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13 Best Free Teachable Courses

With Teachable, creators and enthusiasts can easily turn their passion into a money-making opportunity, or as a learner acquire some new skills.

Teachable offers something for everyone, whether you’re starting out learning online or just looking for resources like free downloadable content.

It’s an amazing learning hub for individuals of any age, and a great way to gain skills and advance in any existing hobbies or interests – it’s simply fantastic! (See also ‘Best Teachable Company Courses You Can Try Today!‘)

Teachable features hundreds of excellent courses from top creators who are generously giving away great educational materials for a lower price or for free. So check out our choice of the best free Teachable courses below! (And check out our article about ‘How Many People Use Teachable?’)

Taking A Free Course

We’ve compiled a list of the top 13 free courses that provide an excellent learning opportunity to help you improve your skills in 2023.

These online courses give you a chance to hone and upgrade your capabilities, all at no cost!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore something new or be motivated to make progress this year. You may even find out how you can create your own free course to draw in customers to your website.

1. VR Dev School

VR Dev School is an excellent source for teaching students how to develop amazing virtual reality games for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR, and Google Cardboard—making it a truly awesome experience!

VR Dev School has an incredible concept and there are definitely people signing up for it, yet the founder still made sure to include a free mini-course for potential students – this is one thing we really love about them.

This opens avenues for those who want to craft experiences or write programming codes for immersive virtual reality universes.

What is included in this short session?

It expounds on how to create game designs utilizing Unity 3D and has a complete examination on developing applications and activities that are explicitly designed for Samsung Gear VR. 

2. Jessica Sprague

Jessica Sprague’s Teachable course is the ultimate source for learning photo editing and digital scrapbooking! 

Jessica offers comprehensive and easy-to-understand information. This tutorial is suitable for both personal use and business purposes; after completing it, you may well be on your way to becoming an expert in photography.

In addition, Jessica also provides a free Photoshop course called Photoshop Friday to give potential students an idea of what her content is like.

If you truly wish to refine your photography skills and create amazing visuals with post-production, then you should consider joining Jessica’s course.

3. 60-Minute Physics

If you and your friends are looking for an engaging way to spend the weekend, or want to discover the world of Physics, Henry Reich’s ’60 Minute Physics’ short course provides a great solution.

Reich is also known for creating YouTube’s popular ‘MinutePhysics’ series.

If you’re studying physics in school or have recently developed a liking for science, these courses will keep you captivated by all that physics has to offer.

Drawing upon his ‘MinutePhysics’ videos, which have already acquired nearly 200 million Youtube views, these short courses offer learners the opportunity to become acquainted with the basics of physics and delve further into the concepts!

Henry has made his physics classes free for everyone to access, but if someone wants additional bonuses such as Q&A sessions and class notes, they have the option of donating a nominal fee.

It’s a great way for learners to recognize his hard work while giving people an opportunity to learn more about physics!

4. The Sales Training Academy

Gilly Thompson is the creator of The Sales Training Academy and is a highly-renowned sales coach and international instructor of sales development in the UK.

Her courses focus on teaching individuals how to generate deals, forge strong bonds, and create a growth pathway regardless of their industry.

We should give her credit for having a great lead magnet; she offers an ebook that focuses on ‘The Secrets of Selling Successfully to Accountants.’

This stands out compared to other e-learning websites, and is also an effective way to market her pricier ‘New Client Sales Training Course for Accountants.’

This special course shows how to add value by giving something useful while still opening the door for potential future monetization.

Be sure to check out The Sales Training Academy now and have a look at their incredible eBook!

5. Create Your Being

If you’re looking to improve your self-growth and development, Create Your Being is an online course that provides users the tools they need to uncover their true selves, as well as ways of becoming the person they wish to be.

Through these courses, users can practice self-care while becoming the best version of themselves.

Create Your Being’s current course lineup includes the four-week masterclass “Unlock Your True Potential” and other courses such as “Discover Self Love & Build Lasting Relationships,” “Attract Abundance with the Law of Attraction,” and “Create Intuitive Success Strategies.”

They also offer a complimentary introductory course, entitled “Create You: Journey Into Self-Discovery.”

This course teaches students how to create a narrative for their future, recognize three essential aspects of life, create words of action for each goal, and utilize journal prompts, as well as other helpful resources and approaches to develop.

We strongly encourage you to discover this incredible platform! Students can sign up for the free starter course or look into Create Your Being’s many other great services.

6. Motion Design

13 Best Free Teachable Courses (1)

As the use of digital technology continues to grow, animation has developed into a major factor in both entertainment and education – and it’s still growing.

For beginners that desire to gain knowledge of the basics of design and animation, motion design serves as a useful beginning point. 

If you are on the lookout for original methods to sharpen your creativity or become more informed about digital devices, this curriculum is ideal for you.

It is your gateway into an ever-evolving field where regular people can come up with new innovative uses for digital technology.

This program is great for those who want to learn the basics of motion design, with its comprehensive guides and tutorials; plus, it’s also meant to help you understand Adobe tools such as Illustrator.

7. Skin Tone, Creating Flesh With Paint

With the help of artist Kimberly Brooks, unlock the art of color with this brief course. Gain insight on how to make your paint artwork stand out with her advice.

Through this course, you will explore the exciting world of colors. Specifically, you’ll get to know the tricks of the trade and how to use paint in innovative ways.

This program not only lets you learn something new but also provides you with the ability to use art tools effectively in a short amount of time and achieve desirable outcomes.

While sketching on a different color canvas, you can mix together multiple color batches until the mixture provides the color you want.

Thanks to these techniques and ideas, this course will teach you how to make a beautiful masterpiece just like an experienced artist would!

8. Buddhist Meditation

Susan Piver, a meditation teacher and author, teaches Buddhist meditation in an easy-to-understand way. Learn how to practice meditation and create inner peace and clarity, while taking time for yourself.

This course is an amazing way to press pause on reality and get to know yourself better.

With step-by-step guidance and practice, it will support you in managing stress levels and strengthen your psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Plus, it will increase your memory, soothe your senses, and make you feel liberated.

This online meditation series is great for dealing with everyday problems; mindfulness teachings can help you become more positive and better cope with difficult situations, making life much easier!

9. How To Write A Nonfiction Book

If you’re stuck at home for any reason here’s a perfect opportunity to make productive use of your time – write a book!

Tucker Max, an established author and blogger, provides an online course that will guide you in creating a non-fiction book.

This course will provide you with the best techniques for writing, making time management easier. You’ll learn new ways to write faster as well as increase your word knowledge.

Besides, Tucker Max provides techniques to help you grow as an expert and gives away tips on how to publish books.

Thus, if someone wants to eliminate boredom and immerse themselves in knowledge, this class is unquestionably made for them!

10. Data Science

If you dream of becoming a data scientist, MyDataMobile’s short-term course would be an ideal option.

Through video tutorials, enjoyable learning activities, and practice exercises, this comprehensive program will help you build your data science fundamentals. 

MyDataMobile’s program will help you on the road to becoming an expert in the field by teaching you the basics, such as how to work with Data and test it in practice, think logically, and understand and interpret data models.

The mentor will also teach you how to use the data to analyze big datasets and learn from them.

Eventually, they will guide you in implementing various tools such as programming languages like R and SQL for technical progress and practical solutions for business problems.

11. Podcast Like A Pro

If you are someone who spends hours each day on the web, exploring topics and wanting to learn quickly but dislikes reading the same chronological blogs over and over, then this class is perfect for you.

Through this program, you will be provided with the essential resources and experience to help you quickly establish an effective podcast for your business.

Podcasting can open up the possibility of learning something innovative in a faster manner.

You’ll gain access to plenty of information related to building an audience, creating engaging content, boosting brand visibility, and reaching marketing targets.

Through this course, you’ll understand how to create an engaging podcast that can attract listeners and reach wide audiences online.

If you are passionate about making your podcast goals a reality, don’t hesitate and enroll in this 8-week program now!

12. Video Games

This course allows you to become an expert in proven tactics and methods that will guarantee your success.

It isn’t solely for programmers, developers, etc., but depending on what interests you, you can gain lots of knowledge and experience from it.

Not only are video games popular, but now you can use them to construct your resume and perfect your LinkedIn profile. What else could you want?

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to take it. Data shows that more than half of the populace plays video games in some capacity, regardless of its popularity. 

13. Small Business Survival Guide

Are you having difficulty steering your business in the right direction?

The impact of the 2020 pandemic on businesses is undeniable and has forced many entrepreneurs to quickly revamp their business strategies.

Don’t be disheartened – this course could be just what your business needs to stay competitive and viable digitally.

For small business owners, having access to and effectively using all of the available social media platforms is vital. To assist in this process, this  30-day course is tailored specifically for these challenging times. 

Succeeding in business involves being resilient to difficulties, making ethical decisions, knowing the target market, involving team members in decisions, using eco-friendly behaviors, keeping up with tech giants like Microsoft and Apple, and more.

Don’t miss this fantastic chance to turn your dreams into reality! Enroll in our Small Business Survival Guide course now and get started!

Setting Up Free Courses As A Course Provider

13 Best Free Teachable Courses (2)

Teachables goal is to make it simpler for people to turn their knowledge into a profitable business. As such, Teachable’s business plan gives users the opportunity to create and register a complimentary school on their platform.

With the Free plan, you can create unlimited courses with material (texts, audio, and video), allocate basic quizzes and worksheets, benefit from our integrated email marketing with drip campaigns, and collect course payments from enrollees.

Your Teachable school provides free access to membership areas to ensure your students keep on top of their coursework.

Additionally, Teachable has paid plans that come with advanced pricing options – great for pricing products for students – and other revenue-generating features. 


When joining Teachable, selecting the right plan is essential for your business.

The Teachable plans provide you with a world-class learning experience to ensure your students get the best quality no matter where they are from or located.

All plans include essential features like unlimited courses, hosting for media files, and hundreds of integrations — all with no transaction fees — so that you can successfully create and launch amazing courses.

The Free plan is a great way for you to explore Teachab