Is Thinkific Worth It? – Thinkific Coupon and Course Review

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Is Thinkific Worth It? – Thinkific Coupon and Course Review

Are you looking for an online course platform that will enable you to create your courses? If this is the case, then you should consider Thinkific. We will tell you the reasons why in this honest Thinkific review.

First, it enables you to edit your course and share it online conveniently. You can also include assignments and quizzes to ensure that your learners are paying attention.

Thinkific provides a high-end design and is among the leading learning management systems if you need to develop your lessons for new learners.

There is a myriad of features that come with this online learning platform, including access to Thinkific coupon codes and a user-friendly course creation process. This review will discuss everything you need to know about Thinkific. Keep reading to find out more.

What is Thinkific?

What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is an online learning platform that enables users to build their courses and sell them at a fee. This course platform also hosts a marketplace where learners can purchase courses from course creators.

This special course development program lets you build and sell your courses and membership websites under your brand. In turn, this leads to a significant impact on your business.

Thinkific currently has more than 55,000-course creators and more than 100 million online courses. It’s among the most renowned sites for people who want to grow their business in online learning.

Unique Features of Thinkific

Unique Features of Thinkific

Here are some of the notable features and functionalities of Thinkific:

Certificates of Completion

Thinkific allows course instructors to offer completion certificates to online students.

Although it’s not a must to provide these certificates, providing them is a good way to “reward” your students and motivate them to keep up with the good work.

You can decide to award certificates once students complete a particular course, and customize the displays to your liking.

Drag and Drop Course Creator

Thinkific extremely simplifies the process of building a course. To create a course on this course platform, you don’t need to have any special skills or expertise in coding – the course platform will do everything for you.

You can keep your learners engaged by giving them helpful resources and guides, including texts, downloads, quizzes, discussions, surveys, and so much more.

Thinkific is also compatible with multiple multimedia platforms such as Google Docs. Moreover, you can host your video content completely free of charge.

With the drag and drop editor, it’s possible to organize your learning content to rearrange, add, or delete numerous course pages.

Customization Features

Thinkific provides you with many customization features at your disposal. You can customize any aspect of your course online.

From developing private or hidden courses to designing particular element prerequisites, Thinkific makes sure that you have a seamless course creation experience.

With Thinkific, you can link with other membership websites, request the help of other instructors, develop evergreen content and cohorts, as well as schedule content dripping. These customization features will contribute significantly to the growth of your business.

E-Commerce Functionalities

Thinkific clients have made over $200 million in course sales. With this online course platform, you can boost your confidence and morale as a course instructor with an in-built course review, the curriculum, and other categories.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about the design as Thinkific provides you with preset themes and customization features you can use to enhance your brand visibility.

Thinkific also equips you with full e-commerce functionalities. There are multiple pricing options that are highly flexible and can fit any budget size. Take advantage of Thinkific’s wide array of e-commerce options to create your course and promote it.

You can provide items such as subscription courses and membership sites to provide students with more ways of learning. Alternatively, you can improve your course sales by putting up Thinkific coupon codes and promotional features such as upsells and free trials.

Web Functionality

Thinkific’s platform is quite simple and convenient to understand and navigate through. You can come up with a completely new website with this course platform or connect your existing website seamlessly.

You don’t need any experience in coding to use this online platform. However, if you’re skilled in coding, you can choose the option to access CSS or HTML depending on your taste and preference.

Advanced Marketing Capabilities

Thinkific provides a wide variety of advanced marketing features to prepare a captivating class and also the resources you require to sell it to your customers.

You can also reward your affiliates for sharing your online courses or develop email campaigns to notify the right stakeholders at the right time. It’s also important to note that with Thinkific, you can integrate your online course with your preferred business tools.

Thinkific Pricing Structure and Options

Thinkific Pricing Structure and Options

Thinkific offers its customers a wide variety of pricing structures to pick from. The structure comprises the free plan, basic plan, pro plan, as well as premier plan. Let’s discuss these pricing options in much detail.

Free plan

The free plan, as you’d expect, doesn’t cost anything. You can test-drive the course platform at no cost and enlist unlimited students in three online courses. You can give them surveys and quizzes and also enjoy free hosting as well as instant access to your account funds.

The free plan is also ideal for beginners who are still learning how to create an online course. With the free plan, you also can prepare Thinkific coupon codes, offer refunds, affiliate reporting, drip content, and others. You also get a custom domain, Zpaier triggers, and email integrations.

Essentially, the free plan offers everything you’d wish to have on an online course platform, and then some. You can develop as many courses as you wish and remain updated on the progress of your learners.

Pro Subscription Plan

The pro plan comes at $99 per month. With this plan, you get all the features included in the free plan as well as five course authors and admins, as well as two admin accounts. You also get access to the creation of private courses and advanced pricing options.

With the pro subscription plan, you can provide memberships and bundles as well as course certificates.

You’ll receive advanced personalization capabilities, the ability to offer assignments and communities, as well as priority support. Interestingly, you also get access to Zoom features and services.

Premier Subscription Plan

The last pricing option on this list is the premier subscription plan. This plan is for advanced course creators who want to monetize their course offerings and make more profits from the business. This plan only requires you to pay a flat cost of $499 every month.

You can develop unlimited courses and make them available to an unlimited number of students. You also get five web admin accounts, 50 course admins and authors, and 15 group analysts.

Reasons to Try Out Thinkific – Its Key Advantages

Reasons to Try Out Thinkific – Its Key Advantages

Content Ownership

When you build an online course on this platform, you’ll get access to learners’ data and your course content. Thinkific doesn’t advertise to your learners and you can export your information anytime.

You also don’t need to pay for another webhost – everything is hosted fully on Thinkific’s site, with both e-commerce and secure hosting.

Multiple Modes of Payment

Another impressive feature of Thinkific is its generous number of payment options. It accepts a wide variety of one-time methods of payment from both learners and course instructors.

With its numerous payment options, it’s possible to receive payments through direct integration from PayPal and Stripe. It’s also convenient to receive one0time and ongoing payments from your preferred payment processor.

Every pricing plan at Thinkific is packed with e-commerce payment processing. Here, you can accept common credit cards with a simplified, secure checkout process. To make the funds and details of its customers, Thinkific has employed an SSL certificate to secure the site.

Ease and Convenience of Use

Thinkific is one of the simplest online course platforms with full onboarding support. You can work collaboratively with a team to meet your objectives swiftly and efficiently. Moreover, if you subscribe to the paid plans, you get a customized onboarding call.

In-Built Technology and Security Features

Thinkific boasts a wide array of tech and security features that are aimed at providing customers with a seamless online experience. First, you’ll enjoy secure daily backups and cloud hosting.

You also get SSL certificates. What’s more, Thinkific has 24/7 monitoring and a 99.9% rate of uptime. This means that you don’t have to keep worrying whether your online course or program is up and running – Thinkific will handle everything for you.

The Bottom Line

Bloggers and course instructors always want the top online platforms to host their blog and content, and sell them. One of the recent but reliable online course platforms is Thinkific.

With many benefits such as multiple payment options, access to Thinkific coupon codes, high security, and affordable pricing options, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try out this online course platform. Hopefully, this guide has shown you why it’s essential to consider Thinkific.

Join Thinkific and enjoy its benefits today!


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