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Our Rewievs of Teachable Alternatives

Teachable Alternatives You Should Know About

Online learning is becoming more popular than ever as people turn to online courses to learn the skills they need.

While the quality of your courses matters more than where you host them, picking the right learning management system for your course business can save you hours of frustration and money.

Several online community platforms allow you to create online courses and build membership sites. Teachable is a learning management software that focuses on course creation. It’s probably the most used and well-known online course platform on the market.

This platform suits ordinary instructors who want to increase their earnings by having a secondary source of income. There are many teachable alternatives on the market.

This review compares Teachable with other alternatives to help you choose the right platform for your business needs.


Kajabi as a teachable alternative

Kajabi is a decent all-in-one marketing platform that provides a premium option with more features than teachable.

The platform suits those looking for a comprehensive resource to design and sell their content. The look and feel of these courses are top quality, with an array of tools for online course creation.

Pros & Cons compared to Teachable.

Kajabi is a course creation and management software for online course creators. It’s a popular online learning platform that has helped thousands of people realize their dreams.

The design of this platform course area is better than all other options, meaning you can give your students a great user experience. It comes with intuitive marketing tools to help promote and sell the course, and you don’t need to pay extra for marketing automation.

This is a highly integrated platform that features a lot of built-in tools. Its major benefit is the ease of use and managing the business from one location.

You can use the platform with no tech knowledge and avoid the headache of coding and web development. It’s also user friendly and has a great customer support available via chat. The customer support offers quick, professional, and thorough customer support.

The platform requires building a curriculum, developing assessments for your students, designing your course website, and marketing it to your target audience. There’s an in-built email Marketing, a library of slick-looking courses, a landing page, and website templates to give you a complete set of resources that will promote and sell your course.

However, it is an expensive option compared to teachable and raises prices as you build more courses. The pricing is higher than the average prices of other platforms.

The platform only offers paid plans compared to teachable that offers a completely free plan. Students on Kajabi cannot get custom certificates upon completion of courses.

Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is an online platform that allows you to create courses and membership under your brand.

The cloud-based service allows creating content, online courses, community, and memberships in one place under your brand. Using the simple drag-and-drop builder, you can create an online course for your numbers right inside your community.

Pros & Cons compared to Teachable

This platform has a strong focus on community design and engagement. It allows you to create an ambassador program by giving users badges and custom rewards who refer new members to your community. It also has a dedicated analytics area to see how your community performs.

It provides a platform to create quick posts, articles, and events, including online courses. You have full control over what is how you charge. Members can personalize notifications and charge for access to community and courses.

Mighty Networks has a native app for Android and iOS devices. It also has slack integration for community administration and direct integration with Zoom. However, this platform has limited design options for building landing pages and lacks native support for regular video and live video. It charges transaction fees for the floor plan and essential plan.


Teachable Alternatives You Should Know About 1

This high-quality online course platform with an impressive set of features allows you to create and sell online courses. It resembles teachable, offering similar features for similar prices.

This platform gives control and customization to courses. The free plan starts with a limit of three courses, though you get access to unlimited courses and students with paid plans.

Pros & Cons compared to Teachable.

Thinkific offers a better design with a drag-and-drop course builder. It has great customer support and an easy setup guide. If you value simplicity and ease of use, it is the best option.

You can use it to create many online courses, with thousands of course creators making money by selling their courses. Thinkific is a versatile learning platform that schools and universities have adopted to teach online courses.

This platform is user-friendly and offers everything you need to create and sell online courses.Creating an online course with thinkific is a simple process. The platform has many options for customization, which makes it easy to manage students. It provides you with the tools needed to create and grow your course from within its platform with control over the designing posters.

However, it lacks customization for checkout and thank you or upsell pages. We also need third-party integration to handle EU VAT if you’re selling digital products in the European Union. It cannot also change the look and design of your off areas and scale pages.

Teachable has more marketing and sales features than Thinkific, such as the slick customizable checkout page and one-click upsells.


about skillshare

Skillshare is great for teaching creative skills, thus suits designers, entrepreneurs, writers, photographers, and bloggers.

You’ll find courses on all kinds of topics available in high-quality video format. The skillshare classes are self-paced, meaning you watch the videos and complete the assignments and lessons whenever you want.

Pros & Cons compared to Teachable

This platform has a size akin to Udemy with thousands of free lessons, particularly creative and professional courses. Becoming a Skillshare member gives you unlimited access to all courses.

You will also love the community better learning where you interact with other students and share tips or talk about progress. It can help you stay motivated and network with like-minded people.

Skillshare is easy to use with incredible customer support. It shows an introductory video to help you choose the right courses. You can also read reviews left by students who have gone through the course in the past.

Pay $10 per month for membership to use Skillshare. Once you pay this monthly fee, you can access over 26,000 classes in areas like business, technology, design, photography, and writing.

The payment system is coherent, with the teachers making money through premium referrals and royalties. However, the royalty pool fluctuates with your pay every month depending on how many minutes of video your students watched. You also need to have at least 25 students before getting paid through royalties.


udemy methods of learning

Udemy made online teaching possible. It is an online learning platform offering thousands of affordable online courses to learn new skills or improve the existing ones.

Udemy is the biggest online course platform, with over 20,000 instructors and over 42,000 courses on everything.

Pros & Cons compared to Teachable

Most people are familiar with Udemy as it offers plenty of support for creating and marketing a course. The platform provides a community and marketplace that makes it easy to offer online teaching.

It has over 40 million students enrolled in its courses and an instructor base of over 65,000.When you create a course, it will promote your course to their large audience alongside others.

If you need a platform offering various courses, then Udemy is the right platform for you. It has a large diversity of courses with no limit on what you can learn. There are over 183000 courses on 13 categories and dozens of subcategories.

The courses are affordable, and you can get up to 600 free courses on various topics. The courses are cheaper than alternatives, and the platform constantly runs massive sales that drive the price down.

Udemy will grant you access to every course you’ve purchased for life. They also have a 30-day refund policy where you get your money back if the course wasn’t what you expected.

However, if you’re looking for official certification, Udemy is not for you as it doesn’t offer accredited certificates. You’ll get a certificate of completion for paid courses, but they are not officially accredited. This platform also doesn’t create course content, with instructors responsible for creating its content which can affect the quality of the course.

While the platform runs a quality control of the courses, it’s not thorough due to too many available courses. Therefore, it’s not the best way to build a long-term online course business, but it can be good for exposure. It can give you passive income while you grow and expand opportunities elsewhere.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn learning

LinkedIn Learning is one of the leading online learning platforms offering over 16,000 courses in business, creativity, and technology subjects.

The platform has a growing community of 700 million users in over 200 countries worldwide.

Pros & Cons compared to Teachable

This platform provides a one-month free trial with access to over 16,000 courses and other resources. On LinkedIn learning, you can download courses to the mobile app for offline viewing, making it convenient.

You can also earn a certificate when you complete the course and share it via your LinkedIn profile. All courses on LinkedIn learning are self-paced, so you can learn when it suits you and goes back and relearn something if you need a refresher. The courses are available in multiple languages with a language selector for the entire website.

On the downside, LinkedIn learning only provides courses in business creative and technology topics, limiting what you can learn. You may need to check other platforms like Udemy for a wider selection of courses.

It also doesn’t offer accredited certificates as the platform is not accredited by a university or a partner. If you want an accredited certificate, you may need to check out Coursera or edX.


Podia as teachable altternative

Podia and Teachable seem like similar options but differ in features. This platform provides a framework with everything needed to create and sell your course or run a membership site.

For example, you can create your course using videos and written content then sell through a Podia sales page, which handles payment processing.

Pros & Cons compared to Teachable

Podia offers the functionality of creating your store. If you have digital products such as memberships or want to sell online courses as a course creator, you can use these tools.

The podia platform is one of the best digital selling platforms that’s easy to use. It targets course creators, though their services extend to entrepreneurs looking for a wider audience for their business. It also has excellent customer support with responsive and 24/7 live chat.

This platform is easier to use thanks to the drag-and-drop builder platform. It has a massive advantage over its complicated competitors in the field. The simple, fun, and satisfying interface outranks its competitors and makes it easy to use.

There are enough customization options that give you control over your brand without getting overwhelmed. You can create your digital storefront, sales pages, and product listing to match your brand aesthetic before adding content.

This platform has the least expensive paid plans of any online course platform.

There are thousands of online class providers in the marketplace. However, you will need to use a third-party platform for a sales funnel builder. Compared to Teachable and other platforms, Podia doesn’t have many courses and site customization options. It also lacks a course marketplace and phone support.


If you are searching for an online platform to upload your course, there are many options you can consider.

Teachable is a great option because of its comprehensive sales and marketing features. However, the best all-in-one course platform alternative is Kajabi, while the most customizable cost platform is thinkific.

Hence, the best alternative based on this analysis is Thinkific, as you can make up to 25,000 per week. It is a sharp platform and subscription for anyone trying an online teaching career. Since Thinkific is similar to teachable, it’s up to you to make your preference.

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