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Is Thinkific An LMS?

Is Thinkific An LMS? All You Need To Know About Thinkific

Trying to find the best way of training your staff can be difficult. With so much information to pass on to new employees, it can be tough to work out the most efficient and effective way of doing so.

This is where learning management systems come in, but as anyone who has gone through the process of searching before will know, there are a lot of different options.

One of the services you may have heard of is Thinkific, but if you’re new to this company then you might be wondering what Thinkific is.

What kind of services do they provide? Are they an LMS? If you find yourself wondering about this—then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’re going to take you through everything you’ll need to know about Thinkific. What it does, how it works, and whether or not it can be classified as an LMS.

So let’s get right into it and know that is Thinkific an LMS you really want to earn online!

What Is A Learning Management System?

Before we get into the details of Thinkific, let’s take some time to properly understand the definition of an LMS and what the best platform really means.

Learning Management Systems, otherwise known as LMS, is a new way for companies to help employees learn and develop through the use of electronic software.

Training is an integral part of a company, and over the course of the last 20 years, companies have been given new opportunities to use technology as a way to better train their employees. 

The big problem with mass training over time is that it can be difficult to manage and organize, especially for large companies. This problem was something that various development teams have tried to solve over time.

And so this led to the course creation tool known as Learning Management Systems or LMS. These are e-learning tools/other platforms that give both trainers and trainees the ability to use and manage their own learning curve.

Many Learning Management Systems are similar to virtual schools or campuses, however, there are no classes to attend, just content that can be accessed remotely. 

What Can You Expect From An LMS?

Any good LMS will have a few common yet basic features to help trainees learn efficiently and take control of their own course learning. Let’s take a look at some of these advanced features and see why they are beneficial to companies.


When adding a new team member to a company, there is a lot of groundwork that needs to be done.

Things like basic rules, company policies, and work practices are often needed to be passed down in a process we call onboarding.

LMS systems can be used to create extensive onboarding so that new team members can work on their own. This can be through a package of training materials for them to download and work through.

Cloud Sharing

It’s worth stating that modern learning management systems often make use of cloud storage and sharing.

This is so that you can keep all your training material in one place, and trainers and trainees can respond to each other in real time.

Let’s say a new trainee is completing some work—with cloud storage the trainer will be able to see it right away and respond.

Training Modules

Most LMS services will allow you to create specific online training modules. This is a method of training that is used everywhere from early online education all the way up to the university level.

Modular training allows employees to learn everything they’ll need to know in a step-by-step manner. 

What Is a Thinkific Platform? 

What Is Thinkific? 

Thinkific can be described as a platform that allows users to market, to creating courses, and sell their own online courses. However, it’s a little more than this as it also supports users who want to learn new skills and how many courses will it take to be more pro than before.

The platform is a new formula that gives trainers and trainees all the tools they need to learn or make a living from teaching.

Thinkific allows people to scale up their sustainable business growth, with paid plans that offer options for large educational sharing and tools that help you to manage how you can share knowledge with others.

Thinkific has also been designed to be a more simplistic, streamlined learning platform that rivals other, older LMS alternatives.

Thinkific Platform Overview

Is Thinkific An LMS?

So now we come to our original question. Thinkific can certainly be considered an LMS, but this is with some caveats.

Thinkific is a new breed of LMS, designed to help both learners and teachers to collaborate and create online courses with the best online learning experience that they can.

Thinkific features many of the classic key features that you could expect from an LMS, but in a new, dynamic way that allows companies to streamline their processes.

It allows course creators to customize every aspect of their course-building technique and includes extensive options to help expand their brand from a small course to a much larger learning experience. 

One of the most modern aspects of Thinkific is the way that the platform allows you to create communities that foster learning and social interaction.

This makes Thinkific an incredible LMS for companies who are looking to create great interpersonal relationships as trainees learn and grow.

This is also a great choice for independent teachers who want to hold unlimited students and keep them engaged with the course content and helpful resources. 

Final Thoughts

So that was our short introduction to Thinkific. This company can be considered an LMS, but it’s certainly much more than that.

In short, Thinkific is a dynamic platform that allows users to create their own learning content training program to teach the students, then engage others and help them to learn (see also ‘Does Thinkific Own Your Content?‘).

It’s a good choice for a wide range of different people and this is one of the reasons why it’s growing as a company and a service. 

We hope that this article has helped you to understand what Thinkific is and how it can be compared to a more conventional learning management system.

If you still have some questions, don’t go anywhere! Keep reading for our extensive Frequently Asked Questions section. Thanks for reading! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Thinkific As Your Website?

Thinkific has the option to create custom domains. This means that you can build your Thinkific site via site builder and make it available under your own course domain.

This means that you can create a product on Thinkific, and then customize it to appear as your already existing website domain. 

What Are The Most Unique Aspects Of Thinkific?

There are a few useful tools in Thinkific that are completely unique from its competition. Let’s take a look at these below:

  1. Very easy to use and set up. With a simplistic user interface, you can set up your learning tools on Thinkific without any coding experience.
  2. Offers you access to a substantial partner network and allows you to seek help from a customer support team, no matter what section of the journey you are on.
  3. Allows you to offer unmatched customer support for your students in the training sessions, as they work their way through the online course you have created.

Does Thinkific Come With Analytics Tools?

Thinkific offers a large variety of analytical tools that can help teachers to fine-tune their content depending on how students are interacting with their content.