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Does Thinkific Have A Marketplace? [What You Need To Know!]

Does Thinkific Have A Marketplace? [What You Need To Know!]

Thinkific is a popular online learning platform that both entrepreneurs and businesses can use to create and design their own online courses. There, they can also market and manage the online courses that they make.

This online learning platform has five plans to choose from, starting with a monthly fee of $49 and going up to $499. There is also a free option, which gives users the chance to test out before moving onto a paid plan, which gives them more freedom and features.

That might all sound easy, but it’s a lot harder than you might initially think! Because of this, Thinkific made a move to help creators be more successful – the Thinkific Expert Marketplace.

To find out more about this marketplace, keep reading. We are going to cover everything you need to know about it here in this article.

Does Thinkific Have A Marketplace?

Yes! Thinkific does have its own marketplace. This marketplace has been named Thinkific Expert Marketplace, and went live around September 2016. The marketplace offers users some incredible and much needed help to get them started on their online course creation journey.

About The Thinkific Expert Marketplace

The Thinkific Expert Marketplace is a place where you can hire experts in a chosen field to help you realize your online course creation dreams. There, you can get all the help you need to be successful, no matter which area of the process it is.

Why Is The Thinkific Expert Marketplace Useful?

This marketplace is a very useful tool for Thinkific to have for one easy reason – it makes life easier! By making use of this marketplace and hiring people to help you create, design, set up, and market your courses, you are making your own life easier.

You will need to spend less time working on aspects of the project you don’t enjoy or are unable to do yet. Instead of spending hours working on these parts, the experts will handle it and give you incredible results.

This is especially useful if you don’t actually have the time to complete every aspect of course creation on Thinkific. Maybe you work a full time job, or you have various other responsibilities to deal with that inhibit your ability to complete the process quickly.

While you might have lost money before if this was the case, you don’t have to anymore! You can do what you love, and effectively outsource other jobs. All you need to do is hire an expert in the area, and they can take care of the details.

Who Can Use The Thinkific Expert Marketplace?

The Thinkific Expert Marketplace is available for anyone on Thinkific to use when needed. Anyone using the online learning platform who wants to create courses can hire one of the experts offered to get specific jobs done.

What They Offer?

There are four categories of experts to choose from if you are looking to hire someone from the marketplace: set up, content, design, and marketing experts.

Although Thinkific already had a Facebook group, that clearly didn’t cut it for them. With this marketplace, there are great opportunities for creators and experts alike to do that they love.

Content Experts

The content experts on the Thinkific Expert Marketplace can help you create the very backbone of your course. They will not be creating the content for you, but rather with you.

This will give you the chance to learn from them so that you can ultimately do it yourself and get great results.These experts can help you with any kind of content. This includes blog content as well as high-quality video content. There is nothing that they won’t be able to help with!

Set-Up Experts

Set-Up Experts

The set-up experts are the people you will want to go to if you don’t have the time, energy, or willpower to get done. This can include a wide variety of activities and roles, so it’s the perfect way to free up your own time to really work on what you love.

If there’s a specific job within the process that you don’t like or understand, you can hire a set-up expert to take care of it all. You may quickly find that this is one of the best investments you would hope for in this line of work!

Design Experts

If you are looking for something a little different to the usual in terms of design, you can hire an expert to help you! Although Thinkific is already customizable in many ways, there are limitations. By hiring an expert in design, you can go above and beyond in every way.

These wizards can work all the CSS and HTML stuff for you and give you some results that will take your breath away. There’s no way that you will regret doing this if you want to spice up your online courses.

Marketing Experts

Finally, the Thinkific Expert Marketplace also has marketing experts. These guys will come into play once your course has been completed and is ready for the public. We all know that marketing isn’t easy, and that’s why these experts can help you with every element of the process.

Promoting your course is the difference between success and failure. By getting some marketing experts to help you out, you are setting yourself up for success.

You Can Apply To Become An Expert, Too

If you have a lot of experience in any of the above-mentioned fields, why not consider signing up yourself? You can apply to become an expert on the Thinkific Expert Marketplace and be hired, too!

Of course, there are strict requirements in order to be successful, as people will be paying you to do this work. Not only that, but your name will be attached to Thinkific, and reputation is everything.


There are some key requirements to check off if you ever wanted to become an expert on the marketplace. These are as follows:

  • Create case studies to show your work and the value you provide to customers
  • Bring in at least 10 new or upgraded clients every year
  • Provide positive experiences and high value to course creators on the platform
  • Recommended Thinkific as your number one LSM solution
  • Ensure that honest and open communication is maintained with course creators on the platform
  • Deliver high quality work to the course creators on Thinkific
  • Be a brand ambassador for Thinkific (e.g. be active on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or be active on the Facebook Group)
  • Be able to prove your experience and deliver valuable content to customers on the platform
  • Be approved as a Thinkific Agency Partner

If you can do all of the above, consider applying for a role within the Thinkific Expert Marketplace! It’s an amazing way of helping people achieve their dreams while being a part of such a great community.

Fair warning, though, your profile can be unpublished by the platform if you fail to meet the criteria. There are four primary reasons why your profile could be unpublished by the platform:

  1. You don’t notify the platform of any changes relating to your business, including the address, name, and contact email.
  2. You fail to refer or upgrade at least 10 customers per year.
  3. If complaints about you or the work you provide are submitted.
  4. You fail to respond to inquiries.

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Final Thoughts

So, Thinkific does have a marketplace! It’s a great tool to use, and definitely worth checking out if you need some help in some areas of work. They offer great work, and can save you a lot of time and stress.