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Successful Online Course Creators

8 Successful Online Course Creators Stories to Learn

The world of online course creation is filled to the brim and beyond with a massive variety of course creators.

Plenty of people across the world, with wisdom to share, time to use, and a little know-how, have managed to carve out a variety of niches for themselves.

If you can think of a topic, subject, skill, or even talking point, then there is probably a course on that. From Art to computing, to finances, to meteorology.

There’s always more to learn, and many people have made it their job to help teach people across the world new skills and interests, from continent to continent.

And, interestingly, that has kind of become part of the problem.

This a problem that we may be able to fix with this list of some of the best and most successful online course creators out there!

The Problem Of Finding Successful Course Creators

With there being a limitless number of topics that can be turned into marketable courses out there, this has led to a situation where many people looking for online courses end up with some form of option paralysis. 

Often, a particular subject will be saturated with so many courses on a topic, that a user cannot tell which ones should be picked over others.

Alternatively, the relative free-reign that many course content creators have means that many courses that are sold can often be taught by people who have very little personal experience, or do not have the resources to help students if they ask the course creator for any extra advice.

Or, more often than not, many course creators simply do not make a big enough splash to be seen.

They can have some excellent course content, really helpful insight, and great one-to-one advice, but if they cannot distinguish their course or their brand apart from others, it is only a matter of time before the course fades into unfortunate security.

It’s an all-too-real possibility out there, which is why we have collected this list of some of the best and most successful course content creators out there.

Not only do these people offer excellent and high-quality courses to their customers, but they also know how to stay on top in a rapidly evolving industry and marketplace.

Katie Kimball (Kids Cook Real Food)

Starting this list with one of the most popular course creators when it comes to homeware and cooking, we have Kate Kimball, creator of the ‘Kids Cook Real Food’ course.

A course that has gone on to become one of the most popular courses for helping younger kids learn how to cook, and to instill that love for preparing food at an early age, skills that we can all agree are great to have!

Katie, who had formerly been a catholic school teacher before starting the business, is incredibly passionate about the work that she is doing with her course.

With the lessons that she has been teaching over 12,000 homes from across the globe how to cook and eat better.

Her experience in teaching helped her communicate her ideas clearly and succinctly to audiences of all ages.

Which has also helped her move from an old salary of earning around $24,000 annually to around $54,000! Not only that, but she has also been able to publish a cookbook as a result of her success!

Katie’s entrepreneurial spirit has even spread to the rest of her family, with her husband also finally having the encouragement (and support) to start up his own business, and her teenage son is now learning how to edit videos and become an entrepreneur himself.

All in all, Katie is an inspiration to thousands of people across the world who want to be successful in their content and course creation careers!

Lidiya Kesarovska (Let’s Reach Success)

For our next entry, we are paying a visit to full-time blogger, course creator, and all-around success story, Lidiya Kesarovska, with her course ‘Let’s Reach Success’.

Lidiya’s course is perfectly tailored to people who want to try and make a full-time job for themselves that they can love, and where they can be their boss. Especially if they have a passion for blogging!

In a world that seems increasingly swerving towards the gig economy, it isn’t exactly hard to see why this might be a popular talking point!

What is more of a surprise is just how thorough Lidiya’s courses can take you along that path, and a tried-and-tested method for anyone with a passion for blogging!

The course has everything, from all the behind-the-scenes steps you’ll need to take early on, to how to make extra money on the side.

As well as how to get as much traffic through your blog as possible, all of which will leave you in a place so financially secure that it can become your day job!

Christine Quigless (Qralce)

Of course, as you can hopefully start to see for yourself, these online course creators know that the best way to find success in their field is to make sure that they know their audience.

Many of which don’t have to be adult-oriented to succeed.

This is a strategy that Christine Quigless has perfected to a T in her online course ‘Qralce’ the perfect tool to help kids that can help them through some of the most difficult times in their prep school years, such as for SATs and ACTs.

An already successful tutor in her own right, Christine was able to successfully take the experience that she had accrued from her own time as a teacher, and turn that knowledge into a course that would allow kids to better weather the stress and anxiety-provoking time in many kids’ academic lives.

The change isn’t just noticeable in her students’ lives, but also in Christine’s own life, which is now less swamped with the standard teaching schedule, and more tailored to helping her own business and learning services thrive.

Christine is a brilliant example of a person who didn’t just turn their knowledge and experience into a business for herself.

But also someone who was able to adapt to a different way of working too, key traits that every successful course creator should have.

Mikkelson Twins

If you’re looking for a course that can help start you on the right path to setting up a successful online business, then look no further than the Mikkelson Twins, Christian and Rasmus, and their online business.

Their online bookstore is geared towards helping their clients create educational publishing services that can be sold across the country easily, and promptly.

At only 24 years old, these two ambitious entrepreneurs have already managed to set up an incredibly profitable business model for themselves, with their company making 6 figures every month!

Pretty impressive from such a small team and a few laptops between them, that’s for certain.

Matt Hugg (Nonprofit.Courses)

Matt Hugg (Nonprofit.Courses)

With such a massive network of content creators out there, one of the paths towards course creation and success online is the need for communication and spreading your brand.

After all, many of these online courses are going to need new ways to reach new people!

This is the kind of mentality that helped Matt Hugg create his course, as well as helping to network with different organizations and businesses together.

Not only has this been incredibly successful for the businesses that have become connected through Hugg’s services, but it has also helped transform his life for the better too.

I mean, just imagine the amount of traffic a site with two successful courses would likely get!

(Plus, imagine the kind of traffic that you could get to your courses with that kind of attention!)

This new way of working has helped connect Matt with a massive variety of people from all works of life, and experts from a variety of fields, all with a passion for helping other people learn too.

Jordan Makelle (Writing Revolt)

One of the many careers that many people often dream about doing as their job is writing. Just the idea of being able to write for a living, rather than doing a 9-to-5 office job, is certainly a romantic picture for many.

However, the stresses of trying to find work in this highly competitive market often scared people away, especially those that have next-to-no experience for themselves.

This is where Jordan Makelle’s online course, ‘Writing Revolt’, comes into the picture.

The course itself is part of the wider Writing Revolt YouTube channel and blog business under Makelle’s name and is all about showing people how they can turn writing into a workable living for themselves.

Jordan Makelle started her career as a freelance writer, before turning that experience and knowledge into a workable and teachable course that can help anyone with a passion for writing make a new career.

While also having no professional experience beforehand, or even having missed doing it at college.

Now, Jordan is a published author, makes up to six figures every month, and has built an online community that fosters both support and creativity amongst her and other writers.

Pretty much everything that an aspiring writer could want, in other words!

Stacy Caprio (Her.CEO)

Stacy Caprio has spent quite a while cultivating her expert knowledge of web development and running blogs, to the point that she now has made it her full-time job!

From her blog and website ‘Her.CEO’, Stacy has managed to create a course that can help pretty much anyone when it comes to setting up their own online business.

But not only that, Stacy and the information that she has created and cultivated on ‘Her.CEO’, also mean that she is acknowledged as an experienced expert in this particular field.

Which now means that not only do people acknowledge her for her expertise but even seek it out for when they need assistance too.

Aside from the fact that being seen as an expert will do wonders for someone’s self-confidence, this also goes to show where having a little knowledge in a field can get you!

Brook Sheehan (Cup O’ Sugar Inc.)

One of the interesting things that we can learn from watching the stories of any course creators unfold is the normality of many of these people.

Yes, that might sound like a non-answer, but think about it for a moment, whilst we show you what Brook Sheehan was able to do for her online training app, ‘Cop O’ Sugar Inc.’.

After being unsure of how to make ground with her online business and courses for several months, Brook eventually started pushing those doubts down and started putting that extra energy into her courses.

Now, with a successful online career, Brook’s experience shows us two important things.

One, The most difficult part of starting these courses and online businesses is always the beginning, but once you are past that point, the rest eventually starts falling into place.

The second and very important, we feel, is that even the most successful stories have a person behind them. Ones that have struggled with anxiety, self-doubt, and an unhealthy dose of imposter syndrome.

So, don’t let those doubts that you don’t know what you are doing stop you. Even if you don’t know now, you will always find out later.

Final Thoughts

If there is anything to take away from the many incredible content creators that we have shared with you today, it should be this: Anyone can start creating courses and services, and we mean everyone.

It isn’t just a young folk’s game, with plenty of people with more than a few years of worldly experience under their belts being considered some of the best in the business.

If anything, that extra experience means that you likely have more than a few skills to sell to others through your courses.

As long as you have a laptop, the right software, and a little know-how, you’ll be all set to find your success online as a course creator too!

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