptocurrency Course Online: Learn To Make Money Online Worldwide

Cryptocurrency Course Online Learn To Make Money Online Worldwide

When it comes to one of the most up-can-coming ways to make money online, one source of income that always gets brought up is cryptocurrency. The advent of blockchain technology, allows these exclusive forms of currency to be protected and accrue value.

So, if you have a little know-how of how this young market functions, then you may also have a means of creating some pretty impressive forms of income on the side.

This is where this particular Udemy course comes into the picture!

If you have a couple of bucks spare, this course might be the perfect way for you to start investing in cryptocurrency, with its 5-step strategy which will put you on the right path to getting that big payday that you might be looking for.

And who is delivering that 5-step plan to an amazing payday, I hear you ask?

Well, Roope Kiuttu, the course’s founder, is an expert on this newly burgeoning market and has all the experience that you need to avoid making big mistakes in your investment here.

And with the potential to lose thousands, if not tens of thousands, worth of dollars in this market, you’ll need to be on your A-game in the world of crypto, which this course will help teach you, without any painful mistakes.

If this sound like it could be interesting to you, join the thousands of people who have already signed up for this course!

Why You Should Choose this Course

  • An excellent starting point to get into crypto, and make tons of money with it.
  • This course will help you avoid the most important pitfalls that could cost you thousands, as well as a few misconceptions and mistakes that many newbies make.
  • This course is accessible on all platforms and has up to 2.5 hours of on-demand video content for you to take in and absorb.

How To Start A Digital Product Business: Earn Passive Income

However, if you are looking for a source of income that isn’t quite as volatile as cryptocurrency, there are a few other avenues that you can go down to try and make a great low-effort side gig.

Digital products are quickly becoming one of the best ways to make money online, so having a course that can help you learn how to do this for yourself is a fast way of getting a few extra bucks in your account.

This particular Udemy course helps you in the best way possible, by providing you with a clear model that you can replicate for yourself to help start your own digital product business.

The creators of this particular course, Value Academy, have split the course’s contents into 2 manageable sections, one for creating the online product that you can sell, and then another for actually learning how to sell it!

Plus, with plenty of materials to go through that won’t eat up too much of your time, this is a course that is as easy to go through as it is informative!

Why You Should Choose this Course

  • Offers a comprehensive guide to creating your digital product, from e-books to software packages!
  • All you need to complete this course is a laptop and a little motivation!
  • The content is easy to go through, as well as condensed into easily digestible packages, such as only a few downloadable documents, and 1.5 hours of lectures and on-demand videos.

Make Money From Home: 11 Easy Options To Make Money Now

Many of the courses that we have discussed so far have primarily been about understanding and learning just one form of making money easily.

But with this particular course, you may find that there are so many other ways to make money for yourself! And all from the comfort of your own home, too!

With a 12-point plan to help you out, you’ll find that this is might be one of the easiest ways to make a little extra cash for you and your household

Roope Kiuttu is once again the creator of this highly successful course too, with over 70,000 customers and an incredibly high satisfaction rate from the looks of things!

Us? Well, we certainly think this is a great course to consider if you are considering opening yourself up to new avenues when it comes to getting a little extra money!

Why You Should Choose this Course

  • 12-point plan to find new avenues for making money.
  • Incredibly s