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Martin Barrett
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teachable support

How To Access Teachable Support [Full Guide]

Teachable is an online platform allowing teachers to create and sell online courses, coaching programs, and membership sites.

Those looking for new skills, such as learning to embroider materials or design computer games, can then sign up for their chosen classes by paying a monthly subscription.

As with any platform, there will come a time when users will require some support. For instance, with Teachable, you may need help with downloading certain documents for a class or designing a course. 

If you are using Teachable and need Teachable support, there are a few different options available to you, such as the Help Center, Live Chat, Email Support, and Community forums.

In today’s article, we are going to guide you through the various means of Teachable support, whether you’re a course creator or a student. These avenues of Teachable support will help you with any questions or issues regarding Teachable and will help you to know how to access this help going forward. (See also ‘Setting Up And Logging Into Your Teachable Account (Full Guide)‘)

Teachable Support Resources Available

There are several resources available to help school owners and administrators when help is needed regarding creating or maintaining their Teachable courses.

Below are the main Teachable support resources available, including information on who can access this help.

Email Support

One of the main options most people turn to when requiring Teachable support is Teachable’s email support. To do this, visit the Teachable website and click on the “Contact Support” link in the lower section of the page under “Support.”

From there, you will be directed to email Teachable via the email address support@teachable.com.

Here, enter your name, email address, and a brief description of your issue and a member of the Teachable support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

This Teachable support is accessible to all primary owners, owners, and school authors and is open seven days a week from 8 am to 8 pm US Eastern time. It is also available for all plans from  Basic through to the Business package. 

This email service will provide users with high-quality support and will answer any queries or issues you may have regarding your Teachable school. 

You can also submit an email ticket via the Help Center widget in your school. Here’s how to do this:

  • Click on the “Help” icon located on the bottom right of any Teachable school’s admin page. 
  • Now, click on the button “Email Us” at the bottom of the widget.
  • Here, enter details including your name, subject, email, and description of your issue.
  • Once you have filled out the required information, click “send.”

If you find yourself locked out from your account or are unable to access this Help button, contact the Teachable Support team at support@teachable.com.

Live Chat

Teachable also offers live chat support for users who need immediate assistance. This is another common and popular way to receive the support you need from the Teachable support team. 

Live chat support can be used by all Teachable school owners who use the Professional plan and/or Business package.

To access live chat support, you will need to:

  • Log in to your Teachable school account.
  • Here, click on the “Help” tab found on the admin menu.
  • Now, click “Chat Now.”
  • A pop-up widget will appear where you can input your name, email, and a brief description of your question or issue. 
  • Once that has been filled out, click “Start Chat.” 
  • Once you have begun your live chat, you will need to wait for a few moments (possibly minutes) for a member of the Teachable Customer Support team to enter the chat and respond to your query. If no representatives are currently available, you will be entered into a queue. Here, you will have to wait for the next available support team member to help you. 

Live chat support is available to all Professional and Business plan owners from Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm US Eastern time.

Most of the time, you will receive quick support in a short amount of time and your queries will be answered to the best of the support team representative’s ability. 

The Knowledge Base

For users who are unsure of how to utilize certain features or complete tasks within their school, the Knowledge Base is a great place to find support. Here, you can also find help on creating and managing your school courses.

The Knowledge Base acts as a manual for all Teachable users. Here, you can type in any query regarding the platform in the search bar.

You can search throughout the Knowledge Base from within your school, too. To do this, simply click the “Help” widget icon found in the bottom right corner of all pages within your school admin.

When you have typed in a specific topic you need help with, Knowledge Base articles will be recommended to you to hopefully help. 

The Knowledge Base is available to all users 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is one of the quickest ways to find answers to certain queries. 

How To Access Teachable Support [Full Guide]


Available to all primary Teachable owners with a Basic, Professional, or Business plan, TeachableU was introduced by the Teachable team to provide further support and resources on building and managing courses. 

TeachableU offers the site’s most up-to-date training programs, plus live-streamed workshops with experts from industries across the board. 

For Primary owners of a school with a paid plan, there is an automatic enrollment to TeachableU. For however long you have a paid plan, you will have access to this support.

To access TeachableU, you’ll need to:

  • Log in to your school account and from your school’s admin page, click the Teachable icon located on the sidebar. 

Another method of accessing TeachableU is to navigate to u.teachable.com and then click “Login.” A new screen will pop up where you can enter the same credentials you use to log into your school. Then, simply browse for resources and support. 

You can also take core training on creating courses via TeachableU. Created by Teachable tea, there are four courses to guide instructors through the primary stages of course creation. These are:

  • Choose Your Course Topic (which is the best place to begin)
  • Create Your Course
  • Launch Your Course
  • Build Your Audience

You also have access to live-streamed workshops every month via TeachableU. These workshops are where you can learn from experts based in all sorts of industries.

To access these workshops, you’ll need to:

  • Log in to TeachableU.
  • Click on the “Partner Workshops” course via the Courses page.

Here, you will be able to see all upcoming workshops run by Teachable. Click on a chosen workshop to find out more details about it and if it looks helpful, you can link it to add to your calendar. 

When the day of the workshop arrives, simply navigate to the workshop’s page or your calendar invite. Here, there will be a Zoom link to join and watch the workshop.

The Teachable Community (teachable:hq)

The Teachable Community, also known as teachable:hq, is a designated space where course creators can share inside knowledge regarding Teachable. It is a palace to learn about the various aspects of the site and network with other creators who are in a similar phase of their business journey.

In this community, you can ask any questions you may have, share ideas, thoughts, and strategies that you find helpful, and acquire help from other creators. 

Teachable states that they “believe shared knowledge has the power to change lives, and by enabling people to share what they know, we create a better world together. And so Teachable created its community space to bring creators together to share knowledge.”

As a creator’s business develops, the community will grow with it.

Being part of teachable:hq allows you to learn from the professionals to help your business grow and grow. Relevant content will be accessible to help reach goals and requirements, and there are perks such as private seminars, and various challenges to take part in.

The Teachable Community is available to all Primary Owners with a paid plan (Basic package and above). It is open 24/7 so you can get help whenever you may need it.

To access teachable:hq, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Log in to your school via your primary owner account.
  • Navigate to the admin area and click on the “Community” tab.
  • The first time you do this, you will be prompted to fill in your personal profile information. You can use your existing admin account as a new account is not required here.
  • Once your details have been filled out, you will be directed to the “:hq general” area where you will find the next steps to suit your specific needs.

Group Coaching

Another way to find support when you need it is through Group Coaching. These helpful Group Coaching services are available to school owners who have a Professional or Business plan in place.

Altogether, there are three sessions held three times a week:

  • Mondays – 12 PM EST
  • Wednesdays – 5 PM EST
  • Fridays – 10 AM EST

Each group coaching session lasts for one hour and is hosted by Teachable’s Customer Success team.

When taking part in these calls, you will learn more surrounding the Teachable platform and various strategies to help you further your school’s business potential and income.

You can access a calendar to see all upcoming coaching topics and sign up by visiting the registration page. All you need to do is simply click on certain days to see what topics are being covered.

If you like the look of one, you can RSVP for sessions, and then copy the event into your calendar so you get a friendly reminder before the event to join. 

Tips for Emailing a Query

There are some guidelines to help you get the quickest and most efficient response from Teachable’s Support Team when submitting an email ticket. Here are the most important ones:

Be Specific

You need to include as much detail about your issue in your initial ticket. By doing this, the support team will be able to understand your query better and help.

For instance, if you are having an issue concerning a specific course, school, or user, then you should try to include details like the user’s email address, their name, the course name, the unique URL, etc. within your first email ticket. 

Try To Stick To One Issue Or Question

If you have more than one issue, we recommend sending each one separately via email. Therefore, the support team can handle the query with a single email thread. This also makes it easier and faster to reference messages down the line. 

Include Images Or Visuals

To illustrate a point, question, or issue thoroughly, try to include some visuals. These can be in the form of screenshots or seven recordings via an app such as CloudApp.

Teachable’s Help form may not have a file uploader but you can include file-sharing links from services including Google Drive, We Transfer, Dropbox, and others. Also, change the settings so the support team has permission to view the files. 

Be Thorough In The Description Section

when filling out the Help form on Teachable, make sure you write about your inquiry in the Description section of the Help form, rather than the Subject Line.

The Subject Line should contain a short description of the issue that you can explain further in the Description section below. 

In Summary

Teachable is one of the easiest-to-use platforms of its kind but issues will arise at some point. Whether it’s to do with creating a course, something regarding a student, or requiring a refund, there are many avenues of support to try.

Save this article so you can come back to it if you ever need help and support concerning your Teachable account. 

Thanks for reading and we hope your teachable experience is a great one!