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Layla Acharya
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Best Online Dance Classes of 2022

11 Best Online Dance Classes of 2023

Dancing is a fantastic hobby that you can take up to improve your health and fitness levels.

It is also an incredible way to boost your mood and lower stress levels, which we could all use. It also helps you master a new skill while having some fun in the process. 

Online dance classes are a great way to get moving if you wish to take up dancing but tend to hide in the back of a dance studio.

They allow you to pick some badass moves and dance around your apartment while no one is watching. This helps you enjoy your privacy while still learning from experts.

Despite the privacy and solitude, online dance classes also allow you to connect with others virtually and increase your sense of community. This can help you stay motivated and committed to your new dance routines and keep up your dance game.

If you’re looking for a good dance class to get started with, here we have rounded up the 11 best online dance classes. Check them out below and just dance your heart out.

Which Online Dance Class is Best?

STEEZY Studio is considered the best online dance class. The platform stands out due to its wide variety of styles, high-quality video tutorials, and beginner-friendly approach.

It offers a flexible learning environment where users can learn at their own pace, making it highly accessible to people of all skill levels.

11 Best Online Dance Classes

Below, you can find our picks for the best online dance classes. We’ll go over the pros and cons of each and the ideal target student. Let’s take a look at them.

1. STEEZY Studio

1. STEEZY Studio

STEEZY Studio is one of the best online dance classes for people who want to fine-tune their dance skills and master cool moves. It teaches everything from hip-hop dance and jazz-funk to break dancing, trending TikTok moves, and even dancing in heels.

This online platform has an impressive collection of more than 900 dance classes. Famous tutors like Jojo Diggs, Boogie Frantick, Kiira Harper, Jade Soul, and others teach the classes. The classes cater to beginners and experienced dancers who wish to improve their skills.

STEEZY’s pre-recorded video tutorials allow you to learn a dance move from multiple angles. These video classes have intuitive video controls that allow you to watch specific sections, switch views, loop moves, control speed, and more. This helps you learn difficult moves quickly and easily.

STEEZY’s contemporary dance-style workouts are great for burning energy and improving your physical fitness. The platform also offers free classes that let you try before you buy.

You can sign up for its seven-day free trial at first. If you wish to continue, the monthly membership will cost $20, while the annual subscription costs around $99.


  • Fun video tutorials
  • Can learn dance moves from all angles
  • Detailed instructions for all levels
  • A wide range of dance styles


  • No live classes

Who Is It For?

  • People of all skill levels who want to learn contemporary dance

2. Obé Fitness

2. Obé Fitness

One of the best online dance classes in the market, Obé Fitness is known for its wide array of on-demand and live fitness classes.

Whether you’re looking for yoga, Pilates, HIIT, strength training, barre, or boxing classes, Obé Fitness has them all and then some.

Nonetheless, its dance classes are our number one pick for a fun, engaging dance cardio session. Obé Fitness offers different types of beginner-friendly dance classes.

These classes include its signature dance class, the dance HIIT class for a high-energy dance challenge, and the dance cardio classes.

Leading choreographers teach the latter, which covers different styles like hip-hop and pop dance routines. These classes help you enjoy a good dance workout and keep up your fitness game.

Obé Fitness also has many motivating instructors you can choose from to suit your learning style. It also offers daily live classes that last for about 30 minutes. In these live sessions, you can book a spot for any number of people.

You may also hear the instructor call out your name during a live session. This makes these classes interactive and keeps you on your toes while you dance around your home.

If you cannot attend a live class, Obé Fitness’ vast library of on-demand classes lets you take a dance class whenever you want. These classes range from five minutes to an hour.

Overall, Obé Fitness is an excellent option for beginners who want to have some fun and just dance around their living room instead of following a series of dance steps that are hard to recall. 

If you’re interested, Obé Fitness offers a free trial for a month. After that, it will charge you around $27 every month, $65 every quarter, or about $199 annually.

You can access the classes from your computer or mobile device. You can also connect Obé Fitness’ mobile app to your TV to view the classes on a bigger screen.


  • Focused on dance cardio
  • Fun, neon dance studio
  • Engaging and inspiring instructors
  • Interactive as instructors call out your name in class
  • A wide range of other classes are included in the membership


  • Limited dance styles
  • No option for taking specific types of dance classes
  • Too easy for experienced dancers
  • Too short dance classes

Who Is It For?

  • Beginners who want to take cardio-focused dance classes and other fitness classes

3. The Sculpt Society

3. The Sculpt Society

The Sculpt Society makes our list of the best online dance classes as it offers an impressive selection of fitness-based dance cardio classes.

Celebrity trainer and former Brooklyn Nets dancer Megan Roup, who also offers Instagram Live Classes regularly, teaches the class.

Celebrities, supermodels, and fashion influencers love the Sculpt Society dance workout app. The main reason is its high-energy dance classes that help users sculpt and shape their bodies in under an hour.

The classes usually last from 10 to 45 minutes on average. So for users who want to dance their way to fitness but don’t have time for one-hour classes, it helps them easily incorporate a quick dance workout into their daily lives.

The Sculpt Society also provides beginner-friendly and pre/postnatal classes that help it target a wide variety of users.


  • High-energy dance cardio classes 
  • Taught by a reputed teacher
  • Short sessions
  • Includes beginner-friendly and pre/postnatal programs


  • Limited dance styles
  • Can be too short for some users

Who Is It For?

  • People of all experience levels who want to sculpt their bodies with dance cardio

4. CLI Studios

4. CLI Studios

CLI Studios is one of the best online dance classes for people who love classical dance. This online platform offers a wide range of options in this category and contemporary dance styles.

Some styles on offer include hip hop, jazz funk, musical theater, ballet technique, tap dance, and so on.

CLI Studios has a collection of over 800 online dance classes that cater to all skill levels—beginners, intermediates, and advanced dancers. It also has classes for all age groups.

Many of the dance lessons are pre-recorded. But there are also live interactive dance classes all around the year that make the learning experience more fun and interactive.

You can check out the seven-day free trial to get started with CLI Studios’ classes. After that, you will have to pay $99 for an annual membership. This will give you full access to the platform’s vast library of on-demand and live classes.

CLI Studios also provides a conservatory training program for those who want to become professional dancers. It lasts nine months and helps students prepare for dance auditions and a dancing career.

Overall, CLI Studios is a highly recommended dance platform with an extensive array of fabulous classes.


  • Teaches different dance styles
  • Reputed choreographers
  • Has live interactive dance classes
  • Offers a conservatory training program for budding dancers


  • Limited live classes
  • Not great for freestyle dancers
  • Not ideal for quick dance workouts

Who Is It For?

  • People of different experience levels who want to master classical and contemporary dance

5. The Ballet Spot

5. The Ballet Spot

If you’re on the hunt for the best online ballet classes that you can take at home, look no further than The Ballet Spot.

This ballet dance class is based in New York City and Los Angeles and features professional dancers as teachers. They teach different kinds of ballet classes that range from Broadway ballet to cardio ballet.

The Ballet Spot offers a cool mix of daily interactive live streaming and on-demand classes. This allows you to dance whenever you want and fine-tune your ballet technique over time.

This makes this dance class one of the best online dance classes for those who love ballet dance.


  • One of the best online dance classes to improve ballet technique
  • Offers on-demand classes and live streaming


  • Mainly focused on ballet classes
  • Needs a larger library of classes

Who Is It For?

  • Budding ballet dancers

6. Dancio

6. Dancio

Like The Ballet Spot, Dancio is also one of the best online dance classes for ballet dancers. It focuses mainly on ballet dance and offers online dance classes taught by top stars from the American Ballet Theater and the New York City Ballet.

Dancio also offers modern and contemporary dance classes, along with dance classes for the youth. If you want unlimited access to its