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Frank Gehry Masterclass Review: Worth in 2023

Frank Ghery is one of the most influential architects of our time.

He revolutionized modern architecture firm with his vibrant and distinctive style that incorporated rocks, curves, and materials from around the world. 

This masterclass will show you his best work and explain how you can use it in your designs.

Join the Frank Gehry Masterclass review to learn how to build an iconic building and gain a new perspective on architecture. 

Who is Frank Gehry?

Frank Gehry’s MasterClass is all about a brilliant architect and designs who has never been afraid to break the rules of conventional architecture and design.

His work is innovative and impassioned, and he is one of the most influential architects of the last century.

Walt Disney Concert Hall is the most amazing project with a great design philosophy completed by Frank Gehry.

Frank Gehry is one of the most prolific people for young architects of the last century. Learn more about the man and his works. Frank Gehry is one of the world’s most famous architects.

In this article, we will look at the Frank Gehry Masterclass Pros and you’ll learn how he became one of the most successful architects of the last century.

What is the Masterclass

He was a professor of architecture at Columbia University, the University of California, and Yale, so you can definitely trust the information he is giving out in his classes.

So what will you be learning in this masterclass?

Frank Gehry teaches design and all of his inspirations and what helped him get to this stage of his successful career. He also outlines the importance of creativity and innovation in your work from start to finish.

The creative process is the most important part because these tips will help you immediately with your creative signature.

Frank Gehry is not only involved in building projects, but he also makes sure that the residential projects he completes are top-notch. 

Many people might also get creative block quite a bit and this guide will be learning how to tackle this issue in the best ways for you.

Everyone is different and it might take different techniques, but he offers a wide range of techniques to try. 

He will also take you through the best ways to connect with your clients and build good relationships and create partnerships.

Business models are also important which he goes through as his financial discipline. 

This class has also been described as having very high-quality content that is mainly anecdotal which works for many people but might not be suitable for others. 


You are able to get a workbook with the program which is not as big as some others but has some tasks you are able to perform at home to help you out with your creative venture. 

Workbooks can be extremely helpful to people if they don’t manage to get everything down in the classes and can work on some of the tasks in their own time.

Some people might think that the tasks aren’t very complicated and difficult/challenging, but it is mainly to let you run with your own creativity and give him tips and techniques to help you improve. 

What is it best for?

If you are someone who is interested in his work and is fascinated by his techniques and wants to learn more from the man himself.

Are you someone who is in love with the world of architecture and wants to learn from one of the best in the modern world? 

His online classes are the perfect way to begin your journey or add to the experience you already have. It is always good to build your experience with others.

These classes will take you into his world and how he sees the world of architecture. 

Frank Gehry Masterclass Review: Worth in 2023 1

How many lessons are offered?  

He offers up to 17 different classes which all offer different types of content. They are quite short in length, some only lasting 5 minutes, and the longer classes lasting up to 15 minutes. 

They are divided into different sections: 

  1. Introduction – Meet Your Instructor
  2. Creativity and Inspiration
  3. Creating Your Signature Design Style
  4. Materials and Context
  5. Working with Clients, Teams and the World
  6. Case Study for Architecture Student
  7. The Life of an Architect

What does he advocate? 

  • One thing that he believes strongly in is the rejection of symmetry. He thinks that asymmetry is much more creative because it gives you more freedom in your work. 
  • He also believes in sketching freehand before even thinking about using a computer. The reason for this is that it gives you more human special touches to the designs instead of it being all benign and technological. 
  • He also thinks highly of having your own control over your work and the mistakes you make can actually be seen as an opportunity to improve. Positive work is a top priority for success and removing all of the frustration. 
  • You need to be sensitive to your client’s needs as well. They will all have different needs and demands they want to be met, and it is your job to cater to what they want while also showing your flair in your work. That can be very difficult for someone who doesn’t have much experience, which is why this guide can be extremely helpful and the classes will improve your management skills. 

Case studies section 

Case studies are a form of writing you can use to present a topic to your audience for which you may not have enough information. Case studies are a great way to learn how to do things.

They’re also a great way to learn for generating ideas and experiences. Therefore, his use of case studies is really a great way to learn his content and what he is all about. 

He has designed some very iconic work that people look up to and is one of the best ways to gain some good wisdom and wise words from the man himself.

Sometimes it can make a big difference when you are being taught by someone you admire and you know their work. Therefore, if you love this type of work, you should learn from the best. 


Overall, when it comes to any type of Masterclass, it has to be something you are going to value and get your value for money. You don’t want to be wasting your time and money on anything.

Luckily for you, there are a lot of refund policies in place for people who don’t like the program. 

Hopefully, this guide has given you all of the information you need to know about this architecture masterclass and whether this would be something you could use and improve your own work from.

Find the best masterclass for you and enjoy the wise words of Frank Gehry. 

Frequently Asked Question

Can I get the Frank Gehry MasterClass for free?

No, you are not able to get any free online classes for this, but you are able to pay for certain classes and different types of memberships. They even offer a refund policy which has been implemented for people who are unhappy with their class for any reason. 

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the Frank Gehry MasterClass?

It all depends on where you buy the classes from. However, for the Masterclass classes, you can get a wonderful 30-day full refund policy if you aren’t happy with the Frank Gehry Masterclass worth.

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