Can You Cancel Course Hero?

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Can You Cancel Course Hero?

Course Hero is an online learning website that is the most convenient study aid for college students everywhere.

It aims to help students get better grades by providing access to course materials and tutors.

With lots of tutor help and an immense array of learning resources available, Course Hero has proven to be a great help for students studying in college.

However, like just about any other service offered today, Course Hero may not have worked for everyone, so here is the question. Can you cancel course hero subscription? This article has every aspect of this topic.

If you’ve purchased a subscription to this service to aid your studies but realized it isn’t the right fit for you, or you no longer require the service after finishing your studies, you may be looking to cancel your subscription.

If you want to know more about canceling your Course Hero subscription, here’s everything you need to know!

Can You Cancel At Any Time?

Yes, you can! Canceling a Course Hero subscription is as straightforward as it comes. These subscriptions are recurring and aren’t one-time charges.

This means you will be charged at the end of whichever plan you choose – whether that’s monthly, quarterly, or annually.

If you opt for a monthly plan, Course Hero will automatically charge the card associated with the account at the end of the billing period.

This will continue until you actively choose to revoke the recurring charge for the subscription.

Canceling your subscription to this service means you won’t be charged for the next period but it will not refund recent or newly acquired recurring charges.

To summarize: you can easily cancel Course Hero whenever you want, provided it is before the next billing cycle is over.

If you have opted for an annual subscription then you’ll need to cancel at least seven business days before the end of the current subscription period to let the cancellation be put into effect.

This will ensure you don’t get charged for the upcoming year.

Before you can cancel your Course Hero access, you must make sure to pay off any remaining fees or debt.

Can You Get A Refund?

If you somehow forget to cancel your subscription before the end of the previous billing period, you may be charged for the next period even if you have no plans to use it.

At this point, you’re probably a little bit stressed trying to work out whether or not you can get a refund.

Fortunately, you can!

Course Hero offers a refund for new renewals provided you haven’t used any features such as questions or unlocks, and haven’t violated the terms of use of the program.

If you’re unsure whether or not you qualify for a full refund, you can use social media or email to contact the Course Hero customer service team and fill in the customer support form to request a refund.

All refund requests are generally processed within one to three business days.

How To Cancel A Course Hero Subscription?

One of the best features of Course Hero is that it’s available on multiple platforms. However, this is not the same when it comes to canceling your subscription.

You can only cancel Course Hero in the same manner in which you purchased it, whether that’s from iTunes, the official website, or the Google Play Store.

If you started your subscription from the browser you also cannot cancel it on an iOS device, and vice versa.

iOS Device

iOS Device

If you have canceled or upgraded your Course Hero subscription from the iOS app then you can only cancel it through your iTunes app or your settings.

You must be logged in with the same Apple ID to cancel but you can use any iOS device to do it.

  • Open the App Store and click on your Profile icon in the top right corner of your screen. You can then click on the Subscriptions option.
  • If you’re accessing it from Settings then click on your Apple ID name card at the top of the screen and navigate to Subscriptions.
  • Once you’ve completed either of these steps you will have a full list of your past and present subscriptions. To cancel Course Hero, tap on the option and click Cancel Subscription to officially cancel it and revert to a free account.


It’s also pretty easy to cancel Course Hero using an Android phone.

  • If you upgraded your Course Hero account from your Android phone then you must log into the Google Play Store with the right Google account to cancel your subscription.
  • Click on your Profile in the top right corner of your phone screen to open a menu. Here, you can navigate to Payments and Subscriptions and then tap on Subscriptions to access the full list.
  • Navigate to Course Hero and click Cancel Subscription, and then click Confirm to verify that you want to end your subscription and revert to a free account.


If you subscribed through the official website then you must log into your account from your browser to cancel.

Hover over your profile icon in the top right corner and click Account Settings from the main menu.

Tap Stop Recurring Membership and then follow the steps on-screen to officially cancel your Course Hero subscription. (Yes, it’s that simple!)

Remember: completely removing your account from Course Hero will not remove all of the documents you have uploaded to the program. You’ll need to directly contact the Course Hero team to do so.

The Better Grades Guarantee

Subject to certain eligibility requirements, Course Hero (see also ‘Does Course Hero Cost Money?‘) will fully refund the cost of the membership if you do not earn a higher overall GPA for the academic year that you first subscribed to Course Hero (compared to the previous term where you were not using the platform).


Yes, you can cancel Course Hero – and it’s a relatively straightforward process, too!

Make sure you log in to the relevant account and venture back to the point of purchase to officially begin the cancellation process, and everything should be resolved within a couple of days!

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