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Layla Acharya
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12 Free LMS That Support Your E-Learning Experience

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application that is created, distributed, and efficiently managed to deliver online courses and educational content.

An LMS improves the learning process by making it productive, cheaper, faster, and trackable.

LMS is helpful for educational institutions and businesses where they need to monitor registration and training.

The budget for a learning management system often includes costs such as licenses, installation, maintenance, and fees per user.

Training costs can be expensive, which is why it is valuable to source a free LMS.

Here are twelve free Learning Management Systems that you can explore. You can use these websites to offer courses or to learn from course providers.

Enhance your income by offering online training courses on these platforms or use these websites to improve your knowledge.

These twelve highly rated free LMS contain open-source tools that can benefit you.

1. Thinkific


The best free LMS websites also include Thinkific.

You can build any courses that you are proficient in and offer these on your site.

On the free Thinkific LMS plan, you can track or survey student details, import existing courses, and host discussions for up to one hundred students.

The Thinkific free LMS also accommodates small to medium-sized businesses.

You can hold meetings and share ideas for development through surveys, videos, and discussion boards.

Thinkific has proven simple to use since you drag your content to organize it in a design that you like.

Thinkific has made learning more engaging through increased student engagement via video and message hosting, which is convenient to include in courses.

Thinkific (see also ‘What Is Thinkific? Overview, Features‘) has a templated library that comes with usage instructions. These instructions outline how to use the library effectively and provide users with the best e-learning practices.

These templates are also a library with options for webinars, mini-course creation, and various valuable resources.

If you want to consider upgrading to a paid version on Thinkific, the choice should be easy.

Thinkific LMS offers the cheapest paid membership is under $55 monthly. Until then, you can enjoy the free Thinkific LMS plan, as it includes the option to register up to 100 students.

You only need to pay approximately $0.10 for each extra user.

The Thinkific basic plan provides you with access to an unlimited number of courses, making this one of the best free LMS websites.

Further reading: check out the full Thinkific review here.

2. GoSkills


GoSkills is among the list of highly-rated free LMS services.

You can use the GoSkills website to create your own courses and brand these under your name. You can also track learner progress on this platform.

You can get several free features on GoSkills. These free features include managing the course and catalog, course authorization, and access to analytics and reports.

Analytics and reports from tools are crucial since they measure the effectiveness of a course, registrations, and other metrics.

GoSkills is cloud-based, which means that it can support teams of any size.

This element is vital since users have total access to all enterprise-level features no matter their size. GoSkills also has a gamification feature.

This feature provides a forum for interaction and better engagement between the teacher and student through games and conversations.

If you want to upgrade your GoSkills membership, you will have to pay around $29 for each user per month.

Upgrading comes with the benefit of users accessing GoSkills` corporate course library, which contains no less than 50 corporate learning courses that are ready-made.

3. Moodle 


Moodle is another one of the best free LMS available.

This platform provides users with standard features, including custom certifications, course authorization, and learning analytics.

Moodle supports lecturers, students, and businesses who can use the platform at no cost on a plan for up to fifty users or learners.

Moodle is a social learning tools-enabled website that allows tutors and users to send messages directly on course forums.

Moodle also contains themes that are mobile-friendly and support third-party plugins such as Office 365.

The free Moodle LMS is customizable so that you can sell your courses to the user through PayPal.

Because Moodle is customizable enough to link with various payment methods, it makes the selling of courses more transparent and legitimate.

If you want to upgrade your Moodle free plan, you can pay a fee of approximately $120 annually.

This upgraded plan gives you access to a maximum of fifty users, which is far better than the free version.

This improvement includes a personalized learning platform, custom certificates, unlimited courses, and web conferencing, enabling better interactions.

4. TalentLMS 


TalentLMS is included in this list of the best free LMS because it gives you unlimited access to several features and functions.

Users receive email support, and admission for five users, and deliver up to 10 courses on their websites.

The best part is that TalentLMS also allows you to use the free version for an unlimited amount of time.

TalentLMS is also a cloud-based free Learning Management System.

It helps small and big businesses grow their brands, create courses, and host live sessions for better interactions.

Overall, this LMS platform supports new business growth and promotes individual knowledge acquisition.

TalentLMS also allows you to download custom reports, which enhances the tracking of learners’ progress.

TalentLMS also gives users the appropriate customized tools to generate reports at the end of the day, simplifying the monitoring of many variables.

TalentLMS is unique because it has different versions of free LMS software tools that suit specific industry users. These tools are suitable in general but also for the automation and technology fields.

TalentLMS contains a library feature known as the Talent Library.

This virtual library includes a collection of up to 50 courses covering marketing, HR, customer service, and project management.

For you to upgrade from the free TalentLMS, you will need to pay around $60 monthly.

This upgrade accommodates up to forty users with