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Course Hero Review

Course Hero Review: Features, Pros & Cons (2023)

Whether you are looking to start making money online through course hero as an opportunity to help others, or if you want to start learning through course hero then you will have plenty of questions about this learning platform. 

However, some people have claimed that course hero exploits students and tutors alike for a profit.

Is this legit? Or is it all a cruel rumor, or even just the result of a few unfortunate individuals not getting what they wanted out of this platform? 

That is what we are here to tell you about, in this Course Hero review we will talk about, what exactly it is that they do, and give you an extra insight on what to expect and how they work, so you can decide if you want to pursue something on Course Hero. 

So, Course Hero… What do we know?

What Is Course Hero?

Let’s start off real simple. Who is Course Hero? 

Well, Course Hero is an online learning platform, they provide resources for students and tutors. Allowing them to access countless subject specified documents for the purpose of learning and developing skills. 

Course Hero was founded in 2006, and it spawned out of Redwood City in California. They provide different ways for people to make online money.

This could be through tutoring, through the uploading of documentation, and through the referral of friends. 

It is not unlike many other online learning platforms, really. It is like StudySoup, or even a bit like Udemy in some ways. 

The platform will pay you to upload different types of educational materials, this includes flashcards, study guides, quizzes, practice exams, and class notes. 

If you were to refer a friend, you could even get a commission out of it from the materials they end up uploading to the platform. 

However, if you decided tutoring is more your thing, you could tutor. However, tutoring for Course Hero is a bit different than some other online course platforms. 

Instead of having a virtual classroom styled set up, Course Hero does their learning through tutors functioning through a forum that is styled like a Q&A set up. 

It is a great way to help other people if you are not the kind of person who enjoys doing 1-1 live videos, or work-at-home tutoring such as many of the other platforms. 

Still, if none of these appeal to you. You can always look into other ways to score some extra cash online.

But, Course Hero is a place for some people to learn, and for others to get some cash in by tutoring, providing a Q&A service, and through uploading documents or referrals. 

Is Course Hero Legit?

Before we get into anything else, let’s just address some of those rumors. 

People have asked if Course Hero is a scam, thanks to some sour reviews out there. It is not a scam that sets up a website and just rips you off, like it is nothing. 

However, there are some fair complaints about the site, and it’s functioning.

People accuse it of being a scam, however, they have been around for over 10 years, and while the internet is a wild and varied place, if they were a scam, they would not be likely to have survived this long. 

They are a large part of the learning industry, even though their services may not be traditional, they are still valid. 

There are complaints such as:

“Course Hero is a scam. They pay me, and they don’t value other tutors. One works so hard but is paid less.” 

We want to clarify that different pay rates does not mean that something is a scam. In fact, if this was the definition of a scam then many working environments could be investigated for being a scam. This is not the definition of a scam. 

There, however, have also been some accusations that Course Hero gets people to work for them as tutors, but then kicks them before they pay them.

This would be more alike to the definition of a scam. 

It is a pretty serious claim, and it is concerning that there are quite a few complaints which all report this same thing. 

Now, this is not always the case from many published experiences with the site. However, what can be seen is their Terms and Conditions. 

Their T’s & C’s prevent them from being held liable for any malware downloaded through the site, as well as incorrect answers or information and so on. 

We cannot strictly say that it is a scam, as the issue primarily seems to be in how they are not liable for any incorrect information or even if someone were to upload malware or malicious content through the site and others were to download it. 

It is hard to say that it is a scam, as the company simply would not exist for over 10 years if it were. It does also seem to work for some people, but it depends on the individual experience with the site. 

A person who is receiving incorrect answers, and had their grades suffer for it, while the tutor gets paid for the answer is likely to feel that it is a scam, but, legally, it is not, as their T’s & C’s do not hold them liable for this. 

It is tricky, but we will leave you to make of it what you will, and we can’t verify each complaint, so it is up to you to decide what to make of this. 

How Does Course Hero Work?

So, how does all this work? Well, the registration process required for being a tutor is pretty basic and straightforward, however, it could take days to weeks depending on how many areas you decide to tutor in.

Once you have made your account and filled out your application, you will go through a phone interview process, and if you get accepted then you only need to attend a simple, one-day basic training course. 

It all seems pretty simple and basic, right? 

Tutoring Requirements

There actually are not any specific requirements you need in terms of education or tutoring in order to tutor on Course Hero.

That being said, you will need to prove that you actually do have some relevant knowledge in whichever subject areas you want to answer questions about and teach for. 

You also need to have web access and a working computer.

Finally, if you want to earn some cash through the uploading of class notes, study guides and so on, you need to have a scanner, or even a cell phone with a reasonable/ quality camera. 

How Much Does It Cost For Students?

If you are a student wanting to use Course Hero then you will find yourself paying somewhere from $10 to around $40, although it does depend whether you choose to spend on a monthly, annual, or bi-annual basis. 

Students can have access to the flashcards for free though.

Alternatively, if you want to tutor, then tutoring and uploading documents does not actually cost anything, and you should make money instead. 

What Does Course Hero Pay Tutors?

If you are interested in tutoring for Course Hero, you will not be getting a salary. There is no solid information that they provide when it comes to pay. 

However, according to the online world, people have made statements saying they have received between $0.25 to $0.75 per document uploaded. But, with tutoring for questions, it can be between $1 to $5 per question. 

However, it does seem to usually be on the lower scale of things, with some factors depending on the complexity of what is being asked and the subject. 

Course Hero Review (1)

It is not totally unlikely that a single question could have several smaller questions inside which also need to be explained before the primary question can be answered effectively. 

Then, as a tutor, how many questions that will be available for you to answer will depend entirely on what subjects, and how many you have been approved for, as well as how quickly you can answer them accurately. 

What Does Course Hero Claim To Offer Their Students?

Course Hero and many similar websites collect test files and such and put all of this information on the table, for everyone to have access too. 

By providing old exams, class notes, and other valuable study information to students, it provides students with an extra opportunity to learn material which they may not have otherwise understood when a professor taught the subject for the first time around. 

Students may not understand a concept, or a class may not be taught to them in the ideal way for them, they may have had problems with homework, or have even missed a lecture.

Websites like such fill in the gaps for such students. 

What Does Course Hero Claim To Offer Their Faculty?

For teachers/tutors, Course Hero allows them to see how students share information taught, and gives them an insight into how other professors may teach a subject they teach to better expand their teaching. 

It is possible to gain new ideas on the ways to convey information, and understand which tests, problems and subjects students find most difficult. 

There is also an aspect of social development as well as learning when it comes to sites such as these.

What Are Our Concerns 

While we cannot state completely that Course Hero is a scam, there is something rather concerning about the amount of reports of unwanted behavior.

This includes students complaining about getting incorrect answers (thus impacting their grades), and tutors getting their accounts deactivated just before the pay date. 

Clients typically note that they are getting charged insanely high fees for information which is essentially worthless, and they cannot prevent the company from auto-charging them for this service. 

Tutors seem to state that their accounts are getting closed, and gain no earnings, even once they have spent hours working to answer people’s questions. 

If there were just one or two complaints, this might not be so concerning.

However, with the vast amount of complaints, and the consistency in how regular they are and that they are all saying essentially the same thing, it does seem that there is something not quite right. 

The other concern is that with so many complaints, you still trade hours for money, even if you do not get kicked from being a Course Hero tutor, and the pay is not high. 

There is no potential for a passive income, and with the pay being so low, it is better to seek out an opportunity which will provide you with higher pay for your time.

There is not much balance in terms of reviews either… 


Let’s take a look at the coverall ratings and some comments:

Sitejabber: 1.4 out of 5. 

g2 : 3.5 out of 5. 

TrustPilot: 3.1 out of 5. 

Glassdoor: 4.1 out of 5. 3.7 out of 5. 

“I have been associated with course tutors for a long time with 95% rating, but recently they disabled my account and robbed me of my earnings”. – Tutor

“I got Course Hero thinking I would only pay $9 a month. They have taken $119, and I have to call my bank…” – Student 

“There are a lot of documents that get published onto the platform that are not owned by the person uploading them”. – Student.


  • Unique Q&A tutoring style for more flexibility. 
  • Free sign up. 
  • Many ways to earn money,
  • Flexible for students.


  • Low Paying.
  • High count of negative reviews. 
  • Do not get as much money for your time. 
  • A lot of bad feedback.

So, Is It Worth It?

Course Hero has the potential to be good, but there are a lot of worries around it.

For students, it can be ideal, however, for tutors, there are other sites which have a much better way to earn money and earn more!

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