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Tony Robbins Creating Lasting Change Review

Tony Robbins Creating Lasting Change Review

Tony Robbins is one of the leading innovators who is changing our lives for the better, his coaching and training programs are everywhere, and with his renowned reputation, his programs and books are popular. 

One of these programs is the ‘Creating Lasting Change’ book to help teach people how to influence and persuade people to change. 

Today we will look through it with our Tony Robbins Creating Lasting Change review to help you see if you find it to be a worthwhile investment for yourself.

The Rules Of Change

Tony Robbins said that change typically happens when we least expect it to, such as when a tragedy happens in an empowering environment and suddenly, we change. And it happens even more easily when we are entranced or distracted. 

A concept of this is that if you talk about your experience well, the person can follow you in a ‘trance’, your story changing a half-dozen emotions and focus. The issue with most normal therapies, according to Tony Robbins’ is that often they seek the long-term issue and its source. 

But how much does this matter and what values 

Tony Robbins is a critic of most traditional psychotherapies, saying you need to address underlying issues, the source of just the outward behaviors, and the outward behaviors, the source of the issue is an emotional pattern Tony Robbins explains such as language, physiology, beliefs, and focus. 

For example, if you smoked because you were bored, and then stopped smoking then you would start doing something else which could also be unhealthy. You kill the habit, but you do not alter the reasons, leading to more habits to the empowering alternative.

Changing People: The Basics

In ‘Creating Lasting Change’ certainty Anthony Robbins says that in order to change someone you have to have a strong relationship with them first, based on no judgment and respect and care. 

He also states that there are 3 levels at which people tend to evaluate things: the targets, the guiding force, and the fuel of choice. 

The targets are the primary 2 human needs, the guiding force is belief, and the fuel of choice is the primary emotion.

Match Your Life Conditions With The Blueprint

If you are familiar with Tony Robbins Personal Power 2, then you will know he states that if the conditions of your life do not fit your ‘blueprint’ then you will be unhappy, but if they match then you will be happy.

In order to help someone you will need to change one of these two factors. 

Leverage The 6 Human Needs

In Creating Lasting Change, Tony explains that there are also states that to change someone you need to first understand their needs. Humans have 6 needs that drive behavior, life is shaped by the way we learned to meet our needs. 

Trying to change someone is about breaking down old patterns and showing them new ways to meet their needs. The first 4 human needs are in personality, whereas the last two are in spirit, and these help you to feel fulfilled.

#1. Certainty.

Certainty is gained in positive and negative ways. It is the absence of ambiguity, worry will seep in when we are uncertain. There is a possibility that there can be too much certainty though, there should be a balance.

#2. Challenge/Variety.

While we need certainty, we also need to change and be surprised in order to feel alive.

#3. Significance.

Significance is to feel special and worthy. It can be gained through uniqueness such as fashion, tattoos, piercings, generosity, and so on.

#4. Love/ Connection.

Everyone needs love and connection, and even though love can be scary, many settle for connection which is gained via intimacy or even through a walk through the woodlands.

#5. Growth.

Growing is needed for us to expand and develop.

#6. Contribution.

Contribution is a need to influence beyond oneself.

Tony Robbins Creating Lasting Change Review

Understand People & Yourself

In Creating Lasting Change, Tony Robbins states that most people will focus on significance and certainty, often if it is fake and via social media. However, once a person understands what drives them, and the rules they follow, a person can understand themselves better.


  • Information Packed

The book is not short on information and talks you through multiple steps and theories. We recommend taking it slowly and reading it step by step, so you do not miss anything! 

  • Step-By-Step Guides

To simplify and elaborate on many of the points he makes, Tony Robbins goes into detail via step-by-step guides on each area of focus making for easier reading and understanding. 

  • Considers Breaking Bad Habits

This book is not only for people who want more success and happiness in life but also for people looking to break bad habits such as smoking or drinking! 

  • Focus On Changing Others But Could Be Used On The Self

While the primary focus of this book is how to change others, the information contained within applies to self-change and can help one identify habits, needs, and the world around oneself and how to change one’s own life for the better.


  • Reactions Are Not A Long-Term Result

It is worth understanding that a reaction is not a long-term result. In this book, it can feel like Tony Robbins’ focus is on making people change their state, move around, and act crazy. However, we do not know how often the changes are long-term.

  • Leaping To A Conclusion

There is an exclusion of conviction in Tony Robbins, however, he does jump to conclusions and there is no 100% guarantee that he gets it right in this book.

  • A Bit Scattered

There is often a jump from one thread to another, jumping back and forth without any focus on the topic or relative section. It can be confusing for some. 

  • Imprecise Nomenclature

There seem to be different names used for the same things, and they’re always being mixed and changed around, which can make it difficult to understand who and or what he is talking about. It can make sense, but it can be confusing as to which step he may be referring.

Tony Robbins Creating Lasting Change Review

In our opinion Creating Lasting Change is yet another awesome program by Tony Robbins. It is full of brilliant and easily applicable information on how to change a person’s (or your own) state and behaviors. 

The examples are also very useful and can help you to relate and better apply what you learn from Tony Robbins. 

Tony Robbins is also highly credible when it comes to influencing others and changing their state, his skill in this regard is without question. So, it is worthwhile listening to what he has to stay and take on board in this regard. 

However, make sure that when you read this book you do not try to change anyone who does not wish to. 


Creating Lasting Change is a book on changing behaviors and states in life, it applies to others and oneself. It is another Tony Robbins masterpiece that is worth considering for many

However, the empowering alternatives Tony Robbins explains make sure that you do not rush your way through it as it is jam-packed with information, and you could easily miss something important if you rush it!

Why not try it?

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