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Layla Acharya
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Thinkific Vs Podia

Thinkific vs Podia: What’s Better for Course Creators?

Business owners, influencers, and educators finally have the ability to make their own course and generate revenue.

The problem is that there are a lot of options out there, and some of them have predatory practices that just want to lock you into a deal.

Among the very best course creators out there, you have Thinkific, and you have Podia: two time-tested, community features rich and beloved course creation services that help you make the most attractive and educational courses out there.

Both are termed as best online course platform available, however, still there must be the one best online course platform.

It’s time to draw a comparison. Thinkific vs Podia: who has the better deal for your money, your time, and your vision? We’ll go over all the benefits and drawbacks from both of these course creator sites so you can decide what works best for you.

Podia vs Thinkific

Thinkific and Podia Compared – podia vs thinkific

You’re ready to sell your online course content, and apart from delivery, you need to make sure your course building service has the concessions available to make your experience enjoyable, and see value in what they’re providing. You need an easy to use online course platforms.

Thinkific and Podia online course platforms have a similar goal, but give you different paths to get there. Which one ends up being better for hosting an online course? We’re about to find out together.

What is Thinkific? and how you build the businesses

what is thinkific

Thinkific is an online tool and service where you can create your own courses, market them, and sell them to prospective students. Essentially, what you’re doing is taking your knowledge and adding it in linear modules within Thinkific to create a learning path.

Thinkific is a web-based course creation and hosting platform. Thinkific platforms offer an all-inclusive platform for multiple instructors to create, deliver, and track their online courses. Thinkific is a great option for multiple instructors who are looking to create their own online course or teach an existing one.

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Do this effectively, and you have an online course where users can learn a new skill from start to finish, and acquire a level of mastery in a skill, using a program, or enhance their understanding of a creative art.

Thinkific is an all-in-one service that lets you build everything from the ground up, and become the online education entrepreneur you were meant to be. You can set prerequisite lessons for a certain session and other similar features such as creating discussion forum and generate student progress

What is Podia? And How instructors can use it

podia logo icon

As an all-in-one service, Podia helps you build courses, host them on your own domain without any subdomain to mess it up, accept payments, and more.

Podia is a new e-learning platform that helps people build their own online learning business by providing them with all the tools they need to create, publish and sell their courses.

With Podia, you just have to know what you want to teach, and their intuitive online course building options will help you carry out the rest. Much like Thinkific, Podia is all about helping you teach people through modules: video, text, and image-based segments of courses, each with learning material to help you slowly master skills.

Podia is a complete package deal: host, accept payments, sell, market, and everything all from one platform. The integrated sales pages help generate the sales. You can also customize the sales pages.

Podia platform has excellent course, website, sales page and other creation capabilities. Whatever you think to do on Podia from marketing such as email marketing, content marketing or others, you will find it easy to do.

What Course Building do They Offer?

With Thinkific, you get instant access to embedded tools such as Screenflow, which helps you design and film your video content right from the get-go.

When comparing Podia vs Thinkific, Podia knows that a lot of online courses are teaching complex skills or those that require screencapping, so they allow you to screencap right in their online course builder tool and incorporate those videos into your plan (don’t worry; there’s a way to edit). The online course builders of both Podia and Thinkific platforms are equally functional, however, Thinkific gives you more control over course building.

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When comparing Podia vs Thinkific, That’s one major strength of Podia, but on top of that, they also allow you to upload pre-recorded videos, text documents, images, and any other downloadable materials that you have to offer to your students.

How Hard is it to Make a Course?

You want to make an intuitive course that has a clean user interface.

Well, Thinkific might actually stun you in this round because they don’t hit the nail on the head quite like they should have. This is all about how easy it is to make a course, even with no prior knowledge or experience with course building sites.


Thinkific is one of the leaders of online course platform, but that doesn’t make them exempt from scrutiny. You go onto your dashboard and choose your course—which is easy enough to do—and then you either add or change a course template.

Choose a template (see examples), and you’re good to go. The platforms offer multiple ways to get your course started, but it becomes a bit clunky with their bulk importer. It’s a tool that’s designed to make this entire process easier, but it’s actually a little tricky to get to work properly.

Comparing Podia vs Thinkific, overall, they still walk you through the process in a step by step formula, but Podia just ends up being easier to use than Thinkific in several areas.


create course with podia

Podia has a linear process. They walk you through absolutely everything that you need to do to make a course from the ground up. It’s true that you might run into some restrictions here and there, but in a way, it makes the course building experience a little bit easier.

Input your own pre-recorded video or make screen capture from within Podia, upload images, text, and DLC to offer to your students. You go from module A all the way to Z (or more, if you need) in a structured, straightforward course development plan.

Course Delivery experience

Course delivery is all about how the course materials are fed to your students.

How they get to access them, how