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Martin Barrett
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How Many Courses Can You Create For Free On Thinkific? [Process Explained]

How Many Courses Can You Create For Free On Thinkific

Many digital training organizations and online course producers choose Thinkific since it is a leading successful online course business software with a very affordable price. The LMS in the cloud handles everything. The native course player is used to present the content created by the online course creators.

In general, this is a fairly well-liked platform that lets you make and sell courses easily. With that stated, there are many price options available, just like any course creation platform. The elements of each plan change slightly from one another.

To get you started, the Thinkific platform offers a fairly generous free plan which allows you to create multiple courses.

In this article, we will discuss how many unlimited courses or limited courses you can create with the right online course platform for free.

Alongside this, we will show you how easy it is to create a course with Thinkific as well.

Thinkific Overview

A platform developed by a digital startup company called Thinkific makes it possible for people and organizations to create online communities and courses.

Individuals carry this out by making use of their existing knowledge and then providing or selling it to their clients in the form of a course. Thinkific offers the tools you need for every stage of your online business. From creating the initial course to providing assistance after the launch.

Thinkific is perfect for experts who wish to make money through online education while sharing their knowledge with others through creative and interactive courses (see also ‘How To Make Money On Thinkific?‘). Thinkific is used by people to teach all different kinds of skills.

Such as how to operate a drone and improve their digital marketing abilities, to name a few. In 164 countries, Thinkific presently supports more than 25,000 individuals in their educational endeavors.

Thinkific Price Plans

There are various Thinkific pricing plans offered. There are three separate paid memberships alongside a free plan. The paid plans include the Thinkific Basic plan, Pro, and Premier. Each of these plans has monthly and yearly payment choices, in addition to a free trial.

Therefore, there are numerous ways for you to use Thinkific to sell online courses or manage a membership site. According to the Thinkific pricing model, you can save 20% if you choose a yearly subscription instead of a monthly one.

Furthermore, the Thinkific Growth package is an upgrade to its Pro plan alongside the three premium options. For course designers, this pack unlocks even additional features.

Thinkific Free Plan

Thinkific Free Plan

The Thinkific free plan offers a lot of value. Through their free plan, you can have an infinite number of pupils. Additionally, you’ll have immediate access to any earnings you generate, as well as their quizzes and surveys. The free plan is perfect for trying out Thinkific.

However, you will not have instant access to various premium features. Yet, the free plan will still let you easily create a course that you can sell. Despite the fact that you can only create three courses with the Free Plan.

This doesn’t stop the number of unlimited students that are allowed to sign up. You may also create tests and surveys to gauge your student’s progress and learn important details about how they see your courses.

As a result, with a free plan, you can create three courses. Which is quite impressive compared to other platforms like Thinkific.

Creating A Course On Thinkific For Free

If you have decided to give Thinkific a go, these steps will help you create your first course. The very first thing you need to do is create an account with Thinkific.

There is in fact a course with Thinkific that you can sign up for, to help you create your first course for free. Otherwise, you can also follow these simple steps as well.

Add A New Course

Once you have signed in, head toward the Manage Learning Products on the left-hand sidebar of your account. Here you need to select Courses and click on + New Course.

Select Your Template

From this point, a pop-up will appear. It will ask you what kind, of course, you wish to create. This could be a blank course, flagship course, mini-course, webinar replay, or Pro-sell course. These are all templates for you to choose from.

Apart from the Blank Course, each of the course templates contains a collection of lessons put together. However, they are only guidelines. Once you begin to work on the course, anything can be entirely changed.

Thus, select the template you want and name your course. You can always change the name at a later date. Then select Create Course.

Add Lessons Or Chapters

You need to create chapters, which will hold one or more lessons together. In order to do this, you need to ensure you are in the Curriculum tab of the course. Go to the left side and select Add Chapter. Choose your preferred chapter title in the field, then click Save.

Your course will already have blank chapters and lessons as placeholders for your content if you selected a course template other than the blank template. Once all your chapters are created, you can add individual lessons.

All you need to do is select your preferred chapter and click Add Lesson. You will be asked to choose what type of lesson you want and then add a lesson name. Finally, add your content and click save.

Schedule And Price

Once your course is complete, you need to think about how often lessons are delivered and the price your course will cost. You may manage when students get access to your course content by setting up a drip schedule under the Drip tab.

This is perfect whether you want to set a certain launch date or cap the number of lessons that can be seen in a given amount of time. After this, you can select your course’s pricing options

This could be a one-time payment, free, subscription, monthly payment plan, or membership. This can all be sorted from the Price page on your course page.

Publish Your Course

You can publish your course from the last tab of the Course Builder. You must check all the settings in your course, to make sure everything is how you want it to appear before you publish. Then your first course is ready to be sold and enjoyed by students.


Thinkific is a great platform to use to create courses for your students on a range of topics and skills (see also ‘How Can Students Use Thinkific?‘). Their free plan is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to commit just yet to a plan. However, with Thinkific’s free plan, you can still create three courses.

You may be slightly limited in what features you can use. However, you can still create a great course, which you can sell.

As you can see, it is a fairly simple process to follow. If you do want access to more features, there are multiple paid plans available to you. We hope you have enjoyed this article. Now you should know how many courses can you create for free on Thinkific.