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Herman & Wallace Courses On Teachable

Teachable is one of the most popular platforms on the internet for those with knowledge of a particular field or niche to share their knowledge with those that seek it.

In fact, in the online era, it is easier than ever to learn about specific things without having to travel far afield just to find out about them! 

Teachable plays host to so many unique courses on so many distinct topics, and this of course has helped it to become one of the leading e-learning platforms, able to compete with juggernauts like Skillshare.

One of the most popular courses hosted on Teachable is that hosted by Herman & Wallace, a pelvic rehabilitation institute that is responsible for helping countless individuals to help those suffering from pelvic floor issues.

Problems with pelvic floors are becoming more and more common, yet education on how to treat such issues is often very hard to find.

That’s likely why you have found your way here, right? You’re hoping to find out a little more about the various Herman and Wallace Teachable courses? Well, you’ve come to the right place, so read on down below to get started! 

What Courses Do Herman & Wallace Host On Teachable?

There are numerous courses hosted by Herman & Wallace that are available for access on the Teachable platform.

However, before we dive into a few of these courses, it is important to state that in order to access the courses that Herman & Wallace offer, you will need to have a Teachable account with which to access the course materials.

You may also need to pay for access to the courses themselves, on an individual basis. 

Some of the various courses hosted on the online learning platform include starter courses like ‘Pelvic Floor Level 1’ and ‘Pelvic Floor Level 2A’, to name just a few. Both of these courses offer a truly comprehensive introduction to female pelvic floor function, and how different disorders can be treated. 

‘Pelvic Floor Level 2A’ in particular is a very popular course on the Teachable platform because it acts as a vital next step in helping students to more effectively identify pelvic floor issues, and then prescribe the correct treatment to curb the problem.

The course itself is also jam-packed with content, making it truly one of the best platforms for learning more about pelvic issues, including plenty of extracurricular content.

As well as their range of introductory courses, Herman & Wallace also offer numerous other courses that are a little more specialized.

One of the best of these self-paced courses is definitely ‘Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging: Orthopedic Topics’.

This specialized course not only helps students to learn a little more about pelvic floor issues but also about the ways that ultrasound treatment can help to identify issues and then find solutions.

Of course, this course requires some amount of experience, so it is not recommended for total beginners.

If you find yourself getting a lot out of Herman & Wallace’s numerous online Teachable courses, then you can also sign up to attend one of their many in-person courses that occur throughout the year, in cities all across the United States.

And don’t worry, if you can’t attend in person, many of their past courses can be accessed online, or even attended virtually in real-time! 

What Is Teachable? 

Put simply, Teachable is an e-learning program designed to help those with e-learning courses to more easily manage said courses and keep everything in order. (Check out ‘How To Make Your Own Course Using Teachable?‘)

Through the use of Teachable, course hosts can create their own websites that can be used to host all of the various materials needed to teach. This can include course materials like lectures, lessons, and even coursework and supplemental material.

What makes Teachable such a competitive option in comparison to popular platforms like Skillshare is that course hosts are able to be in total control of the presentation of their course and the website that hosts it.

They do not need to conform to a single style that Teachable commands, in the way that Skillshare courses do. 

As well as this, Teachable takes command of all of the server-maintenance responsibilities, which allows course hosts to rest assured that their course website will run smoothly and efficiently. 

What Are The Features Of Teachable?

Now you’re likely finding yourself wondering what it is that makes Teachable such a popular platform, and what kinds of features it boasts to make the Herman & Wallace courses shine. Let’s take a look now and find out! 

Easy Access

One of the things that have helped to make Teachable one of the most popular e-learning platforms is that it is incredibly easy to use when you want to create online courses and your Teachable school.

Everything you need for any given course is available to you, right at your fingertips, and this helps to make it easy to keep on track with the course and to always be sure of your progress through it.

You can also access Teachable on all kinds of smart devices, tablets, and computers, which helps to make it further accessible. 


Teachable is also highly customizable, much more so than competing e-learning platforms like SkillShare, which allows course hosts to easily design their own website to host their learning content, to make it unique to their students.

Who Are Herman & Wallace?

The Herman And Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute was formed to act as a comprehensive resource for everyone interested in learning about pelvic floor issues, and how they can be treated. 

The Institute was founded by both Hollis Herman DPT and Kathe Wallace PT, two internationally-recognized clinicians, authors, and teachers known for their extensive work in the field of pelvic floor rehabilitation. 

Kathe Wallace first broke into the world of Pelvic Floor rehabilitation in 1988, and in all of the years since, she has developed an extensive body of work that has helped to make treatment more widespread and accessible for those that need relief from pelvic issues. 

Hollis Herman has earned incredible honors as a result of her work in pelvic floor research, and as such, she has managed to earn herself the honor of becoming one of only two AASECT certified Sexual Counselors and physical therapists across the world.

This means that you can definitely trust Herman’s teaching, and what she is able to offer through her work on the course. 

Both have achieved incredible work independently, and continue to do so to this very day through their independent practices or their independently hosted courses.

However, their combined work at the Herman & Wallace institute has truly changed the world of pelvic floor research and has helped to bring relief to countless people across the world dealing with pelvic floor issues of their own. 

Herman & Wallace Courses On Teachable

How Easy Is It To Navigate Through The Herman and Wallace Teachable Courses?

Luckily, navigating your way through the courses that are available on Teachable is incredibly easy. 

Once you have logged into your MyTeachable account, all you need to do is find the course you are interested in and then click on it.

Once you are on the course that you are interested in, all you need to do is then use the buttons included on the user interface to navigate through all of the content available there. 

The best way to experience any course, obviously, is in its intended order, so to make this easier, Teachable helps users by providing access to a ‘Start next section’ button, which allows you to jump right into the next part of the course every time you access it.

If you were to go through multiple sections of the course in one sitting, then all you would need to do is mark each section of the course as ‘complete’ upon finishing it!

Herman & Wallace’s Teachable courses are also benefited by blocking off access to specific things until certain requirements are met.

For example, if a course has a Zoom lesson attached to it, then you will need to make sure that you have completed all materials assigned ahead of it to access the link to the Zoom lesson.

This means that you cannot simply cram 4 hours of course material 2 hours ahead of a Zoom lesson, so make sure that you are carefully managing your time on the course! 

It is important to mention that some of the teaching materials from the Herman & Wallace courses are not made accessible right away, and may often only be accessible around 14 days before an in-person or Zoom lesson component will take place.

If there is plenty of material in a given section of a course, then the material will usually be made available 14 days before the lesson, to give students plenty of time to consume it all.

Is It Possible To Access Herman & Wallace Teachable Course Materials Offline?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to access all of the Herman & Wallace course contents offline. This includes video lectures and other audio and visual content. This is so that the content cannot be shared for free, as the courses require that students pay for entry. 

However, some material from the Herman & Wallace course can be accessed offline. This includes printed material such as documents or PowerPoint presentations.

Many of the materials that can be accessed offline or downloaded are those that are distributed during in-person versions of Herman & Wallace’s courses! 

Are The Herman & Wallace Teachable Courses Worth Trying Out?

Of course, this is a question that pops into the minds of many people interested in trying out the Herman & Wallace Teachable courses.

Generally speaking, yes, Hermand & Wallace’s Teachable courses are worth trying out, as they are packed full of content that is made incredibly easy to access and is incredibly comprehensive. 

Herman & Wallace’s courses are also worth the price of entry despite the fact that they cost a lot of money. Again, this is thanks to how much content is packed into the courses, and how well the course content is delivered.

The courses are easy to understand and easy to navigate thanks to the Teachable platform’s expert tools. 

However, in order to get the most out of Herman & Wallace’s Teachable courses, you will want to experience the content in its intended order.

As such, it is best recommended that you start with the courses ‘Pelvic Floor Level 1’ and ‘Pelvic Floor Level 2A’, and then continue in order.

This is because these courses are designed to be a comprehensive introduction to everything you need to know about the Pelvic Floor so that you can then continue your studies from there, and move into more specialized topics

However, even though the first two courses are intended as introductions, there is some amount of specialized knowledge recommended before diving into the contents contained within, as the course is still highly technical and specialized. 

To Wrap Up

Herman & Wallace host a number of insightful and well-realized courses on the Teachable platform, which helps to make their incredible teachings on the subject of pelvic floor issues much more accessible to those that can benefit from them.

This includes physicians and those studying to provide aid to those dealing with pelvic floor issues, as well as those dealing with the issues themselves.

The courses are incredibly comprehensive, and Teachable is incredibly easy to use, which helps to make the various courses easy to recommend despite their very hefty price tags!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Teaching On Teachable Worth It?

Hosting your educational content via Teachable is most definitely worth it, thanks to the fact that it allows educators to choose exactly how their content is presented to students, and the stable of Teachable tools are incredibly well-developed and easy to use for continuing education courses. (See also ‘How To Teach On Teachable [Ultimate Guide]‘)

Which Is Better Udemy Or Teachable?

It is difficult to claim that one platform is better than the other, but Teachable is a fantastic contender precisely because of how customizable it is for educators. 

Do I Need A Website If I Have Teachable?

No. If you do not have your own website domain before signing up to teach on Teachable. Instead, you can simply use Teachable directly to host your content using one of their website templates.