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New Zenler Review

New Zenler Review 2023 – Still Worth It?

Creating courses is difficult enough as a job. Getting the contents into formats where the client could access them and then marketing them is another kettle of fish.

So many people who call themselves edupreneurs have been severely limited by the inability to become many things all at once: an educator, a graphic designer, tech expert, a marketer, and a customer service expert.

With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing more institutions to embrace remote learning, online learning has also created the need for more reliable learning management systems that can support the need of learners and tutors.

Every course creator wants a platform that allows them to do most or all of the following:

  • create a course
  • host live webinars
  • create a community among the learners
  • monitor the learners
  • grade the learners
  • sell courses
  • market the courses
  • monitor courses sales, and so on….

That’s why several online learning platforms exist: To reduce the burden associated with packaging and selling courses, leaving the content creators with enough time to face the hard work of creating content. 

Many online learning platforms have done well in this regard, and we’ll be reviewing one of them: New Zenler.

New Zenler is a platform that offers all you need to create and then sell your courses online such that it is often referred to as the truly All-in-one platform. But is that so? Our review finds out.

New Zenler is not the only online learning platform that allows for course creation, but it is one of the most popular. Its features are certainly one reason why this is so.

We’ll look at those features, their pros and cons, available courses, supported languages, ease of use, pricing, customer support, and who the product is designed for.

Ultimately, you should be able to decide whether this emerging platform is for you or if you should think of something else. Let’s get to it.

New Zenler Overview

New Zenler Overview

New Zenler is both an online course builder and a learning management system. It has a combination of tools that allows you to plan, design, publish, and host courses without involving technical details and setting up protocols.

First launched in 2019, New Zenler is a reasonably new LMS platform but is the first course-creating platform built around sales and marketing. It has under one roof everything you need to create, market, and make money from courses.

It is an online course software that allows you to build courses and make money by selling them. It provides all you need, from creating the courses to marketing them all in one platform.

Some of the platform’s features that make this possible include a page designer, course creation designs, email automation, marketing, and an active community.

New Zenler is an emerging platform that can help you create learning systems that will be seamlessly integrated into any existing digital infrastructure.

The software provides you with the infrastructure you need for your website and does the maintenance for you.

New Zenler allows you to manage your content and have complete control over your courses’ policies, student data, and pricing.

However, you should know that the platform is still in beta, which means the software may not be as robust as you desire, but it is still strong enough to support your work.

Let’s look at some pros and cons of the platform.


  • You have total control over the creation of your courses
  • It has very flexible and affordable pricing options
  • It is an all-in-one platform with the best features under one roof
  • The course builder is very flexible
  • New Zenler has compelling learning and engagement tools
  • Ability to offer live classes
  • The software hosts a website builder
  • Course creators can also create blogs from the platform
  • You can access lots of functionality via Lead Generation Infrastructure (Email Funnel, LP).
  • New Zenler has great comprehensive community-building attributes.
  • Excellent and flexible pricing options
  • Access to an unlimited number of students


  • Setting it up takes time.
  • It is still not very accessible as you can only gain access through invite
  • Still, an emerging platform and may sometimes become unresponsive
  • It doesn’t have mobile apps feature
  • It doesn’t support live chat for customer support

New Zenler features

New Zenler features

Let’s summarize some of the features of this platform and why we think it is a great idea.

On New Zenler, you can host your courses and even design them. You can also give out course assignments and grade them. If you want to maintain a blog, you can do so on New Zenler, and you can build pages and funnels as well.

It also has emails and automation marketing capabilities and can host live webinars accommodating up to 500 participants. It also has an affiliate program as well as a community/forum. Let’s dig deeper into them.

  • Page builder: This software makes building your pages much easier because it has several templates that are proven to work well. The templates also allow you to design your pages in the best way possible so that it isn’t just a strict copy and paste. When you create pages, you can also group them into funnels via the marketing funnel tab and use it to gain further insights into the performance of your courses.
  • Email Broadcasts: Send your marketing emails to the targets through marketing funnels. This is a feature that allows you to market your courses via email. You can also automate the emails through advanced tags and segmentation.
  • Webinar Integration: New Zenler allows for live videos and integrates with Zoom’s webinar platform. The integration with Zoom also allows live streaming from the Zoom platform to other social media channels of the course. When you need to host a live class, use the Zoom platform without paying separately.
  • Progress Tracking: New Zenler allows you to track the progress of your students. The progress-tracking feature gives you an idea of the retention level of all the students.
  • Community Features: This feature on New Zenler allows you to create an interactive forum among the students and teachers. Online learning platforms thrive best when participants can freely interact. The community features on this platform make it so.
  • Bulk Enrollments: New Zenler allows you to enroll multiple students at once. All you have to do is get their details in Excel format, and you can enroll them all at once.

Available courses

Available courses

If you use New Zenler for free, you’ll be limited in the number of available courses and students you can have. But with the pro and premium plans, you are unlimited in the number of courses or students.

However, there are limitations to the kind of multimedia data you can upload and the number of students participating in live feeds.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Everything about New Zenler oozes ease. From creating your content to managing it and even marketing it, New Zenler also gives you the freedom to control how your content is organized.

It was designed for those who want to stand on the shoulders of giants and be carried through rough roads.



To be able to use New Zenler, you have two pricing plans. The basic monthly plan goes for only $67/month. The Pro plan goes for $647 a year, and the Premium plan goes for $1447 a year. You can go for the monthly plans as well.

You can, however, access New Zenler for free because the platform is still in beta. However, you won’t have access to all its features.

Customer support

Customer support

New Zenler has a chat widget that you can use to contact a dedicated customer service team 24/7. Although you can drop your complaints anytime, you may not get immediate answers.

However, if you make inquiries during working hours on weekdays, you’re most likely to get a very speedy response.

Also New Zenler has videos and tutorials to guide you on smoothing the rough edges you may encounter while using the platform.

Course creation

Available courses

To create a course on New Zenler, click on CreateCourse, and you’ll be taken to an interactive dashboard where you’ll be guided on publishing your courses.

You’ll see some empty fields wherein you are to enter the required details. These details are the standard entries like title, subtitles, and summary of your course. When you’re done entering them, click on Create Course. This then leads you to the curriculum builder.

On the curriculum builder, you can create your course step by step in the form of progressive modules. Each module contains some lessons. On the curriculum builder, you can make these lessons and modules. Remember to name them before saving.

To upload files from your drive or computer, select them from the curriculum builder and upload them accordingly. Once you’re done uploading the files, you can preview the class or set it as a draft for that purpose.

After you’re done, you can then customize it as you wish. For example, you can make completing a specific lesson a prerequisite to viewing other lessons and so on.

The entire process, from creating the course to building the curriculum, is straightforward to use because of the highly interactive interface.

Moreover, New Zenler supports different types of lessons, including videos. However, videos that must be uploaded have a size limit of 1 GB.

If you want readers to be able to download any content, you upload in your courses, then specify it under the Downloads section.

Who is it for

Who is it for

New Zenler is applicable for those who want to create courses with multimedia content, monitor their students, grade them and even offer certificates, but need a platform that does the hard work of providing the backbone and infrastructure for it.

New Zenler is affordable and has so many features. As long as you have content, this platform is for you.

Final verdict

Final verdict

The number of features available on New Zenler makes it a no-brainer for aspiring digital course creators. A year’s subscription allows you to use the platform’s backbone to build your customer base.

New Zenler will improve in the coming days, so whatever deal you’re getting now is a steal. We recommend you take it with both hands. Our verdict is that this platform is one of the best, especially for beginners and intermediate course content creators.


New Zenler is one of the newest platforms for online teaching; however, it has become popular in such a short time because of the number of features it boasts. Its large user bas