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Thinkific Pricing

Thinkific Pricing 2023: How Much Does it Really Cost?

Thinkific is a popular educational learning platform that allows teachers to create and teach online courses.

Thanks to this platform, thousands of people have the ability to earn some extra money, with some creators earning seven figures (like ! However, even as a side job, this platform can bring you some great success stories.

Millions of people use Thinkific to help them learn new skills and trade, with the most popular plan being the Pro, which is $99 per month. There are four plans available to people, ranging from the Free option to the Premier.

If you would like to find out about these plans, what they offer, and who they would be suitable for, keep reading. We will be going through everything you need to know in the sections below.

Thinkific Pricing Tiers: What You Need To Know

Thinkific allows users to create online courses, as well as run live courses, and even run an online membership site. It also allows users to market their courses within the platform to reach new audiences and get more students.

The customer support offered by Thinkific enables learners and creators to receive help every step of the way and get the most out of their experience.

Not only that, but the platform also offers every marketing and sales tool you could possibly need in order to run your new successful online course business. This online course platform has a useful free option that allows you to explore the site and fall in love with it free of charge.

Not only that, but they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can cancel your plan at any time should you need to!

This means that you will never have to worry about being unable to afford your plan, and you have full flexibility. We will go through the overview of the four plans offered by Thinkific in the section below.

Overview On The Thinkific Pricing Plans

There are four plans that you can choose to go with should you choose to use Thinkific. We will also go through a potential fifth option towards the end of the article, known as the Growth Package. However, we will focus on the four main plans in this section.

You have a choice of one free option, and three paid plans for Thinkific. These plans offer the choice of being paid monthly, or annually. If you choose the yearly subscription, you can have an impressive 20% off – so that’s something to remember if you plan on signing up!

Below are the Thinkific plans you should be aware of:

  • Free – the Thinkific free plan offers all the most basic features of Thinkific free of charge, and allows you to create three courses.
  • Basic – priced at $49 per month or $39 per month on the annual pricing, the Basic plan gives you extra features to use to make course creation easier and more streamlined.
  • Pro – priced at $99 per month or $79 per month on the annual pricing, the Pro plan comes with a number of extra helpful features that will give you added benefits and options for course creation and teaching.
  • Premier – priced at $499 per month or $399 per month on the annual pricing, the Premier plan is for advanced customers and businesses who wish to use Thinkific to build their own education empires This plan includes a wide range of benefits that will make the process streamlined, easy, and reduce any limitations the previous plans might have.

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A Few Things To Note

There are no transaction fees involved in Thinkific. However, there will be payment processor fees that you should be aware of. This follows the same rules as PayPal or Stripe and is unavoidable when you are accepting payments online.

These are typically small fees, however, and shouldn’t be something that puts you off making use of this incredible site. It’s also worth mentioning that the major differences between these plans are the features that they each offer to you.

You might have the option to choose a custom domain, access priority, support, completion certificates, and much more. This will vary from plan to plan, with more options being available in the more expensive options. All plans will offer instant access to the core features.

One of the most important core features grants you the ability to access funds and eCommerce tools you may need. However, beyond that, each plan truly offers something worthwhile.

Finally, Thinkific allows you to build your whole website from the group up using a drag-and-drop course builder. This keeps things as simple as possible, so course creation isn’t as daunting as you might think.

Phone and email support, forums, student notifications, instructor profiles, and upsell offers are all features you can expect to get great use on. What’s better is that these are part of the core plan – so every option will include them!

Thinkific Plans

The Thinific Free Plan

As far as free plans go, the one offered by Thinkific is a generous one. With this plan, you can create three courses and have an unlimited number of students. This includes the hosting you will need to do for the content like videos, too.

For this plan, you will have immediate access to any money you make with your courses, so you can rest easy. Not only that, but you will also have access to surveys and quizzes to make your experience better.

What Does This Plan Offer?

The free plan offers users the ability to create three courses and has unlimited students. As mentioned previously, the core features also include the ability to access funds, build your courses, and take part in surveys.

Beyond that, however, this plan only contains the most basic features. This means that the process will not be as streamlined as the other paid options, as you are missing the features needed.

Who Is This Plan Good For?

This free Thinkific plan is for anyone who would like to dip their toes into the Thinkific world. It offers everything you need to get started and make your mind up without having to spend any money or even enter your credit card details.

Although you won’t have access to all the best features, this plan offers ample options to get a taste of what could be. You can create and offer a full course and see how it does, then make up your mind if you like. (Check out ‘Does Thinkific Own Your Content?‘)

The free plan will be a good way to learn all the basics, and even start gathering a following on the platform. With unlimited students, you can achieve a lot with this plan, and use it to set yourself up for success when you choose to step up your game.

The Thinkific Basic Plan

The basic plan is the next one in line and costs $49 per month or $39 per month on the annual pricing. For this plan, you will still have access to everything mentioned in the free one, but you will also have unlimited courses!

This basic plan will also give you the ability to create a custom domain that you can then use to host your whole eLearning platform.

This can be on a branded domain of your own, rather than a subdomain of .thinkific. A feature like this will make you appear more professional and established, which can further your career.

Not only that, but you will also gain access to their affiliate program and even be able to access coupons. Unlike the free plan, the Basic plan allows you to also email your students individually.

While this does not by any means replace an email marketing solution, you can personally help your students and be available to them. The plan also allows you to release the course over a period of time.

What Does This Plan Offer?

What Does This Plan Offer?

One of the most important features that comes with this plan is the option to use email integrations and marketing solutions. These marketing tools include integrations such as Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, Aweber, and more.

It will also allow you to integrate with a multitude of other tools via Zapier integrations. The second added feature is that of the custom domain. This gives you more freedom in regard to your own site and personalization.

It’s something that those using the free plan cannot do but is something that is certainly worth the money.

Who Is This Plan Good For?

The Basic plan is the perfect option for someone who knows that they love Thinkific and want to use it to create courses.

This plan gives you everything you need to make course creation easy and enjoyable, but it certainly doesn’t offer everything that the higher plans do. Starting on this plan is the perfect step up to the free one.

You can get started and create more than three courses, and have access to the incredibly useful email integrations. However, this plan might not be enough for you in time if you grow your success.

The Thinkific Pro Plan

Unsurprisingly, Thinkific’s Pro plan is their most popular option. This plan is priced at $99 per month or $79 per month on the annual pricing.

Like the previous two options, it includes all the great core features, as well as email integrations and the option for a custom domain.

What the Pro plan adds is the option for the Growth Package (for an extra fee) and several advanced pricing options. You still get to enjoy an unlimited number of students and courses, but you get so much more, too.

What Does This Plan Offer?

With this plan, you can have five-course authors or admins, as well as two site admin accounts. You will also have the option to set your courses to hidden or private to keep them for select clients. On top of that, you can offer certificates for course completion.

For the pricing options, the Pro plan will also give you the option to set up subscriptions and other payment plans. This goes hand-in-hand with bundle offers and different kinds of memberships.

You can also create assignments and form a sense of community on your customized site. Finally, you will also have priority support with this plan. This means that should you ever need help in any way, you will get it quickly.

Who Is This Plan Good For?

The Pro plan is the plan you will want to move onto when you are earning enough to warrant it. Although the features offered in this plan aren’t absolutely necessary to be successful, it does help.

Overall, the features offered in this plan will streamline the process, give you many more options to work with, and give you a better chance at success. With that being said, it wouldn’t be recommended to jump straight into a plan like this.

The Growth Package (which we will cover below) adds extra value, but it can be a gamble to spend so much money every month on it at first. When you are making enough money to warrant it, however, this plan is an amazing step to take.

The Thinkific Growth Package

The Thinkific Growth Package is an added option for the Pro plan and offers even more features and integrations.

This package will cost you an extra $50 on top of your regular plan fee and is a great way to get more without jumping up to the Premier plan, which is not affordable for many businesses. Adding this Growth Package will give you the ability to do the following:

  • Start selling online courses
  • Import and export students
  • Send bulk emails
  • Remove Thinkific branding from your site and courses
  • Advanced segmentation features to track process and organize student reporting
  • Offer a number of communities (only one community is allowed in the Pro plan)
  • Seamless integration with popular tools like Infusionsoft

Who Is This Package Good For?

It’s worth pointing out that this package is only an add-on, so you may not need it at all. However, if you want to use at least two of the added features in the package, it might be worth the money.

This package is priced at $50 per month, which only takes your monthly bill up to $149. While this might sound like a lot, if you compare it to the eye-watering cost of the Premier plan, it could certainly be with the money.

One of the most important features of this package is the option to remove any and all Thinkific branding from your courses. This could be a key point for you, depending on your site, courses, and personal preferences.

Having the advanced segmentation could also be a deal-maker for this. Ultimately, it’s completely up to you to decide whether this package is necessary for you or not.

The Thinkific Premier Plan

The Premier plan is priced at $499 per month or $399 per month on the annual pricing. This goes without saying, but that’s a steep price and one that many small businesses, let alone individual people, can afford.

However, it does expand your horizons and give you more options and integrations than ever. You will have unlimited access to the aforementioned Growth Package, so you will not be paying on a per-user basis anymore. Still, $499 per month is a lot of money to be paying.

What Does This Plan Offer?

Along with the unlimited Growth Package access, the Premier plan will also allow you to have 15 group analysts, 5 site admin accounts, and up to 50 course authors and admins.

In other words, you will have an entire team, either part-time or full-time, in addition to your partners to help you when you need it. You will also get to use SSO (single sign-on). This will help you to integrate your course platforms with the tools of your choosing.

On top of that, you will be granted access to things like training, onboarding calls, and even checklist reviews to ensure that you are ready to launch courses.

Who Is This Plan Good For?

The price is steep, and while you get a lot for it, it won’t always be worth it. To warrant moving up to a plan that costs $499 per month, you need to make sure that you have a valid growth strategy, and are earning enough to pay for it.

If you aren’t achieving either of these things, moving up to this plan would be a bad move. It’s also worth mentioning that you simply might not need to move up to a plan like this. While it offers some useful features and integrations, they simply might not be necessary.

Only move onto something like this if you need 50-course authors and admins. Other than that, you may find that $499 per month isn’t worth the money.

Thinkific Plus

Last of all, you have Thinkific Plus. Companies such as Later, Hootsuite, and Procurity use Thinkific Plus! A plan like this will make sense for high-volume businesses, as well as those who want to rebrand the learning environment that Thinkific offers to be used in corporate settings. See the full Thinkific review here.

Simply put, brands and corporations will be able to use and load training into a completely different and separate space.

There, they can rebrand the courses and training with their own identity. This will make it look like the company or client is offering the training instead of using material that is clearly from a third party.

In this plan, you will get dedicated support, B2B group management, unlimited administrators, SSO, and much more. As this plan is reserved for high-growth businesses and corporate training, no pricing options are listed on the site.

Instead, you would need to give Thinkific the relevant information for them to contact you with more information regarding the plan (see also ‘Is Thinkific Safe?‘).

Competitor Price Comparison

Competitor Price Comparison

Below, we will go through some price comparisons between Thinkific and its competitors. This should help you decide which option would be better for you and your needs.

Thinkific Vs Kajabi

  • Thinkific price – free, $49/per month, $99/per month (plus $50/per month for the Growth Package), 499/per month
  • Kajabi price – up to 60-day free trial, $149/per month, $199/per month, $399/per month

There are some major differences to note between these competitors – namely in the prices. Kajabi does not have a permanent free version to use, and the plans are more expensive on the lower end.

However, this is because Kajabi offers their online course-creating platform as well as integrated tools such as an email marketing solution. You don’t need to worry about paying extra for these essential tools.

However, Kajabi will limit you on the number of active members you can have and the number of courses. The Thinkific Pro plan, on the other hand, allows you to have unlimited courses and members for $149 per month.

The Kajabi mid-tier plan costs $199 per month and allows you to only have 10,000 active members and 15 courses.

So, while these platforms have different features, Thinkific may come out on top. However, choosing the right online course platform will depend on the features you need, your audience, and your price range.

Thinkific Vs Teachable

  • Thinkific price – free, $49/per month, $99/per month (plus $50/per month for the Growth Package), 499/per month
  • Teachable price – free, $39/per month, $119/per month, $299/per month

Teachable doesn’t offer an extra package like the Growth Package. However, these two platforms are similar in many ways and are overall comparable in terms of plans and what they offer.

With that being said, Thinkific does offer additional features that you won’t find on Teachable. Overall, Thinkific does seem like the better option, despite the differences in price.

Thinkific Vs LearnWorlds

  • Thinkific price – free, $49/per month, $99/per month (plus $50/per month for the Growth Package), 499/per month
  • LearnWorlds price – free, $29/per month, $99/per month, $299/per month

LearnWorlds offers some unique and useful features that you don’t see on Thinkific. It has an amazing text editor that will be useful in text-rich courses, and users have the ability to take notes in the platform itself.

Not only that, but gamification is possible in LearnWorlds, as is a note-review section, and a chance to truly build a community in the space.

Even LearnWorld’s most expensive option seems reasonable compared to Thinkific, and it is very robust. Because of all this, LearnWorlds should certainly be an option for you to take into consideration between the two. You might love it more!

Price Comparison To Other Kinds Of LMS Options

Thinkific Vs WordPress Plugins

  • Thinkific price – free, $49/per month, $99/per month (plus $50/per month for the Growth Package), 499/per month
  • WordPress Plugins (Learndash) – $30/per month, $92/per month, $499/per month,

Although WordPress LMS Plugins might appear less expensive at first glance, there are a number of other prices to consider – like hosting. Plans can be similar, and prices aren’t too different.

However, you will save a lot of money with Thinkific on the Pro plan when you add on the Growth Package. The plugins do not offer anything like this, and have an upper price of $499, like Thinkific.

Thinkific Vs Corporate LMS Solutions

  • Thinkific price – free, $49/per month, $99/per month (plus $50/per month for the Growth Package), 499/per month
  • Corporate LMS Solutions – $36.60/per month, 183/per month for up to 50 learners, $366/per month for up to 100 learners

Thinkific is the clear winner in this category in almost every way. It’s more affordable and puts fewer restrictions on you.

Final Thoughts

Thinkific has a lot to offer for anyone who wants to create and make money with online courses. The platforms offer a free version, as well as a Basic, Pro, and Premier plan that cost up to $499 per month.

When compared to various other course creation platforms, Thinkific is a strong contender. However, with some platforms like LearnWorlds, the choice can be difficult. In the end, you need to determine what you need out of your plan and make your decision from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Free Trial With Thinkific?

Thinkific already has a free plan option, so you don’t need to worry about free trials! All you need to do is fill in the form to sign up – no credit card information necessary.

Once you have an account, you will have access to a variety of courses and features. If you would like more features, you can then sign up for one of the payment plans.

What Is Thinkific Used For?

Thinkific is a platform that is used to create, market, and also sell your online courses. It’s a great platform that allows online course creators to reach their audiences and make some money doing what they love.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee With Thinkific?

Yes! There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also cancel your plan whenever you need to, so you won’t lose money.

How Useful Is Thinkific’S Free Plan?

The free plan is good enough to start creating online courses, and all you need to do is enter an email address! However, you will be limited to creating just three courses, and you will have a limited number of students.

The primary issue that many people deal with in this plan is the ability to integrate this course platform with an email solution. To get past this, however, you can upgrade to the Thinkific basic plan.

Are There Any Translation Fees With Thinkific?

No, there are no transaction fees that you need to be aware of with Thinkific (see also ‘Does Thinkific Have A Marketplace? [What You Need To Know!]‘). However, there will be payment processing fees like the ones with PayPal or Stripe. These can’t be avoided when making online transactions.

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