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Masterclass Vs. Udemy

Masterclass Vs Udemy – Honest Review and Worth 2023

Are you ready to dive into a new learning experience, take your existing skills to new heights, or learn something completely different? Well, Masterclass and Udemy may have something to offer. Masterclass Vs Udemy – Honest Review and Worth 2023

These two online learning providers are pretty different, but they each have something for everyone.

Whatever your new skills or career field, you can benefit from taking an online course, and we’re here to help you choose your provider.

Let’s read the complete article and find which is better from Masterclass vs Udemy

What Is Masterclass

Masterclass classes markets itself as one of the leading development and training providers in the world.

This online learning platform was launched in 2015 and started off with just three instructors and twelve classes. 

Masterclass has evolved significantly since its inception.

Masterclass prides itself on its high-quality teachers, and the platform boasts many celebrities and industry leaders who work hard to teach high-quality courses to anyone who wishes to access them. 

Anyone with a good internet connection and the cash for the course fees can enroll in a Masterclass course.

Masterclass offers a whole host of courses, from food, music, business and writing, to science and technology, community and government, sports and gaming, and wellness. 

To date, Masterclass has over 150 online courses to choose from, all taught by celebrities and industry-leading professionals.

You can access these courses on your desktop, smartphone, smart TV, and tablet. You can even choose from audio-only options, so you can listen to your course on the go. 

Some of the celebrities and industry professionals you can expect to see teaching on the platform include: 

Masterclass Teaching Style 

Masterclass Vs. Udemy

Masterclass aims to be as diverse as possible. However, the exact course content will vary between instructors.

All courses benefit from large chunks of video content; however, many courses will also have quizzes, interactive assignments, workbooks, and community activities. 

As you’d expect, all Masterclass courses are self-paced, meaning you won’t have to complete them within a set time frame.

Most courses are between 2-5 hours long; however, some course lengths vary. Each course is also broken up into smaller lessons, so it’s easier to revisit them at a later date.  

Masterclass Pricing 

Now, let’s get to the important question – pricing. Everything comes at a price, but how much can you expect to pay for a Masterclass learning experience? 

Well, in 2021, Masterclass went down a different route and started testing different subscription models alongside their flat-rate annual memberships.

This has resulted in a new three-tier pricing model for their subscription, which looks like this:

Individual ($180 p/a, $15 p/m): With the individual membership (formerly called the Standard Plan), you’ll have access to Masterclass that’s aimed solely at single learners. Features include: 

  • Access to all courses
  • Watch on a computer, TV, phone, or tablet 
  • Lowers the cost of buying Masterclass courses individually 

The only restriction with this plan is that you can’t download courses and view them offline. You also won’t be able to stream your online classes on more than one device at a time.  

Duo ($240 p/a, $20 p/m): With this plan (it used to be called the Plus Plan), you’ll have an experience that’s aimed toward couples. Most of the features on this plan are identical to the individual plan. However, you’ll be able to download courses and view them offline, and you can stream your courses on up to two devices (hence the ‘duo’ branding). 

Family ($276 p/a, $23 p/m): If your whole family wants to learn with Masterclass, opt for the Family Plan (previously called the Premium Plan). You can stream course material on multiple devices, and it works out cheaper than buying individual subscriptions for your family members. 

The family plan features don’t differ much from the duo plan, either. The only real difference is that you’ll be able to stream your Masterclass videos on up to 6 different devices. 

As you can see, Masterclass takes on a pretty similar pricing model to Netflix. This is pretty apt, as Masterclass aims to become the ‘Netflix of Learning.’

Who Should Use Masterclass

Masterclass is an investment, however, if you’re committed to learning, it’s a great one to make. 

If the idea of learning from professionals in your field excites you, Masterclass is the place to be – especially if you want to make it to the big leagues.

Celebrities and professionals share their own unique tips and tricks which you might not learn from a traditional course, and for professions like acting, this can be invaluable. 

However, if you’re not big on the idea of completing multiple courses a year, Masterclass probably isn’t for you.

Of course, you can just do one course and call it a day, but to make the most of your subscription, you’ll probably want to take a few courses. 

Thankfully, Masterclass is a fun and accessible learning experience.

You can even learn straight from your couch since their video content can be streamed on your TV, which makes learning appealing even to the most unmotivated of learners! 

Remember: Masterclass offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can always take out your subscription, test the waters and see if it’s a good fit for you. If not, you’ll have your cash back in no time. 

Masterclass: Pros And Cons


  • Unique: Learning from industry professionals and celebrities is a unique experience that few other online learning platform offers. 
  • Different Methods: Each instructor has their own teaching style, so you can expect a different approach with each course. 
  • TV Compatible: Watch your video courses directly from your Smart TV for a more relaxed learning experience. 
  • Good Quality: All videos are exceptionally produced and well-edited. This translates into an exceptional learning experience that’s consistently good across the board. 


  • Too Broad: Unfortunately, not all of these and many publish courses feel too specialized. It can feel like the instructors are aiming at a pretty broad audience, which feels impersonal. 
  • Lack of Traditional Methods: Not all Masterclass courses offer traditional resources like assignments and practicals, which may not be suitable for all learners. 

What Is Udemy? 

Masterclass Vs. Udemy

Udemy is one of the leading online learning providers in the world. Udemy has significantly more Udemy courses than Masterclass (over 204,000, to be precise), covering a whole range of topics, which we’ll explore more later.

Udemy was founded in January 2010, and since it first launched, it has developed a loyal student base of 54 million and counting. 

Although some Udemy courses are free, most will require you to pay a small course fee. You can also choose from monthly subscription plans that give you access to a larger variety of courses. 

Like Masterclass, Udemy can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. Whether you want to learn on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone, it’s all possible with Udemy.

Some of Udemy’s most popular courses are based on web development, digital marketing, graphic design, and IT, but like other online learning platforms, this also provides courses on a variety of subjects, including: 

  • Health and Fitness
  • Music
  • Office Productivity 
  • Teaching and Academics 
  • Personal Development 

… and many more. 

Udemy Teaching Style 

Like Masterclass, Udemy is predominantly video-based. However, Udemy breaks this up nicely with other techniques, including online quizzes, activities, workbooks, and more. 

With Udemy, free courses are often no more than 2 hours long; however, some paid courses can be much longer. All courses are self-paced, so you can dip in and out of learning whenever you like.

This is great for busy learners who want to balance their studies with other commitments. 

Udemy Pricing 

If you’re considering taking a course with Udemy, it’s important to understand their pricing structure.

Although Udemy offers free courses, many of their most popular and in-depth ones will come at a price. So, let’s explore Udemy’s pricing plans in a little more depth. 

Udemy works a little differently to Masterclass. In most cases, courses are individually priced, and course costs can vary. You can expect to pay anywhere between $12.99-$100+ for a course.

However, Udemy is pretty good at running regular promotions and course discounts to make these more accessible. 

The price of each course is determined by the instructor who curates it. However, both Udemy and the course instructor have the power to offer discounts at any time. 

Udemy Business

However, things are a little different for businesses. If you want to put your whole workforce through Udemy learning, you can use Udemy Business to upskill and develop your workforce.

There are three pricing plans for Udemy Business: 

The Team Plan: The team plan is available to between 5-20 users, and it’s around $360/user/year, plus taxes. 

Leadership Development Programs: These programs can be open or private, and they can be tailored to your business. For more information on leadership and business development, contact Udemy directly. 

The Enterprise Plan: This plan can be accessed by 21 or more employees, and prices are customized according to your needs. Contact Udemy for more information. 

Who Should Use Udemy? 

So, what learners will benefit the most from Udemy? 

Well, anyone who wants access to self-paced learning and more traditional learning methods, such as quizzes and assignments, will be a great fit for Udemy.

Just remember that course content and materials can vary between each course, so do your research first. 

Udemy offers lifetime access to SO many courses that almost anyone in any field can find a course to suit them.

Whether you want to upskill or simply learn something new in your free time, Udemy is an excellent learning provider for students of all ages and abilities. 

Udemy: Pros And Cons 


  • Accessible: There are various learning materials to choose from. Different languages and subtitles are also available
  • Free Courses: Not all courses require a fee, so you can learn for free
  • Huge Catalog: Udemy offers a huge amount of courses, so you’ll have plenty to choose from 
  • Self-Paced: Like most providers, Udemy is self-paced, so you can learn whenever and wherever you want to 


  • Inconsistent: Unfortunately, because instructors can upload their own courses, the quality is inconsistent. 
  • Certificates aren’t Accredited: Not all Udemy certificates are accredited, so not all employers have to accept them 

Masterclass Vs. Udemy: The Final Verdict 

As we can see, both Masterclass and Udemy are pretty different learning providers. Sure, you can learn online and at your own pace with each platform, but the fundamentals are pretty different. 

Masterclass has fewer courses than Udemy and fewer subject areas to choose from. For example, Udemy offers courses on personal development and well-being, and unfortunately, Masterclass lacks in this area. 

However, Masterclass is consistent. Each course is led by industry experts and celebrities, and the learning materials are high-quality with each course because they’re created BY Masterclass.

On the other hand, Udemy’s instructors create their own courses, which can lead to a pretty inconsistent learning experience.

Course fees can also vary widely because of this; however, Udemy DOES offer free courses, and Masterclass doesn’t. 

Ultimately, this is a tough call. Both platforms are excellent in their own right, but Udemy would be better for students looking for a more traditional learning experience.

Udemy may also be better for learners on a budget or those looking to upskill in the workforce (some courses come with accredited certifications). 

However, if you want to learn in your spare time and you’re not bothered about traditional teaching methods, Masterclass is a great option.

You can learn straight from your couch and take the odd quiz, but you won’t gain any certifications. However, you will get to learn from the best in the business – something that Udemy can’t guarantee. 

Final Thoughts 

There are so many online learning providers to choose from, but both Masterclass and Udemy are some of the most popular.

Whether you want to become accredited and boost your career or you want a more relaxed approach to learning (but learn from the best of the best), these two competitors can offer something for everyone.

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