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Course Hero Vs Chegg

Course Hero Vs Chegg: Ultimate Comparison 2023

Thanks to the internet and modern technology, we don’t have to be in school to learn anymore.

Gone are the days when we would have to sit in a boring classroom all day or spend our life savings on university degrees.

Now, with the help of online classes and schools, we could have all of the information we could ever need at our fingertips.

Online learning platforms, such as the very popular Course Hero and Chegg platforms, are excellent tools to use if you want to learn new skills or get a few more qualifications under your belt all without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

Sometimes attending classroom lectures is not enough to fully comprehend the material being covered. You may even leave the class with even more unanswered questions.

That’s why online learning platforms like Chegg and Course Hero are just as useful to school or university students as they are to everyone else. 

If you are looking for an online learning platform to try from Chegg to Course hero, then you have probably already come across both Course Hero and Chegg. But which of these platforms is better? 

Here we will cover everything that you should know about these two sites, including what they can offer, the teaching materials they provide, and how much they both cost

Keep reading to find the best learning platform from Course Hero Vs Chegg for you!

Course Hero – What Is It? 

Course Hero is an online learning platform with its headquarters in Redwood City, California.

It provides students with access to more than 20 million course-specific study resources that have been contributed by either other students or educators.

Course Hero provides learners (both students and educators) with in-depth study guides and comprehensive user-contributed study resources for a wide variety of college courses and academic subjects.

These are intended to enlighten learners and help them grasp all of the relevant concepts.

Learners may also get daily assistance from tutors who are well-educated and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Course Hero.

These tutors can answer any sort of question and provide a full explanation. 

Course Hero has a starting membership price of $9.95 per month for students that are interested in using the platform.

On Deloitte’s 2019 Technology Fast 500, which is a selected list consisting of technology, science, communications, and associated media-based enterprises, Course Hero was recognized as one of the fastest-growing firms in the USA. 

You can read a detailed Course Hero review here for more information

Course Hero’s Services

On Course Hero, you will have access to a wealth of educational resources, including the following:

  • Essays
  • Exam Sheets
  • Homework Help
  • Lab Reports
  • Lecture Notes
  • The Practice of Exams
  • Resources for Textbooks

There are also many lessons and courses on Course Hero that have been provided on the platform by several universities around the country.

These are just a few of the many that you could try: 

  • Arizona University – The Fundamentals of Corporate Finance from the 
  • Saint Leo University – Introduction to Programming
  • The University of Missouri – Fundamentals of Microeconomics 
  • Georgetown University – Managing Organizations in a Flat World.
  • Pacific Lutheran University – Tax Accounting
  • The University of Houston – Sociology

Chegg – What Is It?

Course Hero Vs Chegg

Chegg is an online learning platform with over 3 million customers that is situated in Santa Clara, California, United States of America.

As well as providing students with assistance with their homework and opportunities to win scholarships, Chegg is distinguished by the provision of online textbook answers and purchasing capabilities at reduced prices.

This contributes to the education of students.

Chegg provides its users, both students, and teachers, with access to a variety of online services, all of which may be accessed through separate memberships.

Access to the textbook solutions and the expert Q&A features, normally costs around $14.95 – $22.50 per month, depending on what level of membership you are subscribed to.

On top of assisting students in renting or purchasing online textbooks and the solutions to those textbooks, form of tutoring services, the cost of which begins at roughly $15 per week. 

Chegg’s Services 

Students should add Chegg to their list of favorites in their web browser straight away. You not only make financial savings, but you also receive assistance with challenging topics.

The following is a list of some of the services that Chegg can provide for you:

  1. The Chegg Study Site 

What should you do if you can’t find the answer to your burning question in a textbook?

Chegg provides answers to problems found in more than 34,000 different textbooks.

Chegg not only assists in locating the answer to the problem but also delivers in-depth knowledge regarding the many topics covered in the course.

In addition to this, you also get access to free online coaching for thirty minutes. 

  1. Chegg Books

College textbooks are very overpriced, and depending on your course you could be forced to spend hundreds of dollars for these necessary course materials. 

Chegg provides you with the option to rent or buy textbooks online, which not only allows you to keep the money you’ve worked so hard to earn or the savings you’ve accumulated but also enables you to browse the many textbooks that are available on a wide range of subjects.

By just renting your textbooks from Chegg, you may save up to 90% off the purchase price.

You not only have the option to rent textbooks, but you also have the ability to sell the textbooks you currently possess and make some more cash.

  1. Tutors

College and learning, in general, can be very difficult, especially if you are learning about tricky and complicated subjects.

Sometimes it can be tempting to throw in the towel, give up, and try something easier. 

But with Chegg, you are given all of the support you need to pass your classes thanks to their online tutors.

The availability of online instruction around the clock is one of Chegg’s most beneficial services.  

  1. Math Solver 

Math is a very difficult subject for many people.

Luckily if you’re stuck on a tough question then you can make use of Chegg’s math solver service that may assist you in comprehending tough mathematical ideas.

This service will not only provide you with the answer to your problem, but it will also walk you through the process of finding a solution in a step-by-step format, helping you to earn and understand the problem as you go. 

Course Hero Vs Chegg – Which Is Better? 

Course Hero Vs Chegg

Study Materials 

Your preferred kind of study materials will play a role in determining which platform is the best fit for you, so let’s take an in-depth look at what each platform, provides.

Course Hero 

Course Hero provides a variety of study tools, which may be selected according to the institution, the class, or the textbook.

You also get access to tutor assistance for your assignments around the clock and step-by-step instructions. 

The ability to submit papers, the possibility to apply to become a tutor yourself, and a database of available scholarships for students are some of the other available features.


For the study, you have access to both step-by-step answers for practice textbook questions as well as professional Q&A.

You have the option to use their computer-generated copy-and-paste checker for essays.

This checker notifies you of any grammatical flaws as well as plagiarism issues that may exist in your work. 

You also can make your digital flashcards, gain access to math instructors, and peruse other mathematical reference materials (which range from pre-algebra to linear algebra).

Winner – Tie 

Both of these platforms provide access to similar resources but are organized slightly differently. 

Chegg provides a writing resource that Course Hero does not, whereas Course Hero has a part with information on available scholarships, which is useful for those attending college.

Tutoring Resources 

Let’s take a look at what each of these options has to offer, as well as how they stack up against one another. 

Course Hero 

While Course Hero offers instructor access on a round-the-clock basis, it does not appear that the tutoring system is as thorough or nuanced.

You are going to be submitting an inquiry using a straightforward text form rather than asking for interactive courses.

This is mainly for assistance with individual questions rather than comprehensive tutoring services

While these do tend to be short replies, some of them will include breakdowns of the steps that need to be taken to solve the problem.


Chegg can provide tutors around the clock, seven days a week.

You’ll find your teacher by using their search and match engine, which will ask you to choose the type of assistance you need and match you with the right support.

From that point on, you will need to choose your area of study before being presented with a list of instructors that are active at the moment. 

Examples of possible disciplines to study include the humanities, mathematics, engineering, and sciences, as well as high school and exam preparation (ACT, SAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT). 

Tutors and students communicate with one another via virtual whiteboards, video, audio, and/or text-based chat. 

Prices for online tutoring sessions begin at seven dollars and go up from there depending on the tutor and the topic being covered.

If you are dissatisfied with the service, you have the choice to request a refund of your payment.

Winner – Chegg 

When it comes to providing instruction, Chegg is by far the most complete option.


Course Hero Vs Chegg

When it comes to choosing between different online learning platforms, one of the most important considerations that you are probably thinking about is the price.

Both Course Hero and Chegg have very different pricing options, so read carefully to find out which fits your budget best.

Course Hero 

You are eligible for a priced basic membership on Course Hero once you have created an account on the platform (which you do by providing information such as your email address, username, password, and current school).

In addition to that, they do have a premium membership option.

Basic Membership – At this level, you get access to the tutor database. When you use this service, you will be charged individually every time you access a tutor, so there is no set price. You won’t be charged a monthly price, but you won’t receive nearly as many features either.

Premium Membership – The price of this is $10 a month for an annual membership, $20 a month for a three-month subscription, and $40 for one monthly subscription. 

You will get access to 30 Q&A or documents a month, 40 questions to ask tutors, and all textbook answers if you go with any of these three different alternatives. 

According to the phrasing on the site, it appears that you may still be required to pay a separate fee for tutors, however. 


Only algebra and calculus are included in Chegg’s seven-dollar lessons, which are paid for on a per-lesson basis and include chat, on-demand support, and tutorials. 

Access to all disciplines, up to sixty minutes of lessons each month, and lessons that incorporate audio, video, and whiteboard are included for the low monthly price of thirty dollars.

You are free to terminate your monthly subscription at any time.

The materials for the studies cost money as well. (Q&As and Detailed Solutions to Textbook Problems are Included in the Study Materials.

You get access to all of these resources for a monthly fee of fifteen dollars. You have the option to terminate this at any point as well.

It will cost you ten dollars a month to use the Writing Helper tool, which checks for errors and plagiarism. 

In addition to providing thorough explanations and immediate solutions to mathematical problems, the Math Solver service charges ten dollars a month.

Flashcards are one of the free resources available (search for premade or make your own).

You need to pay for teachers when using Chegg and the fees range widely based on the length of your requirement, the topic matter, and the tutor themselves.

However, they do have a variety of monthly plans, each of which specifies the tutors, alternatives for tutoring, and homework assistance that you will have access to during that particular month.

Winner – Course Hero 

When it comes to cost, Chegg is often more expensive than its competitors.

Because it attaches monthly costs to every item, Chegg will end up being significantly more expensive for you in the long term, unless you are just interested in a single feature (like the arithmetic solver, for example).

Although a premium membership on Course Hero won’t give you as many features as signing up for all of Chegg’s services at once, it offers a better value overall for the money.

However, if you are primarily interested in receiving instruction, Chegg, which provides more thorough teaching, may still be worth the additional expense to you.

Pros And Cons Of The Platforms 

Course Hero Pros 

  • You can download entire documents.
  • Course Hero offers private instruction in addition to online textbooks and study guides.
  • Through the use of tutoring, you may increase their income with the assistance of Course Hero.
  • You might get free access to the Course Hero platform even though it’s a paid membership service. To do this, upload study materials to assist other students with their assignments

Course Hero Cons 

  • If you don’t purchase a membership, Course Hero will only give you parts of the answer. 
  • The book questions have a notably reduced number of responses available.
  • The website is not user-friendly, and its layout might be difficult to navigate.
  • Course Hero has a significantly smaller number of active subscribers compared to Chegg.

Chegg Pros 

  • Chegg comes equipped with many more useful features. They provide a variety of services that may be easily accessed by students, like the ability to rent or purchase online textbooks, in addition to tutoring and solutions for textbook problems.
  • Chegg is a wonderful website to use if you need assistance with your schoolwork or studying in general. There is useful feedback on the answers that are provided, and the information that you are receiving is, for the most part, accurate and current.
  • People can provide comments and correct answers that might not be entirely accurate using the voting and commenting option. 
  • Learners can follow along with the solution and understand how the person arrived at the right answer thanks to the step-by-step images of the solution 
  • As well as a website, Chegg also offers a mobile app that can be downloaded for free. 

Chegg Cons 

  • There are fewer responses to questions asked by students who are enrolled in higher-level programs. 
  • There are a few different memberships available, each with its price, that provide only solutions to textbook questions or tutoring.

Summary – What Platform Is The Best? 

Both Chegg and Course Hero provide you with the greatest possible learning platform, and both provide one-of-a-kind learning. 

If you had to pick between them though, then Chegg might be the best option for you.

Yes, it is more expensive than Course Hero, and you have to pay for each resource or class, but they provide you with so much information, tutoring, and support, that you really can’t go wrong with using this platform.

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