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DataCamp Review Is It Right For You

DataCamp Review: Is It Right For You?

DataCamp is an online platform that helps educate those who want to learn more about data science and grow their skill in data analytics.

It’s a collection of DataCamp courses and resources from expert instructors and institutions that can help you get job-certified real quick.

But, is it all it’s hyped up to be, and how do you know if it’s right for you?

In this article, we are going to discuss what DataCamp is, who it suits, and what you can get out of it.

Keep reading our DataCamp review to learn more about this online learning platform and if it suits you or not.

Find this out, and more, below!

What Is DataCamp?

Put simply, DataCamp is an online resource that allows you to enroll in a whole bunch of different courses on the topic of data science and analytics.

All of DataCamp’s certifications are industry recognized and built in partnership with industry leaders.

It is a Dutch company founded in 2013 by its CEO Jonathon Cornelissen.

They currently have over 7 million learners on their courses.

From learning core programming in different languages to more advanced theory behind data science, DataCamp attempts to be a one-stop resource for everything you need to learn to become a successful career coder and data scientist, or analyst.

What Does DataCamp Offer?

DataCamp can offer you over 380 courses on data-based topics, taught by over 260 expert data engineering instructors.

Some instructors are employed by DataCamp themselves, but have some pretty good experience already, while others are taught by elite institutions like Duke University.

In any case, a single course will generally fall into one of three categories.

‘Learn a new technology’ courses are generally more ‘practical’ and focus on teaching new technologies or coding languages.

You follow videos led by experts and then practice this in interactive exercises. For example, you could learn importing and cleaning data with R, SQL, or Python Data Science courses.

‘Career tracks’ courses are curated by industry experts and are focussed on providing the data science skills that experts have identified as a priority in their data-based industry.

In other terms, they are courses that are specifically tailored for getting a job in data.

These courses are often rudimentarily sorted by the job role you are looking for, the popular ones include ‘Data Analyst’ and ‘Data Scientist’. (See also ‘How To Cancel A Datacamp Subscription?‘)

‘Skill Tracks’ are also available, they allow you to gain a specific expertise in a particular kind of data analysis.

Again, they are curated by the experts to help you focus on a specific area you may be struggling with such as ‘R Programming’, ‘Machine Learning’ or ‘Data Visualization’.

Career and skill tracks are both built out of courses — but you can also take these courses individually.

What About Certification?

Recently, DataCamp has offered some industry-recognized certificates to those who enroll in its programmes.

There is a demand for workers within data but many aren’t certified, making finding a job in data hard.

DataCamp can provide certification that demonstrates to your employers that your data skills are ready and streamlined for employment, helping you stand out in a sea of candidates. (Check out ‘How Long Does Datacamp Take To Complete?‘)

Currently, though, it only offers certification as Data Scientists and a Data Analysts, although these are two of the most sought-after jobs in the industry.

But if you successfully complete one of its professional certification programmes you will receive an industry quality certificate, showing you are qualified for said role.

One cool addition DataCamp offers to its certified learners is a certification community.

DataCamp can put you in touch with all of their learners who have completed the same courses.

This allows you to communicate with other certified learners and compare your journeys to find employment, with some being able to tell you what it takes to be employed in the industry, and how valuable their programme was on DataCamp.

What Plans Does DataCamp Offer?

You can enroll in DataCamp in a few different ways, through a free plan, a paid plan, or for a business, or classroom.

DataCamp Review Is It Right For You

With basic free access, you get the first chapter of every course for free, and you can also create a free professional profile with access to the job board.

But beyond this, you don’t get much, the free version is basically just a way for you to see if the Data Science courses are worth it or not.

The paid premium package is for individuals who want to learn, giving you full access to DataCamp’s courses, real world projects, and certifications. 

There are two plans you can look at in terms of buying a DataCamp plan for a business.

They offer a ‘Teams’ programme, with a minimum of two users, that allows you to upskill your data team easily, and with a discounted price, per user, for a team.

This allows each user full access to DataCamp along with a fun extra feature that allows you to manage and track the progress of the said team.

The latter course is ideal for those independent teams who want upskilling and such, but for a much larger business, you may want something more specific.

If this applies to you then their Enterprise plan could suit you well. 

The ‘Enterprise’ plan provides everything in your generic paid plan with adaptive learning paths for specific employees, as well as advanced analytics and integrations, as well as the use of LMS or LXP.

There’s no written price for this plan though, as it will depend on your business’s specific needs and instead, you contact the sales department for pricing on this plan.

2500+ companies have used DataCamp’s Enterprise plan for their business successfully, even super famed companies like Google, Microsoft, eBay, PayPal, and more.

Who Is DataCamp For?

DataCamp is ideal for both independent learners looking to make themselves more employable as well as businesses and independent teams who are seeking to upskill or reskill employees.

Independent learners have a lot to gain from DataCamp, specifically those who are looking to learn data science while skilling themselves up specifically for a career in data.

There are many features specific to these kinds of people, like specific certificate programmes that show employers you are ready to learn, as well as a community of certified people who can help in this process.

Businesses can also gain a lot from DataCamp as many large corporations have, such as Google, and more.

If you want to upskill or reskill some employees for better data analysis for your business, DataCamp will certainly help with this.

Our Verdict

DataCamp is a really great platform for users to learn about data and how it is specifically used in the industry, and gain certificates that are approved by the industry itself. 

It gives a useful framework for independent learners to learn within.

For those looking for a job in Data, DataCamp will provide some serious stepping stones, flexible online training and core learning to give you the confidence to get a job, as well as certifications that you are ready to be employed.

In terms of businesses, you only have to see that companies like Google have used DataCamp themselves for reassurance of the platform’s ability to teach data.

As a business, you can get an easy-to-use plan that a small team can use to up or reskill, while there are also loads of ways you can specifically tailor DataCamp for your business.

Overall, if you are looking to learn the basic and core programming skills required for a career in data science or analysis, you are in the right place.