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Teachable Affiliate Program

Does Teachable Offer An Affiliate Program? [What You Need To Know!]

Nowadays, businesses like Teachable are increasingly recognizing the value of affiliate marketing in their marketing strategies, and so do the content creators who join such platforms and try to sell their courses.

However, if you are reading this article, you are probably not aware of whether or not Teachable does indeed offer an affiliate program you can join as an affiliate marketer, or if you can create your own Teachable affiliate program as a course creator. (See ‘What Is Teachable? Everything you need to know.‘)

Luckily for you, we have the answer to both questions, so keep reading below to get all the details on the Teachable affiliate program and its benefits, as well as the potential of creating your own affiliate program for your course and how you can do it! Read our Teachable affiliate program review below!

Does Teachable Offer An Affiliate Program?

To answer the main question, yes, Teachable does offer an affiliate program that you can join.

As a software product, it can be promoted to any course creator who might be interested in creating their own courses and offering them on the platform.

However, almost all Teachable course creators can also handle their own affiliate programs meaning you can make money by promoting their courses.

On the one hand, this enables greater knowledge sharing and enables a diverse selection of courses. However, this also implies that you must exercise caution when promoting courses.

Teachable has a course discovery tool that you can utilize to find Teachable courses in a wide range of subjects. Wellness, investing, cooking, meditation, and other topics are all covered.

As such, regardless of the topic of your website, social media, or YouTube channel, there is almost certainly a Teachable course you can try out and focus on promoting to your followers.

It’s important to point out that not all Teachable courses have an affiliate program, and thus the terms differ depending on which one you will choose to promote.

If you intend to post a review and wish to learn about the affiliate program’s terms before doing so, you should certainly check the independent course (and perhaps email the teacher) before purchasing it.

How Does Teachable Affiliate Work For Schools?

The Teachable Pro plan – as well as any other plan that is beyond that – offers course creators the chance to use affiliates to advertise their courses using affiliate tracking links. (Check out ‘Is Teachable Worth It? – Teachable Coupon Review.’)

Affiliates are compensated with a portion of every income earned as an outcome of their marketing, making affiliate marketing an excellent way to leverage your audience base to boost your reach and earnings.

How Do I Set Up A Teachable Affiliate Program?

Your affiliate program details can be found in your school admin’s Users > Affiliates tab.

If you are creating your affiliate program for the first time, you will be directed through a setup process to configure details such as affiliate payment alternatives and affiliate links’ configurations.

These particulars can be changed at any moment.

Your Options To Set Up Your Affiliate Program On Teachable

When setting up your affiliate marketers on your program, you have two options:

1. Set Up External Affiliates 

To add someone as an affiliate in your school, follow these steps:

  • Head to the Users > Affiliates section and then, on the upper right side of the page, select the “Add Affiliates option.
  • If you subscribe to the Business plan, you can bulk-add new affiliate people by using the Import CSV toggle.
  • Additionally, all users can include a maximum of 5 new affiliates at a time using the “Manually” option. You will then be asked to enter the affiliate’s name, email address, passcode, and commission fee.
  • The email address and passcode submitted will be utilized to access the affiliate program giving you the chance to modify the commission fee whenever you wish to.

If you want to restrict the affiliate program for a particular course, package, or mentoring product, choose the “Limit affiliate(s)” option and choose the products you want from the drop-down menu that appears.

New affiliates will get an email informing them of the fact that you have added them as an affiliate to your program and provide them with a ” Get Started” link that involves confirming their accounts and then takes them to their affiliate dashboard.

There is also an editor that allows school administrators to customize the information included in this email, so you can use that to add any extra information you want there.

2. Add Students As Affiliates

By completing the following steps, you can assign any existing students as affiliates:

  • Go to “Users,” then click on “Students.”
  • Choose the users whose accounts you want to affiliate with.
  • On their profile page, go to the “Affiliate” tab.
  • Change the settings of the Affiliate Program either on or off.

Once you have added your students as affiliates, they will be sent an email with a relevant subject.

This email informs them that they have become affiliates for your school and includes a “Get Started” link for them to complete their account verification and take them to their affiliate dashboard.

Once again, you can use the email editor and customize the email they will be sent.

Add Specific Affiliates For Specific Products

You may wish to limit specific affiliates’ commissions to certain particular courses you offer in your Teachable school.

To limit an affiliate’s fee to a given course:

  • Head to the “Affiliates” tab by clicking the “Users” on your admin’s sidebar.
  • Select the user profile of the partner you want to limit. Once you are in their profile, go to the “Affiliate” tab.
  • Change the settings and “Restrict” the commissions for a particular course, package, or training course from the section called “Product Restrictions.”

When you enable that setting, you can specify which product offerings the affiliate will be paid for.

Removing Or Deleting Affiliates

Removing or deleting affiliates is easy to do by following the steps below:

  • Go to the Users > Affiliates page.
  • Select the affiliate whose profile you want to delete or remove.
  • Change the settings of their affiliate status in the Affiliate Program section from the “Affiliate” tab on their profile.

Once you have removed someone from your affiliate program, they won’t be able to get any commissions from any forthcoming purchases, which would include future subscription purchases they contributed to as affiliates.

However, if you activate BackOffice, then Teachable will reimburse that affiliate for any purchases that occurred before you removed or deleted the user from your affiliate program.

Decide On The Commission Fees For Your Affiliate Program

The affiliates receive a commission fee from every sale they complete using their affiliate links.

This commission fee is something you will set, and it will either be the same for all affiliates or you can set individual commission fees for each one of them.

You have the power to determine the fees for every affiliate that joins your program either every time you add them to your school or when you create application forms potential affiliates can complete and submit to join.

You can also determine or modify the commission fees for specific users who are already signed up to your school by:

  • Heading to the user profile of a certain affiliate
  • Clicking on the “Affiliate” tab.
  • Entering a number between 1 and 100 in the “Affiliate Commission” section and clicking on “Save.”

Understand How The Commissions For Affiliates Work

When someone buys your course using the affiliate links of affiliates, they earn their commission fee. This fee is taken out of the overall purchase profits, which are the charges without the tax.

In cases where people subscribe to your courses through an affiliate link, that affiliate whose link was used will be paid a percentage of every payment made during that subscription.

In case you modify an affiliate’s commission rate, the modification will be reflected in future payments, and that affiliate’s commission for past purchases will be determined based on the affiliate commission fee at the time of the original purchase.

The affiliates’ commissions are determined by the percentage established at the time the transaction takes place for routine purchases (like subscription fees and payment plans).

For instance, if you decide that one of your affiliates will receive a commission of 20% per sale and that affiliate is associated with a student’s subscription offer, then they will keep on receiving the commission set on the initial transaction.

If you decide to modify that affiliate’s fee to 50%, they will receive a 50% commission on all future payments made that have to do with that student’s membership.

Tracking Your Affiliates Performance

You can monitor the performance of your affiliates from the Users > Affiliates page. You can see the three main performance measures at the top of the screen.

Affiliate Sales

This metric represents the combined amount of revenue (in U.S. dollars) made by the school through purchases that were completed using affiliate links.

Total Affiliate Earnings

This metric represents the entire amount of money your affiliates have earned from their commission fees.

Average Affiliate Sales

This metric represents the average number of sales each one of the affiliates has achieved.

The way these figures are determined is by multiplying affiliate sales by the overall number of affiliates in your school.

However, you also have the option of choosing more filters to learn more about the performance of a specific affiliate and/or course.

How Do Affiliates Get Paid?

Affiliates who earn commissions get their money through the determined payout system of your school and the BackOffice settings you have in place.

Teachable has an automatic payout system in place that handles all payments to Teachable affiliates given that you have enabled the BackOffice.

If you have disabled the BackOffice settings, that means you are the one who needs to pay the affiliate and handle all the tax forms.

When you enable the BackOffice, it means that:

  • Your affiliates will be paid via PayPal after submitting their PayPal account details when signing up for your affiliate program.
  • They will be automatically paid on the first working day of each month for their earnings of the previous month.
  • Their earnings will be calculated by Teachable’s automatic system.
  • Their tax forms are collected and issued by Teachable, saving you from the extra work.

On the other hand, if you disable the BackOffice, this means that:

  • You can choose the payment method you want, so your affiliates can get their money not exclusively from PayPal but from other paywalls like Venmo.
  • You choose how frequently your affiliates get paid
  • You need to calculate the amount of money your affiliates will receive based on the commission fees you have set.
  • You will be responsible for their tax forms collection and issuing.

How Does Teachable Affiliate Program Work For Affiliates?

How Does Teachable Affiliate Program Work For Affiliates

Now that we have gone through the affiliate program and what it involves for any school or course owner wanting to create their own affiliate program, let’s see what is in it for the affiliates who join the Teachable program!

What Is The Teachable Affiliate Program?

While becoming an affiliate for Teachable school owners involves different commission fees based on what the school owner has set, Teachable has its own affiliate program aimed at attracting more online course creators into joining the platform and creating their own online courses for Teachable.

Joining the platform’s affiliate program is thus an opportunity to start earning your passive income by using their affiliate links and promoting the platform to your audience.

The top benefits of joining the Teachable affiliate program are:

Commission Fees That Can Reach 30%

If you choose the 3-month cookie window offered, the platform’s affiliate program will provide you with recurring commission payments.

The rate of your fee will also increase the more leads you generate, and the more purchases are made using your affiliate link, giving you the chance to receive a commission fee of a rate as high as 30%!

Generate A Single Lead And Keep Earning Money

People who sign up for Teachable subscribe to the platform, paying for their chosen plan every month.

This means that once a person subscribes to Teachable using your affiliate link you will keep on receiving a commission for the duration of that creator’s membership on Teachable.

Simple Tracking

As an affiliate for Teachable, you will be provided with a special tracking code that you can access through the Teachable partner program portal.

Everything is recorded on, helping to make it simple to actually make money by promoting the platform to potential content creators.

It Is Actually A Great Platform

Regardless of all the benefits and perks a platform or app can offer to its affiliates, the most important thing of all when joining such programs is to actually appreciate and like the product you are promoting.

Teachable is a great platform focused on spreading knowledge and helping those who possess a specific kind of knowledge make money by sharing it.

Detailed Campaign Reports

You can evaluate your campaign by getting access to detailed reports that include things like the clicks, signups, courses, and other metrics of the selected timeframe you want to check.

Getting access to such detailed reports allows you to become better as an affiliate, increase your profits, and perhaps focus on certain products that sell more than others.

Credibility And Reliability

Teachable is both a credible and reliable platform that you can use and make money for each one of your referrals without being tricked or denied any of your earnings.

Why Should You Become An Affiliate For Products Like Teachable?

While the above benefits make Teachable a great platform to collaborate with and join its affiliate program, not everyone knows why affiliate programs are so great and why it is worth joining them.

So, if you want some more persuasion to join the Teachable affiliate program or any other affiliate program that offers such a great deal, here are some more reasons why we highly recommend it to you:

It Is A Lucrative Additional Sales Channel

Affiliate marketing provides a lucrative advancement for your business without requiring significant marketing spending.

Even a single affiliate program you join could generate significantly more traffic, transactions, and profits than a typical promotional campaign.

When weighing the advantages of advertising with media companies versus enabling the company to

Not only that but affiliate marketing is also fundamentally result-driven, and the cost of maintenance is close to zero, meaning that you will only win from it.

It Provides You With Freedom

Joining an affiliate program and promoting specific products offer the advantage of the freedom to work as much as you want and from wherever you want.

Since affiliate marketing is mostly done online, you have the flexibility to be anywhere in the world and work any time of the day you want.

Choosing the schedule you find best for you is a great liberty offered by affiliate marketing, and it is also one of the simplest ways to make money remotely.

Of course, the amount of time and energy required differs a lot, and it typically depends on the products you are promoting.

However, the commission fees typically reflect the extra time spent on affiliate marketing, so rest assured that if you choose the right programs, you will be compensated accordingly.

It Can Result In Fruitful Collaborations

If you choose to become an affiliate that will allow you to form beneficial collaborative relationships that you can profit from in the future.

Affiliate marketing revolves around making connections and forming relationships, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet others, connect, strike up a conversation, or simply gain access to new opportunities.

It Is An Extra Source Of Income

Last but not least, you will soon come to understand that collaborating as an affiliate marketer with companies or individuals and helping to promote their services and merchandise is a great way to earn more money.

While you can work as an affiliate full-time and have it as your only job, many people choose affiliate marketing as a side hustle.

If you do the same, it basically means you can keep your 9-5 job and work as an affiliate marketer on the weekends or in the evening when you have some free time.

Alternatively, you can work part-time for another job and then be a part-time affiliate marketer. No matter what you choose to do, an affiliate marketing program can provide you with extra income that can be generated with minimum effort.

The Bottom Line

Affiliate marketing enables businesses like Teachable to effectively advertise their services using a small budget, minimal effort, and energy, while they are also low risk, ensuring a substantial return on investment, increased brand awareness as well as business growth.

At the same time, they are great for people who want to become affiliate marketers and earn extra income, which in the case of Teachable is a commission rate that can be as high as 30%.

Moreover, if you are a course creator or school owner on Teachable looking to attract more people to your courses, creating your own affiliate program through Teachable and collaborating with affiliates that promote your school is a great way to make more money and increase your personal brand’s awareness.

So, if after everything you have read you believe that working as an affiliate for Teachable is the ideal program for you to join, sign up here to become an affiliate for the platform.

On the other hand, if you are a course creator and/or school owner wishing to build your courses and then create your own affiliate program on your dedicated dashboard, head to the Teachable platform and sign up to create your account.

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