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35 Best Free Courses On LinkedIn Learning

35 Best Free Courses On LinkedIn Learning [2023]

There is never a better time to start learning something new or upskilling what you already know. With LinkedIn, you can learn on the go, or at home when you choose one of their many free courses. From business to the creative arts, we take a look at 35 of the best free courses on LinkedIn Learning.

1. Bill George On Self-Awareness, Authenticity, And Leadership

Businessman and academic Bill George takes you through his approach to leadership. He bases it on authenticity and self-awareness. Prepare to look at yourself in an honest light, too!

2. AI The LinkedIn Way: A Conversation With Deepak Agarwal

This online course lets you meet Deepak Agarwal, the man behind the AI at LinkedIn. You will learn why data science is important in today’s business world.

3. CSS: Animation

CSS animation has become useful in recent years for web developers and designers. Learn how to use it alongside GitHub Codespaces.

4. Entrepreneurship: Finding And Testing Your Business Idea

If you have a business idea, then this lesson will help you decide whether it fills a gap in the market and whether it really is a new opportunity for you.

5. InDesign: Interactive Documents

You will learn the basics of using Indesign interactive documents for magazines, PDFs, ebooks, and more. You will also find out how to publish on the web.

6. Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Essential Training

Learn the basics of using the System Center Configuration Manager in this course description. You will learn how to deploy a full multisite environment that includes secondary sites.

7. Photography: First Steps

One of the most popular Linkedin Learning courses to get started with photography and learn the basics. From what equipment you will need, to using software and skills. You can also learn how to make the most of your smartphone’s camera.

8. PowerPoint 2019 Essential Training

Brush up your Microsoft PowerPoint skills in this quick class. You will be confidently pitching your idea in no time.

9. Responsive Layout

People use different products to browse the web and apps, so a responsive design is a must for any web developer. Learn about the basics, as well as using CSS Grid and Flexbox containers.

10. Betty Liu On Career Success

In this course with Betty Liu, you will learn how to find a passion, ace the interview, and work through a career change. It’s great for those who need a confidence boost.

11. Danny Sullivan On SEO

LinkedIn influencer, Danny Sullivan shows you how SEO can help to boost your online presence. He also looks at trends, bots, and machine learning too.

12. Guy Kawasaki On How To Rock Social Media

Whether you are looking to brand yourself or a business, Guy Kawasaki is here to help you be successful on social media. He has over a million followers, so he is worth listening to.

13. Insights From Influencers And Business Leaders

Sometimes all you need is advice in order to become successful in your own career. Take inspiration from these business leaders and influencers – from receiving feedback to crafting a great elevator pitch.

14. Microsoft Teams Bot Development

Instructor Sahil Malik is here to tell you how to set up and then configure, ready to build a bot for use in Microsoft Teams. In doing so, he is helping you to become familiar with the Microsoft Bot Framework.

15. C#: Advanced Practices

In this course, you will learn all about C# advanced practices. Instructor Mika Dumont will begin with LINQ, and then how it works alongside Entity Framework. This course is best suited to those who already have some knowledge of this area.

16. Machine Learning With ML.NET

Like other free courses, In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of online learning with machine learning and how to get yourself started. It’s an all-rounder that provides you with what you need to begin working with ML.NET.

17. WordPress: Ask The Instructor

WordPress is one of the most popular ways to create a blog or website. In this course, instructor Morten Rand-Hendriksen answers common questions about using the platform.

18. 2-Minute Tips For Marketing

Get some advice and inspiration from the experts in short – yet helpful – bursts. Learn everything from social media to performing audits and visual storytelling of Digital Marketing to do business effectively online in this free course.

19. 5-Day Photo Challenge: Portraiture

This 5-day course requires you to think about composition, light, texture, and lenses which will help you to improve your portrait photography. You can even get a new assignment at the end.

20. API Development In .NET With GraphQL

GraphQL was written originally for use at Facebook. Now it is a query language used for APIs that help with data-driven types of apps. You will learn how to build a usable framework.

21. Audio Techniques For Film, Video, And Multimedia

Instructor Scott Hirsch shares his experienced tips on becoming the best audio engineer possible. After years in the studio, he knows what he is talking about.

22. Chair Work: Yoga Fitness And Stretching At Your Desk

Learn how to implement yoga at work using basic forms of stretching and exercises that will help with posture, increase the flow of blood, and strengthen joints and muscles – all before the 11 a.m. coffee break.

23. Creating Change: Diversity And Inclusion In The Tech Industry

You will learn about key individuals in this course, one being the Black Girls Code founder, Kimberly Bryant. They are leading the way when it comes to diversity and inclusion within the tech industry. See how you can become an ally.

24. Creating Your Personal Brand

Having a strong personal brand can help you to move up in your chosen career, as well as seek out new and exciting opportunities. Learn how to identify yours.

25. Hands-On Introduction: Python

For those who want to begin using Python, this course will help to get you started. Learn the basics with Ronnie Sheer.

26. Level Up: Advanced Python

Take the next step of advancing your knowledge of Python.

27. Hands-On Introduction: Java

Learn the basics of this open-source programming language like other certification programs. It is a must-have for many developers and tech businesses.

28. CSS For Programmers

Learn how to apply CSS to different programming problems, as well as how to get it to work smoothly.

29. Women Transforming Tech: Breaking Bias

As a woman, learn how to break the bias and pave your own way for change in the tech industry. Others can learn from this too!

30. HR Recruiting Communication Strategies

As HR, learn how you can attract new talent (whether in office or remote), and counter the growing employee turnover rate.

31. Growing Your Small Business With LinkedIn

Learn how to use LinkedIn to your advantage with a small business. Take the steps to make your business become heard on the platform.

32. Florent Groberg On Finding Your Purpose After Active Duty

After active duty, learn how you can transition successfully back to civilian life and use your skills to get back into work.

33. Ethics And Law In Data Analytics

This Microsoft Professional Program offering explores how legal and ethical frameworks apply to data professions. What problems are posed when using AI and analytics?

34. Creative Pro Careers: Staying Ahead

This course gives you a basic overview of many creative areas, from UX design to photography and video. Learn how to stay ahead as a content creator.

35. Audio And Music Production Careers: First Steps

If you want to get into the audio and music production space, then learn from Garrick Chow. He has many years of experience to get you started.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn Learning has a plethora of different online courses and subjects for you to dip your toes into. From learning InDesign, and Project Management to leadership, the Linkedin Learning certificate is something for everyone in the above free courses.

We really hope that you have liked this article on free Linkedin Learning courses and that now your critical thinking and targeted online marketing strategy will help your business.

A LinkedIn machine learning assessment is very useful when it comes to applying for roles on the platform. It is...
Python is one of the most widely-used programming languages across the entirety of the internet. The language is incredibly sophisticated...
Python is one of the most widely-used programming languages across the entirety of the internet. The language is incredibly sophisticated...
A LinkedIn machine learning assessment is very useful when it comes to applying for roles on the platform. It is...