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Martin Barrett
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B2B SaaS Marketing Course

9 Best B2b saas marketing courses You Need To Try

If you want to be a successful SaaS marketer, SEO expert, product manager, or UX designer, you need to get hands-on knowledge from professionals already working in those roles. 

Taking use of both free and premium SaaS courses is an excellent way to boost your knowledge in these areas, which can be very beneficial to your career as a whole. 

All of these courses aim to assist individuals of any skill level in learning new abilities and improving those they already possess.

If you are on the lookout for a B2B SaaS marketing course, then you have come to the right place. Here, we have rounded up the top 10 best courses for you or your staff to try.

We have included both free and paid courses, so there should be something to fit everyone’s budget. 

But first… 

What Is B2B SaaS? 

Let’s break this down a bit. Many people know that B2B is an acronym for SaaS business-to-business, and the SaaS part stands for a Software-as-a-Service. 

So B2B SaaS is software that’s hosted in the cloud and is used by organizations for a variety of purposes, including customer relationship management (CRM), accountancy, office efficiency, and other work-related activities. 

Businesses frequently subscribe to B2B software as a service (SaaS) offerings and make recurring payments, typically on a monthly or yearly basis.

Top B2B SaaS Marketing Courses

SEO That Works 

Brian Dean, who is also the owner of Backlinko (a popular SEO training site), developed The SEO That Works course. 

After browsing through countless blog entries that guarantee the number one position on Google, he decided to launch this course to help those who struggled to reach this top spot. 

This is not all that he covers in this course though. The creation and promotion of powerful material, which Brian refers to as the power page, is at the center of Brian’s plan.

The first section of the course outlines the error that students make when they follow the conventional but out-of-date SEO recommendations of generate leads and new material, centering their attention on long-tail keywords, and actively establishing links.

The first session leads you through generating one piece of content that famous bloggers and journalists love to share.

In the second module, you will learn how to construct power pages that will bring in traffic, lead generation, and links.

In the third session, Brian guides you through the proper SaaS marketing strategies to use to obtain backlinks from authoritative websites.

Lastly, he discloses advanced marketing tactics for both on-page and off-page SEO that are sure to produce results.

This course is for you if you’re looking for a method that has been tried and proven and that can be followed step-by-step to enhance your ranking. 

People who are tired of following the typical recommendations of providing quality material continuously are the target audience here.

There is usually a waiting list for this course because it is one of the most costly SEO training programs available.

However, if you are prepared to spend money on a solution that will solve all of your SEO issues once and for all, then you should go ahead and do it. 

In addition, it full lifetime access in a variety of media, such as videos, PDF transcriptions of each course, slideshows, and audio.

HubSpot Academy – Inbound Marketing

This class will teach students how to develop and implement an inbound SAAS marketing strategy through the use of research, the creation of buyer personas, and the modification of the findings obtained.

The following topics will be discussed during the course:

  • Adjustments to digital marketing strategies in response to continuously shifting consumer preferences
  • Pillar pages and topic clusters are created as part of a detailed content selection process.
  • Putting up a strong social media marketing plan to expand your network and create SaaS lead generation strategies
  • Creating and putting into action an effective growth plan for conversational interactions
  • Exploring the most effective methods for developing Saad lead generation strategies
  • Bringing together your SAAS marketing consultant and sales efforts to increase conversions or improve conversion rate optimization (CRO).
  • Developing a content marketing strategy that is centered on current clients requires researching those customers.

People who are just starting inbound marketing would benefit from taking this course. It is also very useful for owners of small SaaS businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Every strategy taught is going to be put into action so that you can understand the practical approaches as opposed to just looking at them.

By putting this solid strategy into action for your SaaS company, you can give the whole company a boost, and hopefully in the long run improve sales and profits. 

If you are sick and tired of not receiving results from putting your SaaS digital marketing campaign plan into action, you will be thrilled to try out the enhanced strategy that this course provides. 

Product School – Product Management 

For many years now, Product School has been delivering great training for product management, which has resulted in the development and enhancement of the skills of product marketers and managers. 

In this SaaS product management course, you will get the opportunity to learn from product executives working at leading Silicon Valley businesses such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon. 

It also features a community of one million product professionals that are there to assist you in developing your knowledge and skills.

These courses cover a variety of important topics, including:

  • Gaining an understanding of how the responsibilities of a product manager shift depending on the size of the firm
  • Investigate the product lifecycle and how it is applied to every product.
  • Gain an understanding of the contemporary product development process that’s followed by both Fortune 500 SaaS companies and startups.
  • The process of identifying problematic areas or obstacles for the client and making adjustments in response
  • Getting to the bottom of a product’s fundamental issue
  • After doing qualitative and quantitative research, building buyer personas is an important step.
  • Everything that you need to know to ace your first interview for the product manager position

The best reason for choosing this course is that you get to learn from product experts working at leading firms. 

Aside from that, in contrast to a conventional MBA program, this one lets you study whenever and wherever you want. 

You have the option of enrolling in a course that is either full-time for five days, or part-time for two months with classes held on weekends.

The number of students in each session is limited so participants will have plenty of opportunities to interact with and form connections with others who share similar values and interests. 

This is one of the best courses since it has the ideal combination of hands-on training, real-world case studies, and participation in group activities.

UX Institute – UX Design For SaaS

The quality of the user experience is rapidly emerging as one of the most important aspects of keeping customers. The need for exceptional user experience designers is endless. 

Because of this, you will need to improve your existing user experience design abilities to deliver an experience that will result in conversions.

This course is extremely useful for UX designers and product managers who have worked in their respective fields for a minimum of two years.

The course is intended for designers with little to no prior experience and lasts for a total of eight weeks.

Your mentor will be a seasoned UX design expert who shares insights relating to the industry to make the sessions more interesting and enjoyable. 

The sales teams are extremely involved and inspires you to work on numerous projects to get maximum exposure, which will help you find work once the course ends. 

B2B SaaS Marketing Course

HubSpot Academy – Content Marketing

The content marketing course offered by HubSpot is one of the more popular options because it provides engaging and cutting-edge instruction while covering all relevant topics.

Even top quora professionals suggest this content marketing course.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of the following topics:

  • A content generation platform that gives you the ability to develop material that converts regularly and reliably.
  • The appropriate strategies for creating content that performs well in search engines.
  • You will gain an understanding of the strategies that are successful for expert content marketers.

The training lasts for a total of six hours and is broken up into 11 quizzes, 12 courses, and 54 videos.

This course is excellent for you if you are a complete beginner looking forward to learning content marketing skills from scratch or an intermediate looking to enhance your current knowledge. 

If you are a traditional marketing expert, an inbound marketing professional, or a content generator, you should also think about giving this course a go. 

This content marketing training is completely free and covers major strategies that may be put into action right now. 

After you have created your account, you will have unrestricted access to all of their educational content and will not be required to fill out any other forms.

To further aid in the expansion of your company, you can also make use of all of their free software products.

The brand HubSpot is well-known, and if you earn the associated credential, you will be acknowledged for your work as SAAS marketer.

Taking this course is an excellent method to enter the industry if you have no prior experience. It will teach you content marketing strategies that no other free course will, giving you a competitive advantage.

CXL Institute – Link Building Course 

This link-building course emphasizes a hands-on, action-oriented approach to putting all of the strategies for link-building that you have read about into practice. 

In this course, you’ll find structure and well-thought-out advanced techniques for achieving the best possible outcomes for business owner. 

The following topics will be discussed during the course:

  • Studying real instances of content outreach efforts will teach you what approaches are successful.
  • Maximize the potential of the material you already have and work to strengthen your backlink profile.
  • A comprehensive approach for the creation of content that attracts backlinks from websites with a high level of authority.
  • Monitoring the appropriate indicators to assess your success and adapt your strategy accordingly.

This course is ideal for you if you’re either an SEO professional who is looking to increase their knowledge or a content marketer who’s ready to begin link-building.

This course will address both short-term and long-term tactics that help develop profitable links.

Due to the complex methods that are used throughout this curriculum, it’s vital to have access to the appropriate materials.

An experienced SaaS content marketing agency will illustrate the subtleties of SEO operations and how they affect organic search ranking. 

You will have an understanding of how to approach the creation of such methods for your SaaS brand after utilizing the framework that has been given throughout this course.

Ahrefs Guide – Blogging For Business

This class comes highly recommended by seasoned professionals and delivers on all of its promises.

The following components make up the overall framework of the course:

  • The first section discusses the reasons why most blogs are unsuccessful, the three most important routes for expanding a business’s client base, and why you need a blog for your company.
  • The two most important methods for expanding a blog’s readership, and busting the myth of consistent content. 
  • Moving on to the proper methods of putting your article ideas to the test and evaluating the possible audience.
  • Obtaining concepts for valuable content (sorting out high and low-value ideas).
  • The best practices for optimizing an article for a certain keyword to get the most readers possible.
  • Developing content that can promote itself without any assistance.
  • The most effective strategies for generating material that is worthy of links.
  • Building backlinks (high-authority sites).
  • Strategies that might be put into practice to promote content through outreach to bloggers.
  • Discussions with recognized authorities in the field.

Anyone interested in learning how to blog, monetizing their blog with the appropriate strategies, or taking their company to a whole new level by employing efficient content marketing strategies is a good candidate for the course.

This is a thorough blogging course loaded with techniques that, if put into practice, are certain to provide the desired outcomes. 

After you have finished this course, you will have a notebook stuffed with notes and a head brimming with ideas for how to build and implement a content strategy that you are confident will be successful.

You’ll learn how to effectively transform your readers into high-paying customers using the solid approach provided in this course.

If you want to start making money off of your site and get more than 100,000 visitors each month, sign up right now!

HubSpot Academy – Certification For Building An Effective And Contemporary Sales Team

When salespeople are promoted to sales managers, they frequently find themselves in a position where they lack prior expertise in managing a marketing team.

With the help of this free HubSpot SaaS sales training, you’ll get insights into how to properly handle sales management 

The following topics will be covered in the course:

  • Clearly defining your sales process and being able to co