8 Thinkific Examples That Inspire

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8 Thinkific Examples That Inspire

Thinkific is a web course platform that allows even beginners to create courses on topics of their choice effectively.

When creating their first online course, novice Thinkific course creators find it valuable to use templates from Thinkific examples–especially when they’re new to the Thinkific platform.

Wouldn’t you prefer to explore some real-life Thinkific examples to see what this platform can do before signing up?

Many people like to see how others use this platform as they find it helpful, which this list of Thinkific examples is all about.

Before jump into these Thinkific examples to inspire your business, it is best to appreciate what a membership site involves.

What is a membership site?

Membership Site

A membership site could be a hub where members can access training content and an exclusive community for a recurring fee.

Only paying members can access your account with a sign-on password.

Once students purchase your services, they’ll learn at their own pace as they receive new content from you monthly.

Membership sites aim to attract new members into your community while retaining existing members to maximize their lifetime value for your business. 

If you would like to find out the keys to running a successful membership site, take a look at this guide to create and run a membership site.

Since anyone can create a membership site for any audience, it’s safe to say that the number of membership sites is pretty broad. Similarly, there are many aspects of these sites that also make them unique. 

Here are the selection criteria to assist you in understanding what’s interesting about these Thinkific examples.

Top 8 real-life Thinkific course examples

Top 8 Real-Life Thinkific Course Examples

Learning how to create a course and page on Thinkific will be difficult at first, just like learning how to create a course and page on any other website is challenging.

Fortunately, this list of the best Thinkific examples, online businesses, and online courses should serve as inspiration.

Thinkific was primarily used to power these course websites.

1. Key To Pictures

Photography course example Thinkific

Key To Pictures is an established Thinkific example that is designed for aspiring and professional photographers.

The main attraction on this site includes a month-long online video course delivered by a professional photographer.

Anyone who loves light and photography and is a beginner or an expert can dive into a selection of course offerings on this site. You can take an introductory photography course or register to learn advanced techniques to grow personal skills in this field.

Key To Pictures offers a selection of photography-related products, including books and workshops to inspire interest in this art. You can learn how to take business photos or focus on improving your skills in professional photography.

This Thinkific (see also ‘What Is Thinkific? Overview, Features‘) example includes an original service to support an affiliate program available to anyone wanting to build a Thinkific online course platform.

2. Regenerate Your Life

Regenerate Your Life is a Thinkific website that dedicates itself to improving your health in one unique area.

Here, customers can find out how to adapt their eating habits to live healthy lifestyles.

Once you start to browse through this Thinkific example, you quickly discover just how much digital information is available for purchase.

Customers can make purchases from an exciting collection of recipe books or online courses. They can also opt to purchase a thirty-day meal planner are among the options to support their new lifestyles.

These online and audio classes include tips about healthy cooking techniques. Customers also have access to purchasing exercise plans that encourage holistic health and well-being.

This site also offers customers free plans and paid plans in true Thinkific style.

Students can even claim freebies once they register to receive promotional emails on the site.

Regenerate Your Life follows excellent business principles by handing out free recipes weekly since it uses Thinkific’s email marketing settings.

3. Dental Intel Training

Thinkific example dentists

The Dental Intel Training website caters explicitly to new learning in this field.

It assists dentists in managing their businesses and remaining relevant to the latest dentistry news.

This Thinkific example website offers an excellent range of online courses that you can examine to learn how to use Thinkific’s site to your advantage.

Dental Intel Training provides a diverse selection of topics that help dentists to learn about the latest dental techniques and methods on the market.

You can also attend live training with the Dental Intel team on the site to improve your knowledge. Members can easily access a help and customer support center if they encounter any technical issues.

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4. Olive Knits

Knitting course example on thinkific platform

Maria Greene is an online business owner and knitting enthusiast.

Maria decided to establish Olive Knits to share her passion with like-minded individuals. Maria’s intent was for her website to be a virtual knit camp, but it quickly grew into something much more significant.

Now, Maria sells all her knitted items on the Olive Knits website.

An effective Shop page on this Thinkific example makes it easy to feature a range of sweaters, scarves, and other knitted accessories.

Similarly, it is easy to purchase Olive Knits patterns and products through the virtual handcart.

Olive Knits also offers podcasts, online courses, memberships, and audiobooks. You’ll even be able to access an inspirational knitting blog on the right side of the landing page.

As a Thinkific membership site, Olive Knits grants exclusive access to new knitting patterns and techniques for all loyal members.

5. Dunbar Academy

Dunbar Academy is one of those Thinkific examples that are perfect for pet owners.

This website offers courses to pet lovers on how to raise their puppies, dog training, grooming, and much more.

Potential customers can look at their options to download free courses or register for paid training materials.

As with so many Thinkific examples, the business model uses free courses to attract paying members, so paid courses contain much more valuable information than free downloads.

Dunbar Academy even offers customers the chance to speak with professional dog trainers.

You can set up an appointment and ask trainers for tips and advice on training your dog and finding out whether you are using the proper dog training techniques.

6. Coastal Drone

Drones course website on thinkific

The Coastal Drone is an official website for piloting web drones in Canada, which offers training certification.  

Although this Thinkific example is hosted via WordPress, it uses the Thinkific course platform to manage its online content and delivery.

Coastal Drone harnesses all the benefits possible on the Thinkific platform, which has led to this business having trained close to 5,000 students.

On this site’s landing page, you can quickly browse through its product offerings. Customers will find a fascinating selection of free e-books, online course content, and a monthly podcast to pique and sustain ongoing interest in this subject matter.

Customers will also appreciate that this Thinkific example offers a basic and advanced level of drone pilot certifications. Additional services comprise certification for industrial inspections. You can even sign up for their aerial photography courses.

Coastal Drone trains students and has sufficient capabilities to train instructors. So, if you love drones and are looking for a new career, this Thinkific example is one of the best out there and should inspire you to start your own successful business.

You can speak to this company via its live chat feature in real-time to sort out any queries you may have.

7. Guitar Zero 2 Hero

This company is another artistic Thinkific example that focuses on upskilling musical novices.

Like the other businesses on this list, you can access free material to tempt you into signing up for membership courses.

Like any reputable business, Guitar Zero to Hero uses various business theories and puts these into practice.

Thinkific is fully aware of contemporary business models and marketing techniques, making it simple for entrepreneurs to access paying markets.

This site provides a selection of helpful courses to encourage aspiring musicians to continue their learning. You will receive an e-book about Guitar Chords Mastery when you register on this platform.

Other resources include a blog with related music topics to inspire wannabe musicians.

And if you want to subscribe to in-depth music courses and training, you have to pay a monthly fee. Free or paid, this Thinkific example is enough to titillate the senses of any music lover.

8. Dani Mac Yoga

All these Thinkific examples are so professional that it is difficult to believe that they mostly use Thinkific templates to create their websites.

Dani Mac Yoga is no different. As peculiar as it sounds, it is possible to learn yoga online.

You can also purchase a bunch of information on this site to boost your yoga practices. Sign up for beginner yoga courses or stretch yourself and sign up for an advanced course.

Learn about the history of yoga and its philosophy in brief tutorials or more in-depth courses. If you aren’t sure whether Dani Mac Yoga is for you, at least you can draw inspiration from this Thinkific example to create your own business.



Countless platforms use Thinkific examples to gather ideas of how to begin their own online course businesses.

If you want to transform your passion into a money-spinner, take these ideas and use them to start sharing your expertise.

Thinkific’s numerous features will undoubtedly enable you to create the ideal online course for your chosen niche.

Examining how other people have built their businesses with Thinkific templates is the easiest way to start the unique transference of your skills.

With time, experience, and effort, you can become as successful as any of the examples listed above.

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