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Martin Barrett
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6 Best Masterclass Dog Training Courses You Can Try Today

6 Best Dog Training Courses You Can Try Today

When it comes to ways of helping train or condition your dog, many people will often seem to forget about dog training courses that they can personally take as a way of better understanding their pets.

And that’s a real mystery, as these are often some of the best ways of getting a grasp on your dog’s behavior, and making sure that bad habits do not emerge.

However, deciding on taking a single course for dog training is only part of the solution to your training classes issues. Now, you need to pick one!

Fortunately, we have already searched through some of the best dog training courses that you can find today that provide how to get your pooch to practice good behavior, how many dogs can you train at one time, the best crate training tips, and as well as training them in all sorts of ways!

Why You Should Consider Online Dog Training Courses

So, why should you consider learning from a high-quality online dog training course?

Well, for starters, they’re easy to access for pretty much everyone.

While finding a quality dog trainer can be a difficult affair in some areas, there are plenty of ways to create training courses for your dog that you can find online.

Online dog training courses will also usually cover a wide arrange of skills that you could need when it comes to training your dog, from obeying your basic commands to general house training will make it one of the best well-trained dog.

Plus, these online courses can be made to fit your schedule, rather than having to hire a professional dog trainer, where the situation can often be the reverse.

Plus, there’s the fact that many online dog training courses are noticeably cheaper than the intense basic training course that professional dog trainers provide.

All of these factors come together to make online dog training courses very enticing options for the dog owner.

Brandon McMillan’s Masterclass

We are listing off the meat masterclass-level dog training courses. So why not start this list with a class from Masterclass themselves on the subject?

Outside of probably his best-known work as a host of the CGS show ‘Lucky Dog’, Brandon McMillan is an expert in dog training behavior and has lived around wild animals his entire life, both domestic and exotic.

So, he is the perfect person to help teach a course on how to understand your pet better!

McMillan’s training course emphasizes the importance of simplicity in your training tips regimen.

After all, dogs don’t have the greatest attention span, so building quick and clear communication is crucial. And this course will teach you everything that you need to know to help create patterns of online learning like this.

With 15 video lectures adding up to just over 2 hours of videos, this course won’t take long for you to go through and digest for yourself.

If you have a Masterclass already or are considering purchasing this subscription, this is a great course to choose for your training system needs.

Canine Training Institute

Moving away from the titled masterclass… well, classes, we have another dog training course that is every bit as informative, interesting, and helpful as the first option that we covered on this list.

While the course itself is pretty new, at least when compared to many others that you can find online, the Canine Training Institute is the perfect course to try if you want to curb your dog’s more disruptive behaviors and replace them with more healthy or tolerable behaviors.

6 Best Masterclass Dog Training Courses You Can Try Today

Rather than using traditional short-word answers to get your dog to do what you want, such as ‘sit’ or ‘stay’, this course helps you communicate with your dog through body language.

It’s an important form of communication that often goes overlooked when it comes to dogs, so seeing this course take full advantage of that unspoken language sets it apart from others.

The Online Dog Trainer

Moving onto the next course option, we have a great class that you can take if you want to try a sample class or exercise first before committing to the full course.

Doggy Dan, the main instructor of this course, helps teach you about how to establish peace and status in your little pack, making sure that your dog knows who is in charge, and who they need to be taking instruction from, vital steps that you need to cover before moving on to more advanced topics.

From there, you’ll be able to check out all of this course’s other key content, such as puppy potty training that you can do with your home’s new addition, as well as general advice and techniques that you can adopt into your daily routine to help better train your dog.

SpiritDog Training

Next up, we have a dog training course that almost guarantees to see behavioral changes in your dog within almost a month! And by dog training standards, those are some pretty impressive figures!

While the course title might throw some people off, this course primarily focuses on creating an atmosphere in which your dog is eager to learn how to behave and train.

The course is perfect for dogs at pretty much any developmental stage, from, puppies to seniors.

Not only that, but the course is also great for dogs that already have some unfortunate behavioral issues that need to be worked through as well, and with plenty of success on that front to boot!

From walking off the lead to behaving right around resource management (i.e. being overly protective over their food), this course can teach you to manage all these behaviors and more.

Brain Training for Dogs

If you love your training course to be fun as well as helpful and informative, then this will be the perfect course for you and your pooch.

Brain Training for Dogs is a series of tests, training courses, and games that you can play with your dog to better understand one another and to help encourage good behavior in your dog.

Adrienne Faricelli, the teacher who will be taking you through the course, is a certified dog trainer with over 10 years of experience when it comes to teaching pet owners how to better manage their pets, so you know that this is a course that has ‘pardon the pun, pedigree behind it.

This course makes sure that you are giving your dog enough mental stimulation throughout their day-to-day lives, as this course operates on the principle that dogs that are better mentally stimulated are much more likely to be responsive to training.

With tons of videos to watch, plenty of content, and ideas to read through, this is a great course that covers all of your bases.

Dr. Dunbar’s Dog Academy

Finally, we have a training course that is popular with dog breeders, trainers, and dog owners alike!

Using classic training principles such as positive reinforcement for good behavior, as well as making sure that your dog is engaging with the lesson and you are on their level, this course is the perfect way to help you see what your dog might be seeing or thinking during these training sessions, which will lead to a match better dynamic between the two of your overall.

Plus, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee is you aren’t satisfied, so there’s no harm in trying even!

Final Thoughts

So, which of these courses will you try first?