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Martin Barrett
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best courses on teachable

10 Best Courses On Teachable

Teachable is an online learning platform that behaves a little differently. While many digital education services offer instructors an easy way to find an audience, Teachable helps them to build a brand.

With a versatile and customizable template, creators can develop a course, start a website, and share their skills with the world while starting their online business.

For learners, the Teachable hosting platform offers an in-depth learning experience. Many of the instructors host multiple courses and supplement their paid options with free materials. (Check out the 13 best free courses on Teachable ‘here‘!)

It’s a learning experience that keeps you coming back, and the diversity of the platform means there is always something new to discover. 

In this guide, we’ve found the 10 best courses on Teachable for you to try. These courses appeal to learners looking to discover a new skill or expand their minds.

But they should also appeal to creators who want to see what a successful Teachable course looks like. From watercolors to blacksmithing, to coding, these are the best Teachable courses to try today.

The 10 Best Courses On Teachable To Try Today

Creative Watercolor By Angela Fehr

For Learners:

Watercolor painting is about more than just capturing something beautiful on the page. It’s a way to relax and calm the mind, and connect deeper with the artistry in your heart.

At least, that’s the way Angela Fehr teaches watercolor. With her, this surprisingly tricky medium becomes a way to unleash your inner artist, and learn to go with the flow. 

For many wannabe painters, watercolor seems like an accessible choice. However, watercolors have a mind of their own, and many beginners give up before they can discover the wonders of the medium.

With an Angela Fehr course, you’re guided through both the basics and the complexities of watercolor, allowing you to discover your own connection with the craft.

The courses grow in skill with you, so you can keep on testing your limits. 

For Teachers:

If you’re looking to build your entire course on Teachable, Angela Fehr offers an excellent look at how you can incorporate your skill into your website design.

The soft colors and gentle artistry of her Teachable site show her talent as a watercolor artist, and how this hobby can be used for personal growth. 

For those with an artistic skill to teach, Angela Fehr demonstrates combining beauty with learning. The blog offers an opportunity for potential learners to discover Fehr’s philosophy, before committing to a course.

And the fantastic design ensures beginner learners feel safe in her accomplished hands!

My Sacred Spine By Rachel Jesien

For Learners:

If you spend far too much of your day hunched over a screen, then your spine has probably taken a bit of a battering. Whenever you go to stretch, you’ll feel the vertebrae protesting! 

With My Sacred Spine, Rachel Jesien encourages us to care for our backs. Aimed primarily at those with back issues and scoliosis, she encourages the daily practice of yoga to move and heal the spine, creating a more comfortable way of living.

The gentle and spiritual courses are easy to follow and offer targeted healing for specific back problems. Plus, daily practice helps keep the body cared for.

For Teachers:

There are many skills that are best practiced daily, particularly when it comes to health and fitness. My Sacred Spine teaches the daily practice of yoga, using repetition and consistency to support the back.

Many of the courses are annual subscriptions, with daily updates for curious learners.

If you’re looking to teach a course with an element of daily engagement, you might be wondering if Teachable is the right platform for you.

My Sacred Spine is an excellent template to turn to for guidance, as the specialized daily practice is inherent to the learning experience.

60-Minute Physics By Henry Reich

For Learners:

How many of us want to learn about the universe, but feel put off by hulking textbooks packed full of indecipherable language?

If you have a passion for knowledge but lack the time to really get your teeth stuck, Henry Reich has provided an excellent solution.

60-Minute Physics consists of bite-sized courses, each exploring different scientific concepts. The videos are short and sweet and can be downloaded and enjoyed offline.

So, they’re the perfect accompaniment to a daily commute! And you can track your progress as you go along!

As the videos are downloadable, they’re also great for family learning. If you have curious kids, Reich’s teaching talents can introduce everyone to complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way.

For Teachers:

60-Minute Physics by Henry Reich shows that Teachable can be for more than just skill-based learning. Instead, this platform can be used just as well for lecture-based learning!

Even difficult subjects such as physics can find a home on Teachable.

60-Minute Physics is also one of the great Teachable course examples for anyone with a free learning platform, looking for methods to monetize!

This course grew from Reich’s popular MinutePhysics YouTube series, and it brings together some of his most watched (and most interesting) videos. 

Begin Blacksmithing By Alec Steele

For Learners:

With a name like Alec Steele, blacksmithing must have been an obvious career path! For the rest of us, this isn’t exactly the easiest hobby to pick up.

As exciting and practical as blacksmithing might appear to be, it also looks like an expensive and complex hobby.

But in Begin Blacksmithing, Alec Steele makes the hobby accessible. He’ll teach you the tools you need, the set-up to master, and how to get started at the forge.

And he’ll show you how to make blacksmithing into a useful hobby, by demonstrating how to make beautiful objects with the help of a little fire!

Begin Blacksmithing is a fantastic gift for the person you know who has everything and is always willing to try something new.

For Teachers:

No skill is too niche for Teachable! Thanks to the Teachable website-building features, you can find a host to show off your most underappreciated skill, and share it with enthusiastic learners.

How many other platforms offer a chance to actually learn blacksmithing?

The beauty of Teachable is that as it allows you to customize your own online course website, you aren’t limited in the skills you choose to share.

Begin Blacksmithing demonstrates how to transform even the most practical of hobbies into an intriguing online course. And thanks to the reach of Teachable, you can find a whole new audience for your craft. 

Languages By CoffeeBreak Languages

For Learners:

Learning a language is one of the most useful skills you can master. Helping you communicate with more people, and better immerse yourself in different cultures, even a light grasp of a new language can provide numerous benefits. 

If you’re struggling to find the time to learn something new, Languages By CoffeeBreak Languages is an excellent solution.

These quick courses are designed for digestion on your coffee break, breaking each lesson down into easy-to-enjoy chunks.

With numerous languages on offer, CoffeeBreak feels like a personal service, as it covers the nuances of the languages, and helps you advance your learning.

For Teachers:

There are many places online where people can go to learn languages, but the adaptable designs of Teachable make this a great base for establishing yourself as a trusted source.

If you have a language skill that you’d love to share with the world, then take a look at CoffeeBreak Languages for ideas to help you stand out from the crowd.

Because Teachable is a customizable platform, you can create a program that you feel best enhances the learning experience.

For a topic such as languages, where there are so many ways to learn, this is a valuable benefit.

Self-Publishing Formula By Mark Dawson

For Learners:

Many of us have a book inside that we long to get out, but the world of traditional publishing is becoming increasingly hard to break into.

Self-publishing might seem like the better choice, but once your book is out there, how do you convince people to read it?

Self-Publishing Formula by Mark Dawson helps to demystify the world of self-publishing, providing authors with tips and strategies to maximize success.

Covering the process from finishing your book at a professional level to marketing your book to the importance of digital promotion, this complete course can help ensure your novel gets the attention it deserves.

Both new authors and those with some experience in publishing can benefit from these thorough courses, with regular updates exploring the latest developments in self-publishing.

For Teachers:

The Self-Publishing Formula Teachable portal is a masterclass in an attractive design, and this exceptional platform backs up the paid courses with plenty of free information.

If you want to sell a course that people will keep coming back to, take a look at Self-Publishing Formula by Mark Dawson. 

Combining blogs, podcasts, and resources, Self-Publishing Formula attracts those who are not quite ready to publish and those who are prepared to commit.

Music Production By IO Music Academy

For Learners:

Learners can often overlook the importance of music production, focusing more on writing and instruments. But production is key to all those tracks you love.

Bad production can destroy even a perfectly crafted song, while good production can elevate a mediocre tune to a musical masterpiece.

Music Production by IO Music Academy puts interested learners directly in touch with quality music producers.

They share their own unique methods of production, designed to both educate and inspire. With music being the key focus, these courses are immersive and entertaining and can expand your musical knowledge.

For Teachers:

IO Music Academy offers regular livestreams as the heart of the course, adding an exciting interactive element to this learning opportunity.

IO Music Academy is quite different from many online learning platforms, as these livestreams are so integral to the teaching of the course.

Often, the best way to share skills is by allowing for questions and answers. On traditional learning platforms, this can be difficult to achieve.

They tend to promote static, pre-made courses over individuality. But with Teachable, you can really do your own thing.

Learning Photoshop By Dave Cross Workshops

For Learners:

Whether you’re looking to improve your marketing, stretch your creative muscles, or simply add a touch of finesse to the family photo album, there are many benefits to learning photoshop.

If your photo editing skills are limited to Instagram filters, then Learning Photoshop by Dave Cross Workshops is definitely a course to check out.

Developed by a full-time Photoshop Educator, this course offers a deep dive into the world of Photoshop.

It updates frequently, allowing you to learn new Photoshop techniques as they’re released. You’ll never find a software update has left you back at square one!

For Teachers:

Learning Photoshop has been adapted from pre-existing in-person lessons, and made into an online course with greater outreach.

If you have a skill that you teach in a classroom setting, Teachable can be a platform to find a wider audience. Take a look at Learning Photoshop for ideas!

There’s an interactive element to Learning Photoshop that really expands the use of this course. Learners can send in questions, which are then answered in new videos.

If you teach a complex skill with many areas of interest, this is an intriguing model to follow.

Coding Classes By Tyler McGinnis

For Learners:

Coding has become one of the most desirable skills in the modern world, as computers and technology become integral to almost every part of our day.

But while many of us use computers, few of us actually know computers. Getting started with computers can be needlessly complex, as coders bury their useful tips in a heavy helping of jargon.

Coding Classes by Tyler McGinnis is a coding course that you can actually enjoy. The learning style is accessible, helping you learn your way around computer basics, before moving on to the harder stuff. 

For Teachers:

There are some skills that are always growing and evolving. With these skills, a course that was relevant just a few years ago can quickly become outdated, and potentially even useless.

Too many online platforms offer limited opportunities to update and refresh courses. Coding Classes, hosted by Teachable, are different.