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Ultimate Relationships By Tony Robbins Worth The Hype

Ultimate Relationships By Tony Robbins: Worth The Hype?

Are you worried that you will never be in the relationship of your dreams?

Most of us tend to think it is a dreamy fallacy that you could cultivate a relationship that makes you joyous all the time while still maintaining the practicalities of being part of a couple. 

This is the truth for many couples, it’s not that we are necessarily unhappy in the relationships we have, but perhaps they are lacking something, or they need a spark that makes the fireworks return. 

This is not to say that outstanding relationships need fireworks, but it would also be a lie to say that every relationship maintains the fire that makes it strong after several years or so. 

This is where Ultimate Relationships by Tony Robbins comes in.

Many people have different opinions on this program, if it works, if it doesn’t, and how it is given. 

However, for desperate couples who want to make their relationship as good as it possibly can be, or need help with rekindling intimacy, Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Relationship program is a place to start.

We are here to ask if it is worth the hype it gets, or is it just another relationship guru that promises change but cannot guarantee results?

Read our Tony Robbins Ultimate Relationship program review below!

What Are Ultimate Relationships By Tony Robbins?

Ultimate Relationships by Tony Robbins, the world-renowned life coach, is a 10-day relationship advice audio/video program giving you total clarity on what you want and need from a passionate relationship. It teaches you the strategies to achieve it. 

It is for couples and has a lot of focus on long-term relationships that may have withered, getting over-comfortable and thus losing part of the flame that got them where they are. 

It helps you find out what your current relationship status is, and what is preventing you from having what you want to have, no matter if you are married, living together, or in a long-distance relationship.

It features principles and insights from Tony and Sage Robbins discovered through their relationship and by working with other couples.

You can also witness the outstanding transformations of couples and see how this self-paced online program impacted their relationships in the years since. (You can also check out ‘Tony Robbins Success Stories: Full Breakdown‘)

It is targeted at couples who want to reignite their passion and is for those looking for lasting love as well.

It is made to help you craft a healthy relationship lathered in the lasting love that you seek.

How Is This Product Relevant?

Let’s look at what this product gives people who use it. It is a product showing Tony Robbins coaching couples in extremely dysfunctional relationships that are otherwise going to end in bad blood.

It also provides footage of the interactions between couples on stage live at his seminars. 

Here are some factors that make it worthwhile considering if you are looking for relationship assistance, as well as some factors worth considering.

  1. This product is for both genders. Whereas many alternatives to this are mainly for women, this is for both men and women. However, there is concern that the lack of focus on the perspective of males can detract from how useful it is. 
  1. Each relationship that is looked into is looked at considering couples who have been married for a reasonable length of time. This means that these relationships were different since they have family commitments and children in comparison to relationships with less commitment and history. 

If you are watching from the perspective of a typical person who is not necessarily married, there may be some dead space in this for you.

  1. Those who are coached by the relationship coach Tony Robbins are there as they want to make an effort for change, by attending said seminars they already make an effort to do so. This may not be the case for you, your partner may not be willing to put in the effort to change, or you may simply struggle to keep your partner. 

Despite these factors, a lot of the content was relevant to any person in a relationship, the approach sticks to the fundamentals of a relationship, so there is more broadness in what is applicable in situations. 

Since the product is also used for men and women, it is non-discriminatory and unbiased. 

Why Should You Try It?

Tony Robbins Ultimate Relationship program review

A vast majority of relationship guides offer good advice, however, the advice is typically quite generic.

Without going into the nitty gritty details it can be really hard to apply generic advice to a relationship where it can instigate change. 

A unique factor to this is that Tony and Sage’s relationship works so well, which is a testament to how this product works.

Not only this but with case studies/ proof from other couples it is seen as a solid product that yields results.

However, do keep in mind that this product will only work if both you and your partner are willing to change for the better.

Try Alone Or With Your Significant Other?

You can try this program alone or with your partner. In some cases it may only take one party in a relationship to build better habits and work for change, however, in others, both parties may need to be fully committed to change. 

It depends on your situation, however, users have occasionally reported success from trying it alone first. 

What Is Covered?

There are 10 truths uncovered by Tony Robbins, covered by Tony in this Ultimate Relationship course: 

  1. Mastering Selection & Connection.
  2. Select your partner on a conscious level.
  3. Start with your vision of your relationship.
  4. Focus on where you should want to be, not where you are.
  5. Craft a list of what you want, what you mustn’t have, and who you need to be to attract this relationship. 
  6. Do not destroy relationships.
  7. Select a partner who gives you equal certainty and uncertainty.
  8. Connect through the 6 human needs.
  9. Creating a raving fan lover.
  10. Practice the 5 disciplines of love.


Seeing interactions between males and females in relationships on the videos adds a unique dimension not often seen on similar products.

You can witness both sides of the story, and you get to see Tony coaching the opposite sex, giving unique perspectives on how sexual polarity can create balance. (See also ‘The Secret To Tony Robbins Success‘)

You get to see the effects of male behaviors on a woman and often without it being pointed out, which is not often done in similar products.

This adds a unique value to this product.


The only negative about this product is disc 6. In this we see a man being coached without his partner in it, the focus on only the male without any interaction from his partner took away a lot of valuable content.

When Tony Robbins interviewed him 6 months later, it looked like he had changed a little also. 

Maybe the value of this is to say both partners need to try when resolving relationship problems.

Otherwise, it would have been better to have filled this with something more productive in our opinion.


In general, this can be a fantastic tool for you and your partner to improve your relationship storms through personal reflection, however, you need to ensure you are both ready to do so.

It cannot be proven to work for everyone, but has had a lot of success and is worth a try!