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Online Course Landing Page Examples

5 Best Online Course Landing Page Examples

When you are trying to sell your course to people, there are two things you need; a good marketing strategy, and a good landing page. 

Many people prioritize the marketing strategy and overlook the landing page side of things, which can be a mistake. 

To get the very best conversion rates, the landing page for your online course should match your brand and have all of the necessary info. So what is the best way to design a landing page?

We have done some reach and found 5 examples of excellent landing pages for various courses so you can see how things should be done, and how to improve your page. 

Before we get on to the list of the best online course landing page examples for you, so let’s dig deep into it.

What’s A Landing Page? 

A landing page is an independent web page that is connected to a marketing campaign and is focused on calls to action.

Because a visitor “lands” on the page after following a link provided in an advertising or marketing email, the page is referred to as a “landing page.” 

Landing pages are web pages that are designed specifically to convert visitors into leads or customers by providing further information about the product or service.

Landing pages can take on a variety of visual styles, but they should all have the same core components to function properly. These components include the following:

  • There will be a primary headline as well as a supporting headline.
  • A clear and unique selling offer.
  • The advantages of the course/product/service that you’re providing.
  • Stills or moving pictures from your class.
  • A statement using social evidence as a reinforcement.
  • Call-to-action (CTA).

Using the components from this list will assist you in building a powerful landing page for your online course, which is vital if you want to convert leads into students. 

Top Online Course Landing Pages 

Let’s take a look at five different examples of landing pages for online courses so that we can have a better grasp on what the page should look like. 

DIY Video School

The DIY Video School does a fantastic job of narrowing its attention to one call to action, which is to sign up for the course.

They restrict users’ ability to navigate away from the landing page to encourage them to read further down the page.

They have also included a few customer endorsements on the landing page. It consists of a statement made by a former pupil, a photograph of that pupil, their current occupation, and a link to view a complete video testimonial. 

Video testimonials are effective marketing tools that may increase conversion rates, as future students will feel better spending their money on something after being told by past students that it works. 

There are a few ways that this landing page could be improved. Because there is a lot of text in the top navigation bar, there are instances when it blends in with the backdrop.

This makes it more difficult to comprehend the content on the landing page, which may cause visitors to leave the website rather than continue reading. 

They have to think about including distinct divisions all over the landing page. The beginnings and endings of the many sections are not quite clear, which makes it difficult to scan the page.

Because the majority of visitors won’t read the page word for word, having clearly defined parts that include headers and subheadings will make it simpler to go through the landing page.

They include a link to view a demo video at the very top of the page (which is another excellent way to retain visitors on the landing page), and the movie opens up within the landing page itself.

However, if you want to boost the number of people who see the course and advertise it, including this on the landing page would be a good idea.

Hootsuite – AdEspresso University

The landing page for AdEspresso University does a fantastic job of utilizing headers to break up the page in a logical manner.

Because of this, it is much simpler to scan the page in search of the content that the student could be interested in reading further about.

A user-generated video of a student who had a favorable experience with the course is included among the testimonials, along with a few anecdotes from Facebook group discussions.

It’s a smart move to offer different kinds of social evidence in many different formats.

The other component of their page that we want to highlight is their on-page navigation. There is a lot of information on what is included in the course and how it operates provided on the main page. 

The primary headline is not particularly original, but it does a good job of explaining what the product is all about. There is room for improvement in the supplementary heading though.

Keep in mind that these are the first words that a visitor to the website will read, so it needs to stand out from the crowd and keep them interested.

The language in the CTA is not convincing, even though the CTA buttons have a color that contrasts visually with the rest of the page, so it’s easy to see. 

When the CTA displays on the landing page, there are several opportunities to change the wording that appears beside it. The conversion rate of personalized CTAs is 202% higher than that of standard CTAs (such as “sign-up” or “submit”). 

Consider the content that was just presented as well as the possible phrases that may be utilized to persuade the visitor to CTA on your website. 

Live Off Your Passion

When you first arrive at the website, you will see a video with the course’s creator in which they discuss the motivation for the creation of the course, the potential influence it may have, and how it can be of use to you. 

He emphasizes the fact that his training is based on years of expertise as well as his TED presentation, which has gotten more than 2 million views.

This demonstrates to the visitor the legitimacy of the founder as well as the founder’s enthusiasm for the course.

The social proof component is given a lot of attention on the landing page for Live Off Your Passion. They have a testimonial with a “before and after” picture that shows what the student was going through before taking the course and how they are now thriving on their passion after completing the course. 

Additional testimonies are presented in written form at various points across the landing page.

The CTAs are prominently displayed across the website, and they usually take the form of an orange button, which stands out nicely against the white backdrop.

They change the wording that is displayed on each button so that it corresponds with the content that comes after it on the landing page. Because you don’t want the CTA to be overly repetitious, this is a solid method.

Like all sites, there is room for improvement. There is a header, and then there is a section for videos, which makes the top of the website appear strange. When you first look at this website, it doesn’t look that nice either. 

Depending on the size of your screen, the video may be cut off once your press play; nonetheless, it should be placed in the forefront and center of the page because it is the primary material that will attract visitors.

It should come as no surprise that testimonials play an essential role in the successful marketing of this course. On this landing page, in addition to the testimonies that we stated, they provided a few more. 

They could think about compiling user-made video testimonials into a video and distributing it to other potential customers.

If taking this class is transforming people’s lives, the students who do well in it should will much easier be able to convey this in a video rather than in a written statement. 


ConvertKit does an excellent job with both the primary and supporting headlines on its website to engage the reader, explain what the course can accomplish for them, and attract them to the course. 

Nine out of ten visitors who read your headline will also read your CTA. When visitors land on this page, it is the very first thing they see, and it plays a significant role in determining whether or not they continue reading.

The value proposition may be summed up in a few words and is easy to understand. They consist of a brief checklist that connects an issue that the visitor may be experiencing with the way that ConverKit can help. 

They back this up with social evidence from two former students of the course who say the product met or exceeded their expectations in some way.

The CTA is presented simply and is located both at the top and the bottom of the page. Their concluding argument is compelling, as it demonstrates the large number of creators that they have assisted over the past few years, and encourages the visitor to sign up for a free account so that they may grow their company.

The material presented in the class could have been covered in greater detail. They clarify that there are two courses included, and each course has four modules and twenty lessons.

There is a concise list in the form of bullet points that outlines the topics covered in the class, but this is not sufficient.

They could perhaps think about adding additional information here and including some pictures or a video so that readers can get an inside look at the course.

They could put up a video testimonial compilation showing how their course has benefitted thousands of people, which would be an effective way to demonstrate their influence.

Videos are extremely effective, and their inclusion on a landing page has been shown to increase conversions by as much as 86%.

Your Story School

This landing page is rather lengthy, yet it manages to cram a lot of material and information about the course in an organized manner. 

The primary headline is one of a kind and encourages the visitor to continue reading more. This landing page tells a story for the most part, which is appropriate given the demographic they are trying to attract.

The value proposition is unmistakable and immediately jumps out from the rest of the text. They have also done an excellent job of outlining what is included in the course as well as how it can be adapted to other platforms.

In the middle of the page, an overview is shown, and then, near the bottom of the page, the information is split down into sections. 

The landing page incorporates testimonials throughout its design to create social proof. In addition to that, there is a part that discusses the creator of the course.

Because it helps to create credibility, including this on the landing pages of an online course is a fantastic idea.

The top of the page has navigation links, which might be useful given that this landing page contains a lot of information.

Some visitors may want to skim over the page to get the information they’re looking for rather than reading it in its entirety.

They did add powerful testimonials on the landing page; however, to make the page more compelling, they should put the testimonials into video form.

Videos foster a deeper emotional connection, and our feelings play a role in the products that we ultimately purchase. 

In addition to this, 66 percent of customers have reported that they are more inclined to purchase after learning how the product or service affected another person.


The 5 examples of landing pages for online courses presented here are only a small glimpse of the possibilities available to you.

We hope that the information presented here might be useful to you in developing the landing page for your online course. 

Keep in mind to include the essential components, and minimize the number of navigation links that divert the visitor’s attention away from the landing page.

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