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Martin Barrett
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does teachable have sales

Does Teachable Have Sales? [Full Guide]

Teachable is a great tool to use and has plenty of different options when it comes to paying for the service, this includes multiple plan options.

There is the free option which has a surprising amount of depth to it, however, if you plan on using the free plan, you will have quite a lot of restrictions.

This is why most people prefer to use one of the paid versions of Teachable.

The cheapest paid version of Teachable will cost $29 a month if you pay annually, but if you want the pro version this can cost a whopping $99 a month, and that is if you pay annually. (See ‘Is Teaching On Teachable Worth It?‘)

Because of this, a lot of people who have tried the free version of Teachable and want to upgrade since there is not much more they can do with the free version, are quite hesitant to upgrade because of how costly the paid versions are.

While the basic edition is relatively affordable at $29 a month, the Pro version is the most popular for a reason because of all of the extra features.

But of course, paying $99 a month is not something everyone is willing to do.

Does Teachable Have Sales?

Are you wondering: “Does Teachable have sales?” For this reason, we have put together this guide on how to get discounts on Teachable to ensure that you will not have to pay the full amount for Teachable and to ensure that you will get your money’s worth from this service.

Teachable is a great service that offers plenty of tools, and while it is more affordable than other options, it is by no means cheap, so getting as much of a discount as possible is something everyone trying to use Teachable should do.

Getting A Discount On Teachable

The first thing people tend to do when they want a discount for a digital product like Teachable is to look for information on sales.

This leads to using a search engine and searching ‘Teachable sales’, however, if you do this, instead of getting information on when Teachable has sales or anything like that, you will instead get advice for building your own course sales page using Teachable. 

While this is important information that is useful when you are using Teachable, it is not something that you are looking for now.

While you can scour these articles looking for advice on how to get a sale on Teachable, you will not find it here, and will instead be getting information on how to create and market your sales pages on Teachable, which is not likely to be what you are looking for.

So instead, if you are looking for a discount on Teachable, we recommend searching ‘Teachable coupons’. (Check out ‘Teachable Coupon Code (2023): Flat 50% Off!‘)

This will actually provide you with the discounts which you are looking for, and will give you codes that will get you a better deal.

We could include some codes here, however, these codes change and expire quite frequently, so instead, we will include links to some of the sites which often have Teachable discount codes.

It is surprising that Teachable themselves actually have a dedicated page for any coupons or discount codes that they are offering.

At the time of writing, there is a simple 10% discount for the Pro plan which will save you about $10 a month.

While this is not massive, it is a noticeable saving and your savings will add up over the course of the year.

While this code might not always be running, it is worth checking regularly to see what codes are being offered as there could easily be some more generous ones at different times of the year.

On top of this, there are dedicated coupon and digital discount websites which will display information on discounts for Teachable.

While these pages are all currently advertising promotions that will get you a discount on Teachable, it is worth keeping in mind that codes like this can expire quite quickly, and may have already expired, so make sure to test all of these options before committing to them.

However, if these links now offer discounts that have expired, we can still recommend using a search engine to look up ‘Teachable coupons’ or ‘Teachable discounts’, and this should get you up-to-date, and fresh codes which will work.

If you are not in a rush to use the basic or pro plan for Teachable, it is always worth waiting for a while to see if there are any promotions coming up, as this can save you a significant amount in the long run. 

If you search ‘Teachable coupons’ and search for long enough, you will likely find articles that will show you how to set up your own coupons for your Teachable course.

And just like coupons that discount Teachable for you will encourage you to buy Teachable, setting up your own coupons will encourage people to purchase your Teachable online course for a weekly dose of creative courses.

Setting up your own coupons is another one of the impressive tools which are offered by Teachable, and if you want to get the most out of your Teachable course, we recommend taking advantage of these.

Teachable Coupons

So, as mentioned in the previous section, one of the best ways to promote your course on Teachable is to offer coupons that make your course more affordable and attractive to potential customers.

And luckily, setting up coupons for your Teachable course is not too difficult, and is just as simple as most of the other course creation and selling tools that are available on Teachable.

When it comes to coupons on Teachable, first it is worth noting that you are not able to sell your course for less than $1 USD, otherwise the transaction will not work, while this is unlikely, we recommend not trying coupons which will discount your course to be under this amount.

However, if you want to offer a coupon that makes your online courses free for however long, this is still available, but when you make the discount code, you will want to remember to discount a percentage (e.g. 100%) instead of a dollar amount discount.

The option to use coupons on Teachable is greatly appreciated as it means you can have even more control over the payment plan, as well as the pricing plans of your products on Teachable.

You can also control how your Teachable coupons work, and what they apply to. For example, they can discount the entire course, or perhaps just one product on a one-time purchase. 

When using the coupons in Teachable, you have the option of 3 different types of multi-use coupons.

These are the coupons that will help you with promotional events, or if you are offering a larger-scale discount, for example, for the holidays.

Let’s go through each type of coupon that is available so you can know what is on offer. 

There are all product coupons, these are coupons that your customers can use to get a discount on any product which is available, and with any pricing plan which you have available.

Then there are the product type coupons, there is a type of coupon that can be applied to any pricing plan of a specific type of product, this means that the coupon may just apply to a specific course, could just apply to coaching, or could just apply to a bundle of products.

Finally, there are coupons that are specific to a certain pricing plan. These coupons will only give the customer a discount when they are using a certain pricing plan for a specific product.

This is the most restrictive coupon option, but this is a good option to have if you only want to discount something specific. 

As you can see, the types of coupons that you can set up in Teachable can be as open-ended, or as restrictive as you want, and this means that you can have complete control over how they work.

On top of these multiple-use coupons, there is also the option to make a single-use coupon code. This custom code can be sent to a specific customer or user and can be used one time.

These are great incentives to stick with a course and to encourage returning customers. 

To look at which coupons you have created and that are active, you want to go onto your Teachable page and look in the Teachable site section, and then click on the coupons pop-up.

This means you can keep tabs on which coupons you are using, and can create them whenever you want. Let’s go into more detail on how you can make coupons and keep track of them.

Making Coupons On Teachable

Do Teachable Have Sales? [Full Guide] (2)

As we mentioned in the previous section, the most common and profitable type of coupon which you can create is a promotional multiple-use coupon.

This does not mean that every user can use this coupon forever but instead means that you can use this coupon for multiple customers instead of it expiring after one person uses it like a voucher.

Just because this code can be used multiple times, does not mean it has to be unlimited, for example, you can limit a code to a certain number of uses.

We strongly recommend limiting uses, especially if the voucher is a sizeable discount.

For example, if you are offering a 50% discount, then limiting this to a certain number of customers means you will not lose too much money.

This will also be a good sales strategy as it means that you can advertise to customers that there is a limit on the discount code.

This will then encourage customers to want to use the discount code as they know that they can only use it for a limited amount of time before it runs out.

By creating this limit, you are going to further incentivize sales.

Making An All Product Coupon

To make one of these coupons you want to go to the coupons page which is found in the site menu. Then you want to toggle the view to school coupons.

Then you want to find the add new coupon button and choose multiple-use coupon as the option.

Then you will see a modal that will let you apply to all products, or instead use a specific product, for this type of coupon you want to select all products.

After this you want to fill in the percentage of the discount, the coupon code itself which is the code you will be promoted, the internal name which is how you will see the coupon on Teachable, then the expiry date for the coupon, and then the number of uses if you want to limit it, every coupon will not be able to be used more than 10,000 times.

After you have done this, all you have to do is save!

Making A Product Type Coupon

Making a specific product type coupon starts off similarly to the previous process. You will want to go into the school coupons view on the coupons page and then add a new coupon.

Then again choose multiple uses and then when the modal appears this time, you want to choose the specific product type you are looking to discount.

After this, you will fill in the same percentage discount, code, name, expiry date, and limit, and then you are free to promote the code!

Making A Pricing Plan-Specific Coupon

For this type of coupon, you want to toggle product coupons at the start and then choose the specific product and then fill in the details like the price or payment plans the coupon is for, and whether you want the coupon to be available for just a first payment, or all payments.

Making A Single-Use Coupon

For this one, after choosing the school coupons view, you want to select bulk single use, and then you fill out the details and generate the codes to send out!