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How To Become A Chegg Tutor

How To Become A Chegg Tutor | Easy Process (Updated)

If you are planning to start a career as an online tutor it can definitely be hard to advertise yourself and draw the attention of students willing to learn a new language.

So, read the complete article below and know how to become a Chegg tutor and make your first penny for Chegg today.

This is where freelancer programs come in, they can be very beneficial as all that you will need to do is register with them and then just wait for budding students to get in touch.  

Within the last 20 years, there have been significant changes throughout the globe. Before the 1990s learning languages was done mostly via books. Similarly, if you needed help finding an expert for a specific subject it was not easy.

With the advent of the internet, these issues became a thing of the past. Now people can easily connect through the internet and it allows them to easily share resources, connect with people and share any expertise in an area of study with you. 

The internet offers various platforms that are there to help students in their academics. Likewise, there are also platforms for those who are willing to teach and use the internet to find online tutoring jobs. 

Amongst these platforms is Chegg, Chegg is very successful and is one of the most popular. Being an online tutoring platform it also doubles up as a company for rentals of both digital and hardcopy textbooks. 

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What Is Chegg

Chegg was founded in 2001 and comes from the words chicken and egg. The company started as a place for college students and recent college graduates to share about house vacancies, textbook rentals, or used textbooks for sale. 

The site’s business was focused on textbooks; the founders refined Chegg to be a solely textbook solutions company, offering rentals and used sales to college students looking to save any money on pricey books.

In 2014 Chegg was purchased by the company InstaEdu then converted Chegg into an online tutoring company. 

Chegg was rebranded to Chegg Tutors and they began offering online tutoring services aimed at high school and college students. 

Tutor Application Process

Applying to be a tutor on Chegg is an easy process. Go to the Chegg website and follow the simple sign-up steps there. You must provide two forms of verification when you choose to sign up as a tutor; this can be simply a student ID card, a copy of your diploma, or copies of your university transcripts.

You will need to submit a photo of yourself holding a piece of government-issued ID that can be a driving license or passport to prove your identity. 

Depending on the subject you wish to teach online, Chegg may require you to complete some additional tests to prove your skills, there is also the option of submitting a short video introducing yourself and stating why you are qualified for the role of being a Chegg tutor. 

Chegg (see also ‘How To Cancel Chegg Subscription? does not specify if recording a video does influence the application process but if you are in the position to provide a video then it would make sense to do so. When you finish the application process then you will receive a decision in seven business days.

How The Tutoring Works

Chegg lets students or their relatives purchase weekly or monthly plans that get them access to tutors with expertise in a wide range of subject areas.

How To Become A Chegg Tutor

The company heavily promotes an interactive tutoring experience, which allows students to find the way that they like to learn. 

Students and tutors can work via video chat or text chat. They can collaborate on a virtual whiteboard which allows both students and teachers to write freely, edit, critique, and also interact as they learn in their free time.

Chegg offers tutors who can help with individual subject areas and offers test prep services for high school students looking to get the best results out of their ACT or SATs. 

In being a Chegg tutor you must be available 24/7 and be ready to help students no matter the emergency. 

The Advantages Of Tutoring On Chegg

Chegg pays you weekly so you do not have to be waiting around to get paid or chasing any invoices. It’s well supported by the tutors on the site with surveys stating that 85% of tutors would recommend using Chegg.

This site has a referral scheme where you can receive a bonus if a friend applies as a tutor. Another advantage is the huge range of disciplines available to tutor, from science and accounting to languages and writing.

You can also tutor from anywhere in the world so long as you have the relevant qualifications. 

All the tutoring is carried out on the Chegg platform meaning that you do not have to have specific software installed onto your computer. 

The Disadvantages Of Tutoring On Chegg 

Unlike other freelancing platforms where you can set your own rate and charge extra for more experience, Chegg charges a flat rate for all tutors.

Whilst this is great for those who are just starting out, if you have previous experience at the job then you may find the rate offered by Chegg to be too low. 

You will need a PayPal account to receive payment, and Chegg can be competitive when there is not much work going around so your amount of work will vary depending on the demand.

Some educational institutions look down on Chegg and claim that students abuse the platform to cheat on their exams. 

  • Learn with Chegg
  • Textbooks
  • Exam Prep & Homework Help

"A smarter way for students to learn"

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Final Thoughts

Chegg is one of the most well-known tutoring platforms available on the market today for virtual classrooms, it is a very good option for tutors who want regular payment and regular work.

Make sure that you are focused on what you are offering and increase the number of students reaching out to you. 

However, Chegg is not for everyone and the one-tier payment system may not be suitable for experienced tutors who will want to charge more money online for their services due to their expertise.

If you are looking to earn more money through tutoring then establishing your own web presence and attracting students may be better for you.

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