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Tony Robbins Coaching Review

Tony Robbins Coaching Review: Is It Worth In 2023

Most of us have goals that are bigger than us and what we reasonably achieve in our day-to-day lives, for many of us, it can even be challenging to acknowledge our dreams at all, achieving them seems unreal. 

This is why potential coaches exist. Sometimes just having a life coach helping you out can make a massive difference in your ability to make your dreams become a reality and sometimes it is a complete waste. 

Anthony Robbins a.k.a Tony Robbins is one of these life coaches who does many seminars and has endless courses, and his coaching program helps people who are willing to pay a little to get their lives where they want them to be.

Let’s read this Tony Robbins Coaching review and find more context about amazing things, amazing experiences, and other events

Who Is Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins is well known across the world as being the number one peak performance master coach for normal people all the way to athletes and presidents.

He is also the founder of the Tony Robbins Foundation based in San Diego.

He is a New York Times #1 best-selling author with books from “Money Master The Game” to “Awaken The Giant Within”.

He has been working for over 40 years with people in his seminars and Tony Robbins events from Own Business Mastery, to Unleash The Power Within, and Date With Destiny.

Having contributed to many people’s lives through his work, he is well-known and renowned, so it is obvious why people want to take his courses. 

What Is Tony Robbins Coaching About?

Tony Robbins Coaching department sees you receive 30-minute calls with a Tony Robbins life coach to help you achieve your goals. If you’ve never had a coach before then it can be a new and transformative experience for you. 

It can be very powerful when someone external to your situation gives you unique guidance on how you can achieve your goals and personal development. 

However, coaching is a lot like sport, therapy, or school, you will only get out of the coaching what you, yourself, are willing to put into it. If you do not put effort into changing things and taking action to better things in your life, then the coaching will not work.

How Does Tony Robbins Coaching Work?

Tony Robbins research international coaches and work via 30-minute sessions, you will have to sign up for a specific number of sessions beforehand. Your sessions would be every few weeks or each month, the frequency of these sessions depends on you. 

Before each session you will need to fill out a form for Coaching Call preparation, this allows you to get the most out of the session. This is critical, and you need to do this each time before the session. 

You will be assigned a Tony Robbins coach, this coach will stay with you throughout your own journey of training. These coaches are coached on the training of Tony Robbins himself, as well as his concepts. 

So, while you do not get coached by Tony Robbins himself, you get a coach who has gone through the training of Tony Robbins to become a certified coach under his name.

Tony Robbins Doesn’t Coach You Himself

To make it very clear, you will not be coached directly by Tony Robbins. Some people may find themselves disappointed because they thought that Tony Robbins’ coaching would mean they would be coached directly by Tony Robbins. 

This is not the case. You get assigned a coach who has been trained. 

You Will Be Assigned A Coach

Tony Robbins coaching will have a Free Coaching Strategy Consultation, this is a process that means you need to speak to a customer service team human resources salesperson, otherwise known as a Coaching Consultant. 

These Consultants will help to negotiate the actual cost of your sessions for you, although, it has been said that they do apply considerable sales pitch for you to sign the RRI contract for the coaching. 

Always remember that you do not need to agree to anything you are not comfortable with. 

The Tony Robbins RRI contract does inform you that when you purchase the program you do not purchase the services of Tony Robbins. 

You should also be aware that you are not entitled to receive a refund if the coach originally assigned to you is not available, as the coach may not be able to conduct any one or all sessions, but if this does happen another coach will be assigned to you. 

Note you cannot choose a specific coach, and if you want to switch coaches this can be extremely difficult, and you will need to justify exactly why you wish to switch coaches if this should happen.

Tony Robbins Coaching Review

What Are The Costs?

The prices set by Tony Robbins Coaching are not often published, and it is difficult to pin down what the fees are anyway, as they can vary so much from person to person.

Tony Robbin’s consultants also will negotiate fees and terms based on certain undefined criteria. 

The fees can often range anywhere from $5,000 to $7,200 over a 6-month period or 18 sessions. Or for 12 months it can range from $10,000 to $15,000. However, these fees will depend on a variety of factors that are not disclosed. 

The Tony Robbins Coaching fees can also be paid monthly or in a discounted flat sum. Should you pay outright in one flat sum, this amount can be less than if you were to pay every month, however, you would have to pay for a minimum of 6 to 12 months. 

Also, you can get your money back, however, you do need to pursue a refund with verve, and it must be done before you begin coaching. You would also need to pay a fee of $300 or so for what is stated to be liquidated damages”

Need To Know

Still, want to know more? Are there some things you are concerned about before you begin Tony Robbins coaching? Of course! It is a lot of money, and you want to make sure you know everything possible! 


It is claimed by a representative of Tony Robbins Coaching that they do offer confidentiality, however, this needs to be directly requested by YOU .

It does also state in the contract that coaching calls can be monitored or recorded for training and other purposes, which are not disclosed.

Coach Qualifications 

Tony Robbins coaching is said to have between 120 and 140 coaches. The qualifications and standards of said coaches are not often published either.

However, Tony Robbins coaches are rated on how well they keep their assigned clients, and if they can sell other services and products. 

This was noted by former coaches with Tony Robbins Coaching.


  • Extensive life coaching plan.
  • Detailed and tailored to you.
  • Highly-respected program.
  • Thorough coaching.
  • Sessions tailored around your availability/schedule.


  • Lots of ambiguity from the program operators.
  • Assigned coaches and unconfirmed availability consistency.
  • Varying fees.
  • Confidentiality is only available upon request.
  • Expensive.

Overall: What Do We Think?

Tony Robbins Coaching is a fair choice, but, make sure this is something you want to commit to in the long term, and ensure you voice exactly what you want from this experience upon signing up. 

While there are some ambiguities around the program, it is still reported to be a great program for many!

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