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Does Course Hero Cost Money?

Does Course Hero Cost Money? Plans And Alternatives 2023

Andrew Grauer, a Cornell University graduate, established the education technology website, Course Hero.

It allows you to access class notes, homework assignments, previous exams, textbook answers, interactive flashcards, lesson plans, and test study tips.

But does course hero cost money? Let’s talk about that!

Students can organize study groups on Course Hero’s platform and can share materials and brainstorm.

They may also search the database for materials, get online coaching, and finish online courses.

Course Hero (see also our article on canceling Course Hero) offers a basic membership which is free but will limit you on what you can access.

There are also paid memberships that you can pay monthly, every three months, or yearly which vary in pricing. 

How Course Hero Helps Students And Faculty

For many years, student organizations, clubs, fraternities, and sororities have gathered exam files, providing members of those organizations a clear edge over others.

Course Hero (see also ‘How Much Is Course Hero?‘) and similar websites level the playing game by putting everything on the table for everyone.

Course Hero (see also ‘Can I Cancel Course Hero Anytime?‘) provides students a second chance to master information that they didn’t get the first time a professor delivered it by offering class notes, previous tests, and more.

These websites offer an opportunity for atonement and learning for students who struggled with a subject in class, had difficulties with a homework assignment, or skipped a lecture.

Course Hero (see also ‘Is Course Hero Cheating?‘) offers instructors the option to look at the many ways other professors are presenting related courses and to observe how students are disseminating the knowledge you educate them.

You may gather resources, learn which quizzes and homework assignments were the most challenging, and gain ideas to help you better instruct your students.

These websites support societal advancement as well. You may join a study group and get to know classmates you would not have otherwise interacted with.

You have the option of meeting at a real table and chairs on campus or using the internet to learn.

Course Hero (see also ‘Does Course Hero Have A Free Trial?‘) enables you to connect with others who you can assist and who can help you in this way.

The more users interact on platforms like Course Hero (see also ‘Can You Cancel Course Hero?‘), the more instructors and students may learn, develop, and share.

Course Hero Pricing

As a platform for crowdsourcing education technology, Course Hero offers free membership alternatives that entail posting content, signing up as a tutor, or introducing a friend to the website.

These actions all unlock resources.

Verified Course Hero reviews state that this offers restricted access to the study content.

However, if you choose premium services, you’ll get immediate access to all the content.

Read this article to know more about Course Hero Pricing and plans.

Annual Membership: This is a great deal for long-term students. Every year, you’ll be charged $119.40. A pupil may ask a tutor up to forty questions.

3-Month Membership: Every three months, you’ll be charged $59.85. A user can ask the tutor up to 20 questions.

Monthly Membership: Users can ask up to ten tutor questions using this option. It’s the most costly, costing $39.99.

Does Course Hero Cost Money?

You will be paid between $0.50 and $0.75 for each document you post if it is beneficial if you are uploading papers.

Tutoring fees can range from $1 to $5 per hour, depending on how challenging the subject is.

There could be numerous questions concealed within one question when you unpack it.

The instability of the work that is available is more of a problem with online employment than the pay-per-task model.

On the other hand, using Course Hero along with other online money-making strategies will guarantee that you always have money in your pocket.

All of the courses offered on the website are priced in US dollars because Course Hero is a US-based company.

Additionally, if you are outside of the US, keep in mind that depending on the currency you are using to make purchases at Course Hero, currency conversions could be required.

Course Hero Free Membership

Users with various needs can choose between a basic membership and a premium membership. Free membership is the bare minimum.

Non-paying members can get help from the company’s online teachers for a price à la carte.

Premier Members can unlock up to 30 papers and/or User Questions in addition to receiving up to 40 Questions and having access to all of Course Hero’s textbook solutions and explanations.

Does Course Hero Offer Refunds?

The return policy at Course Hero is excellent.

If you are utilizing Course Hero for the first time and discover that your GPA has decreased from the previous semester, Course Hero will give you a complete refund.

Give the customer service staff copies of your transcripts to receive the refund.

Additionally, you are always free to end your subscription.

Course Hero Alternatives

If the pricing of Course Hero is outside of your budget or it does not offer what you are looking for, here are some alternatives you can try instead. 


Quizlet (see also ‘Is Quizlet Plus Worth It?‘) enables students to practice and become experts in whatever they are learning.

Customers can create their own bespoke examination sets or browse through a data collection of millions of pre-made investigation sets on several themes.

Quizlet also saves students and teachers time by providing a variety of ways to study the content, including cheat sheets, designed games, mobile questions, and practice exams that may be used for individual or group study, in or out of the classroom.


Thinkific is an all-encompassing online course platform that enables anybody to quickly create and deliver impressive seminars on their own personalized homepage.

Thinkific makes it simple, regardless of whether you want to train your clients, sell courses to generate cash, or just build your brand and interact with your audience.


Brainscape is a flexible web and mobile learning platform that uses “versatile cheat sheets” to help students and professionals learn more quickly.

Anyone may easily create, locate, and provide cheat sheets, as well as research them using the latest techniques from psychology science.


Over 7 million people have access to StudyBlue’s collaborative learning ecosystem, which helps them master any topic.

Through a shared library of more than 250 million pieces of user-generated information, students may interact with others who are traveling the same learning path.


If you are interested in signing up for a membership at Course Hero, the membership prices depend on what plan you choose with the cheapest option being just under $9.95 a month and the most expensive option being $39.99 a month. 

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