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Best Teachable Mommy Courses You Can Try Today

There are many different online courses that are available to students through teachable. If you want to take some courses but your circumstances make this impossible it can be very frustrating!

Perhaps you can’t find suitable or affordable childcare to allow you to attend these courses. This is where Teachable comes in!

These courses allow students to complete courses free from any geographical constraints or timing challenges. Teachable encourages people to engage in classes in whatever way they feel most comfortable.

There are lots of different courses available through teachable, and this article will explore the best teachable mommy courses that you can try today. Read on for more information on this topic!

What Is Teachable?

Teachable is a great platform that lets you put out courses online for students to access it.

This platform sells lots of different courses by doing lots of promotions. It benefits both those who are creating the courses as it will help you to sell them and those who are doing the courses.

These courses will all need to be structured well and deliver lots of great information in order for them to be sold to students.

Once students have paid for these courses they will have access to all of the classes and resources that the courses provide. (See also ‘How To Download Teachable Videos?‘)

These classes will be available to be accessed from lots of different devices. Students will be able to attend these classes whenever suits them.

Best Teachable Mommy Courses To Try

There are many different classes out there for a mother who is looking to use her spare time to learn something interesting! Let’s take a look at some of the best teachable courses. (You can also check out ‘13 Best Free Teachable Courses!

Creative Watercolor Course


If you are interested in painting and artwork, then this course is a great one for you. This watercolor course that teachable offers will give you lots of information on the best designs and the fundamentals of painting in watercolor.

Angela Fehr is the artist running this course and she will guide you through the different methods of creating the best watercolor work.

You will be able to learn different design techniques with this course. You will have the chance to learn about colors and paints, too.

This course is fairly short, with 4 and a half hours of video content that you can complete at any time that suits you. It will be broken up into 12 different lessons.

Home Practise For General Back Care

This is an excellent yoga course that you can take on teachable. If you are not into exercising rigorously, you can instead choose to take these yoga classes. This is a particularly good course if you are suffering from back pain.

If you do suffer from back pain, then this course is perfect for you. This course will help you to counter your anxiety, helping you to cope with any problems that you face.

This is the case because it will help you to improve your breathing and it will also help you when it comes to meditation.

This course is online and it will help you to enhance your yoga skills. It will help you to reach relaxation and peace.

Indoor Bike Courses

There are lots of bike courses on teachable. It is a great idea to consider getting a bike course that focuses on indoor biking.

You can choose an online course with teachable features which will help you to motivate yourself when it comes to biking. As well as this, it will bring you insight into your bike training.

This course is completely indoors and you will be guided by cycling instructors in a very informative way.

You will be able to meet up with your team live online each week, helping you feel prepared for your learning.

Houseplant Masterclass

houseplant course

This master class is great if you are looking into making a plant look more charming. This course is great for those who love gardening and indoor plants.

This course will bring you lots of ideas when it comes to gardening and you will learn plenty of very useful hacks for planting things around your house.

It is very important and beneficial to have plants around your house, and this course will help you to connect with nature and it will improve your motivation to do so.

This course is around 8 hours long with audio and visual classes. These classes will help you to become a wonderful planter.

Make Fabulous Cake School

This course is great if you are a fan of baking and decorating. This course will enhance your knowledge of how to decorate cakes effectively. If you love baking and you expect to enhance your knowledge then this is great for you.

In this course, you will learn the tools how to create flowerings and other specific things on the cake.

You will learn things like butterscotch flowers and other things similar to this. You will also learn about how to pipe buttercream as this can be very difficult and fragile.

You will learn basic knowledge about different techniques for baking and icing cakes in this course.

Acrylic Pouring

In this course, you will learn how to create beautiful abstract art. This course is for beginners and, even if you haven’t painted before, you will leave with a very good understanding of how to work with acrylic paint.

No matter how much or how little previous experience you have with art, you will turn into an artist with this course. You will be able to create beautiful art which is very abstract.

Once you start this course, you won’t ever want it to end. It brings endless fun and joy.

This course contains about 17 exclusive step-by-step videos. Everything on this course is prerecorded, allowing you to take the course at your own pace.

You will experience 5 different painting techniques to get you set up and you will also experience ongoing support for your art for however long you continue!

Paper Flowers

paper flower course

There are lots of different courses that involve flower arranging. The paper flower courses are great and they allow you to recreate some of your favorite flowers in paper.

This course will guide you through the process of doing this and you will definitely be amazed by what you are able to achieve through the use of paper in that way.

Sketch Master

There are lots of courses available on Sketch Master. These courses were set up by Peter Nowell. He is an independent designer who is based in New York.

These courses have been running since 2012 and Peter has lots of experience in this design work. These courses range from user interfaces and icons.

Advantages Of Teachable

There are many advantages to teaching. These advantages include:

  • An easy-to-use interface with great landing pages and promotion
  • Quizzes and video hosting
  • Experience some courses for free, and receive fantastic support
  • Fast delivery courses which can be taken at your own pace

Buyers Guide


When it comes to taking courses online, it is important to make sure that there is good communication and contact between the student and the teacher.

This is essential for good courses as it means that you can discuss things with your teacher whenever you have a question, and your teacher can discuss all of your queries and questions with you.

With teachable, you will have communication with your teachers who will explore your performance and areas of improvement with you.

They will support you in this way when you need it and they will ensure that you are on the right track with your learning.

Communication between the teacher and the student is very important because it means that you will be able to make the most of the school courses.

Variation Of Courses

There is a large variation when it comes to courses on teachable. These include:

Photography Courses

There are lots of great photography courses on teachable. There are plenty of photoshop courses, too.

These are very important and interesting courses to take, and this is why teachable sets you aside from other online course sites.

The type of photoshop courses on Teachable are Youtubeprenuer, Real Estate Video Pro, and many others.

These courses give you lots of information on the world of Youtube, as well as the world of Kenny Cubas.


There are also lots of great art courses. These courses will bring you new skills and will allow you to enjoy learning great new skills.

You will also find some courses that will teach you how to sketch. These courses are aimed at those who are interested in architecture.

If you are interested in sketching, then the courses on sketching are great for you. You will learn lots of different techniques to give your sketches great looks.

There is also a course that teachable offers that looks at how to create flesh using paint. Kimberly Brooks runs a course that demonstrates how to use paint to create the illusion of skin.

There are also great calligraphy courses that teach beginners about certain alphabet strokes and elegant calligraphy.

Business Courses

There are lots of business courses that are available on teachable. There are lots of needs for this as it is important to advance our careers in order to sharpen our skills.


There are lots of small charges that you have to pay for your courses on Teachable. It is often worth the cost as you are likely to yield lots of great results from this.

The amount of money that you have to pay won’t be much of a problem.

There are three different plans on Teachable. These are a basic plan, a professional plan, and a business plan.

If you want to see how teachable works and whether this will benefit your interest then you can take out a 14-day trial to see if it will be worth the cost for you.

There are no commitments for you to pay during that time, and after the 14 days are complete you will be able to choose whether you want to go ahead with the plan.

Customer Service

There is a great customer service system behind teachable. You are able to get in touch with them whenever you need to if you have any questions or queries.

You can either log a ticket or speak to them on a live chat. If you log a ticket explaining your issue you are guaranteed to hear back from them within a day.

Teachable is happy to help you with any queries so make sure that you are asking any questions that you have.

There are also great question and answers pages on the site, so you are likely to not have to directly ask the questions as it is likely that these questions will have already been answered.

Pros Of Teachable

Best Teachable Mommy Courses You Can Try Today

There are many different pros and cons when it comes to using teachable.

One positive factor is that controlling students is very easy to teach. This is because you will get full control of your students and you will be able to see their progress. This will help you to be able to guide your students, too.

These courses are also beginner friendly, so if you don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to giving courses like this, teachable will help you to learn the technical side of it and get started quickly.

Most of the features are automatically done for you with teachable making it even more simple and allowing you to focus on the content and the teaching rather than the technical aspects of it.

There is also a great feature on the site that allows you to upsell. You are able to use the sales feature which allows you to sell products related to the courses, and other courses if you want to.

This can be promoted to the people who are already buying things.

It is also free to start these courses which is one of the best things about teachable. You will be able to sign up to the course without even using a credit card.

There are lots of different courses available. Teachable is one of the biggest names in online classes. As well as this, teachable doesn’t charge per head, instead charging for the specific features that you opted for.

Cons Of Teachable

Even though you are able to choose your plan for free, you will need to pay the fee which pays for the video host. This means that there are some payments involved in this site. You will need to pay any processing or transaction fees that are involved.

It is also slightly confusing for students as there are so many options when it comes to the way you will have set up your courses. You will need to consider the fact that the platforms of these courses might look quite similar.

Alternatives To Teachable

There are lots of different alternatives to teachable courses. These include:


This is a web-based option where you can build courses and you can construct them very quickly and easily without having to know how to code these courses into the system.

When you sign up to Thinkific, you will get a site page that you can tweak to suit your own site.

You will be able to change each component in order to make it match up to your image and coordinate. This is a great B2B model and a great alternative to teachable.


Podia is another site that is used to sell and make online courses. As well as this, you will be able to access enrollments and downloads with this site.

This option is that it will place attention on there being no extra costs and prices and that it is super easy to understand.

iSpring Market

iSpring Market is intended for setting up and overseeing instructional classes online. It allows you to create, host, and sell your courses online.

It is a very easy service to use and you will be able to rapidly assemble online courses in order to offer them to clients.

These courses are often set up for clients and businesses and you will be able to change the interface to suit your needs.

Learn Dash

Learn Dash is an online course that is set up for those who have created their own sites on WordPress and are just looking for somewhere to distribute these courses.

LearnDash is great because it allows you to set up a huge amount of modules that will work in any situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Use Teachable?

Teachable is a very popular site for both learning and teaching. You can teach and learn on one page and, through the course, you will be able to gain fantastic knowledge and skills.

You will have the chance to do this in the comfort of your own home.

Teachable believes that change and knowledge are two very important things to get, and all types of people can use teachable ways to gain these gifts.

This platform provides an amazing customer experience that will help you to feel like you are a part of a brilliant class.

You will experience the teacher-student experience and this will help you to feel like you are in a traditional classroom from the comfort of your own home.

These courses will improve your CV, helping you to get good jobs because you will have improved your knowledge and experience through the courses.

What Are The Payment Options With Teachable?

Payment processing with teachable is fairly straightforward. It comes with its own refundable payment process and you will not need to get a third-party payment.

You may also choose your payment currency in whatever way you want to.

Teachable will deal with the payouts, so you will not need to do much here. You should consider which you want to choose. You can pick from Stripe, PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard.

You can choose to make your courses a one-time purchase, or you can take monthly payments. You can also choose how much these payments are.

Your students will have the choice to pay by credit card, debit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay.

Is There Good Customer Service With Teachable?

Customer service with teachable is great. It is a very responsive service that allows you to have a comprehensive understanding of what you are paying for.

If you have any issues then it is easy to get in touch. You can create a ticket and you will hear back from teachable within one day. You can also use the live chat support available.

Is Teachable Easy To Use?

Teachable is very easy to use and it is very intuitive. When it comes to learning how it works, you will find it very easy to use. It is easy to submit videos and build landing pages for your courses.

The website builder on the site is very easy to use as it has a drag-and-drop option. This creates excellent possibilities for blogging and using the page beyond all of the courses on offer.

How Does Teachable Work?

When you are setting up a teachable course, you will need to start off by picking a price. Teachable will handle all of the money that is collected for you and it will take care of all of the money side of things.

All you need to do is provide the courses and ensure that you have people taking the courses so that it is worth your while.

Final Thoughts

This article has explored teachable in lots of different ways. It has explored the pros and cons of using the site, as well as showing you some of the best mommy courses that you can try today on teachable.

You should have all the information that you need on this topic in this article!

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