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Sara Blakely Masterclass Review: Features & Worth 2023

Many of us think we have a million-dollar idea, but even more of us will be unlikely to do anything about it. Maybe that’s due to a lack of knowledge, or maybe even a lack of confidence and motivation.

Sara Blakely, the inventor of the famous Spanx managed to turn a five thousand dollar investment into a multi-million dollar empire – and it is people like these who we need to turn our attention to for a little inspiration and advice. 

Luckily, Sara Blakely provides this inspiration and advice through her Masterclass. We’ve tried and tested it and we’ve then written this helpful review to let you know how we found it, to give you a better insight before you buy. 

So, if you’re interested in this course, then go join MasterClass and read this Sara Blakely Masterclass review and learn more. 

Who Is Sara Blakely?

Sara Blakely is the person who leads this particular masterclass and it’s all about self-made entrepreneurship. As Sara Blakely knows all too well, it’s certainly possible to make yourself into a self-made billionaire from very humble beginnings.

She never worked in fashion or even had anything to do with her own business before she started. She merely saw a gap in the market and found a product that she knew everybody needed. 

As a result, the small figures she was used to became multi-millions, with her first year’s turnover being 4 million and the second year becoming 10 million. She has now gone global with her product. 

“Every Person Has A Million Dollar Idea” 

Towards the start of the course, Sara explains to her students that everybody, at least once in their lives, has had or does have a million-dollar idea. 

This really hits home with you as a student because you begin to think to yourself – well, what was mine? Do I have one now? It actually distills a lot of doubt in your mind, but you quickly understand what she means.

Think about it, how many times have you said “oh I wish they would make…” or “wouldn’t it be easier just to…”. 

These are gaps in the market and you might have hit on a million-dollar idea and not even have known about it. This is where Sara comes in to explain to you her surefire thought process that can help you turn that little idea into serious money.

Sara talks about how she started Spanx in just this way. She simply wanted to go to parties wearing white trousers, but she kept showing panty lines and it was really driving her crazy. 

Of course, this was a great thought that she had, and managed to turn it into a very successful product and viable business. However, it’s important to note that not all of your ideas will be multi-million dollar ideas – and some will legitimately flop.

But it’s critical that you can differentiate between the ones that will fail to the ones that will succeed. Throughout her Masterclass and accompanying workbook, Sara helps you to understand how you can do this successfully. 

Finding Your Purpose 

This turns out to be one of the most important video lessons in the course. It’s easy to think about this part and say to yourself “oh I don’t need to know this, I already know my purpose”. 

Sara explains that this is a significant trouble that many entrepreneurs face, so you need to take this part seriously. She shows this handy Venn diagram that merges “what do you enjoy”, “what are you good at” and “how do you want to serve the world”. 

As you go through the course, Sara will elaborate on how you can develop this into real action and a proper sense of direction. 

If you’re anything like us, you will actually set yourself up with confidence here and you’ll feel like you’re ready to take on the next steps. 

You Don’t Need To Know Everything

Sara Blakely Masterclass Review: Features & Worth 2023 1

As we mentioned earlier, Sara never had any previous experience in the fashion industry or even in business. But she did have the drive, determination, and a great idea. 

What we really liked about this section was when Sara told you that the really common misconceptions from budding entrepreneurs are the fact they think every successful business person knows everything. 

In fact, as Sara explains, they learn it as they go through the stages. You quite literally figure it out along the way! 

Failure Isn’t A Loss 

We’ve always been in the big idea entrepreneurial mindset that when you fail, that’s it and it’s a huge negative to whatever it is we were doing. However, this part of the course manages to teach you to change that mindset. 

Whenever you fail in business, it’s not necessarily a loss. It actually proves that you have taken action on your ideas. You must understand that in business, it’s simply a natural process to fail and succeed.

The important thing however is learning how you can bounce back and how quickly you can recover. What will you do? Learning how to bounce back is a very important point because it can make all the difference to your future success.

Remember, failure simply proves you’ve pushed yourself and you’re learning as you go along. Take failure as a learning experience!


Sara goes on to discuss how you can change your idea into a prototype and then eventually how you can successfully create your product. See, one of the biggest problems you will have is finding someone who can actually make it. 

Sara tells us how she had serious problems when trying to call people who could viably create Spanx for her, but everybody kept putting the phone down on her. 

Once again, she was proactive and drove to the manufacturers. This is one of the best parts of her course and certainly one of the most inspirational and fascinating areas.

Eventually, she had one manufacturer that said yes to her proposal – and the rest is history as they say. 

However, this part of the course was one of the best because it showed how difficult the seemingly easy part should be, and how much determination you need to get your foot in the door.

Selling And Brand Building 

Okay, so you’ve got your product – but now what? This is where Sara will explain all of the intricacies of getting comfortable with the selling process. She details how there are 4 different types of buyers and how you can sell to each one. 

Later, she teaches you about the importance of building a successful brand, bringing in the element of humanization and realism to the product. Essentially – it’s successful storytelling.

We loved this part of the course because it was something we’d never considered when it comes to the brand element of business class. Really interesting stuff! 

Final Thoughts 

Sara Blakely’s Masterclass is a really full-on, highly informative, and thorough course to get yourself involved with. If you’re wondering how you can change your little idea into a viable business success – then this is the Masterclass for you.

Sara Blakely MasterClass worth is beyond your imagination. If you are willing to start this entrepreneurial journey then join the masterclass and start learning from these online classes. You will be a self-made entrepreneur of your own company.

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