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How Much Is Course Hero

How Much Is Course Hero? Plans and Packages 2023

Course Hero is a website based learning platform from which students can access course-specific study materials that a community of educators and students has contributed. 

But, do you know how much is course hero price and what is the registration process is?

The site is a form of a crowdsourced platform where students can have easy access to study guides, practice problems, class notes, infographics, detailed explanations, class notes, essays, videos, lab reports, questions, and the answers that have been prepared specially by tutors and original material from instructors. 

You must be a member of the Course Hero program (see also ‘Can You Cancel Course Hero?‘) for you to be able to access all of this available study content.

You can only access the content with a paid subscription or if you upload original material then you can receive what the platform refers to as unlocks. 

When it comes to uploading original material to receive the free unlocks, for every ten pieces of content you upload you will receive five free unlocks.

For some people, this may sound like a good deal but to some it can be looked at as doing double the work for half the reward.

However, if you do not have a paid subscription and you require some urgent study materials, then it would only make sense to upload your original course specific papers to get the free unlocks. 

Is It Worth Paying For?

Course Hero has more benefits to outweigh the cost of the program and is a worthwhile service.

The reason for the subscription being worth the money is due to if you do not upload enough content for the specific course you wish to use then you will not be able to access any of the material.

Students who take the plunge and pay the subscription will reap the benefits of doing so as the content provided is precious to a student who wishes to use them as a study tool to understand their area of study better.

The value gained from the courses is well worth the $19.95 per month.

If you have the subscription then you should expect 30 document unlocks per month, 24/7 homework support and help from Course Hero’s expert tutors.

Easy access to study materials that contain a step-by-step guide to the most used textbook questions that are verified by instructors or educators on said topics.

You will gain access to the platform’s online library containing more than 25 million course specific study resources.

It’s because of all these perks that if you’re a student looking for valuable resources then Course Hero is worth the admittedly rather pricey subscription.

And if you want to cancel the Course hero subscription, you can simply open the account settings and unsubscribe your membership. It’s that easy.

Is The Pricing Fair 

The pricing will always depend on the subscription plan you wish to pay for. If you would choose to have a monthly plan then it will cost you $39.99 per month.

If you choose the quarterly plan then it will be $19.95 per month and finally, the annual plan will cost only $9.95 per month. 

The higher your subscription plan in terms of duration the less you pay.

This is aimed at college students who will have more than a year before they graduate and thus the cheapest plan ‘the annual plan’ is perfect as it will cost less and also give premium access to everything that Course Hero (see also ‘Is Course Hero Cheating? Complete Review‘) has to offer. 

What Is Course Hero Tutoring?

Course Hero offers a wide range of course specific material that is perfect for all students. It’s important to understand the worth of Course Hero Tutoring Homework Help and what it is.

Course Hero Tutoring 

Course Hero Tutoring is a sub platform within the Course Hero website. It allows students to seek help from the company’s expert tutors.

How Much Is Course Hero (1)

You will be able to get 24/7 homework help in which you will receive step-by-step answers to any questions you may have. 

When accessing Homework Help, you will see the section at the top of the webpage where you will simply need to answer any questions you have and any other information that can help clarify the answer you want.

You may also need to specify the course if the question can be applied to multiple courses, but this is usually just optional. Students will receive answers in less than 15 minutes.

Is Homework Help Worth It?

Now you understand what Course Hero Homework Help is and how to key in your questions, it’s now time to explore the cost, benefit and worth. This feature is available on all paid subscription plans. 

There are many benefits to Homework Help. The first is that students will get help from tutors who are employed directly by Course Hero.

These expert tutors are typically specialists in specific subjects hence the reason why you can be required to specify the subject area you are studying before submitting your questions. 

Another benefit is the 24/7 support available. Meaning you can post your question at any time of day and you will receive a step-by-step answer in a short period of time.

To get specific answers you should include specific instructions that the tutor will use as a guide when responding to your question.

You should also ask specific questions individually so that they can be answered by several tutors at the same time this makes sure answers are delivered faster. 

How To Get The Most From Course Hero

To get the absolute most from your money first purchase the cheapest annual plan or subscription of $9.95 per month. Use Course Hero Homework Help (see also ‘Can I Cancel Course Hero Anytime?‘) to ask tutors any specific questions to get the best step-by-step answers. 

Upload your documents from the past to get some free unlocks if you do not wish to have a paid subscription. Also, use the resources from other students to guide you when writing your papers. 

Finally, make sure to use textbook study guides to help you understand the content of any particular book. 

Course Hero (see also our article on the Course Hero free trial) is well worth the money if you get the most from it.

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