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Martin Barrett
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How Long Does Datacamp Take To Complete

How Long Does Datacamp Take To Complete?

In the modern internet age, we have seen education change in many different ways, with one of the most prominent being the large uptake in online learning – allowing those with other commitments to gain further education and improved skills alongside existing work and family life.

One of the prominent players in this industry is Datacamp, a largely popular like other online learning platforms that allows people to engage with content and learn in their own way (and at their own pace). 

But what exactly do they offer, and how long does Datacamp take to complete? Let’s find out!

What Is Datacamp? 

Datacamp is an online learning platform aimed at teaching companies and individuals alike the skills like data science and machine learning they need to further their skill tracks, career tracks, and business prospects.

With a distinct focus on analyzing proven business data science skills and statistics, and deep learning how to efficiently read these to enhance your own prospects in the marketplace. 

This is an incredibly vital service in modern times, especially due to the degree that data scientist – and the need to analyze it – plays a part in contemporary business practices.

With the internet, everything is data-driven, and as such it is important to improve your own understanding and to learn how to speak this language that plays such a pivotal role. 

What Does Datacamp Offer? 

While all the courses do have a distinct focus on data analysis and the very language of modern online business, there are also courses aimed at specific programs and applications – allowing those with specific needs to become versed in their chosen field with ease and convenience. 

The courses are aimed at all aspects of the data scientists – be it the understanding and reading of trends and statistics, the processing and cataloging of said data visualization, as well as what to do with the figures once you have them in place. 

Many people in contemporary online businesses can be blinded by the more technical side of things – especially what to do with the data cleaning they collect – and as a result, these courses provide important help to those most in need. 

How Long To Complete A Course? 

Of course, when it comes to the different courses under Datacamp, there are many different time scales that each course could potentially take – and these are also dependent on the schedule and commitments of the individual user. 

However, generally speaking, their courses are expected to take anywhere between 20 and 60 hours – with the 60 hours referring specifically to one of their most popular courses (Data Analyst), which is also one of their most in-depth courses. 

If the course is the only commitment that the user has, then it is certainly possible to bring these times down some more, however the whole point of further, online education is that it is suited for those with other pressing commitments, such as childcare and business demands, and as such, it is unlikely they would have no other commitments to be working towards. 


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What Are The Benefits Of Datacamp Courses? 

Of course, when it comes to Datacamp, there are many benefits for both the individual, and larger businesses – spanning numerous facets of the business world, and elements of personal development. 

Good For Beginners

One of the main benefits of Datacamp is that it is catered specifically for beginners in the field, allowing practical laymen to learn the ropes to visualize data analysis and management with a view to becoming sufficient in many aspects of the business. 

This is great for those who are otherwise confused by the data manipulation, data engineering, and statistics they encounter, and who might need some help finding their right career tracks when it comes to managing data analytics and using the results to spur change. 

Constant Updates

Another benefit is that there are constant updates being implemented all of the time – allowing those with the inclination to advance specific skills and keep them up to date with modern applications, trends, and standards.

How Long Does Datacamp Take To Complete

This is important in the online world, where every facet of technology is changing all of the time – allowing those with online business interests to keep abreast of the knowledge and the tools of their trade. 

Low Subscription Price

Another benefit for interested users is that the subscription price is relatively low – especially when compared to similar online institutions.

This means that those who are starting out in business can make real-world projects and go of it without breaking the bank and directing too many of their financial resources toward education. 

This is also good for businesses that want to educate their employees on the data science job and enhance their respective skills with tailored industry-standard qualifications. 

Useful Business Skills

Of course, one of the main benefits is the skills that one can take from these data science courses – allowing individuals and businesses alike to more properly learn how to read and manage the data that they are seeing online through their business. 

This is pivotal for manifesting change, as they can then learn what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong, and what changes they need to make to turn an otherwise stagnant or ailing business model into one that works for them. 

Easy Course Switching

It is also incredibly easy to switch between courses – should you realize one is not suited for your needs, or you are finding it otherwise irrelevant.

This means that you are not wasting time, money, and energy on any particular course and that you can best work towards your goals in a streamlined and effective way. 

This is an important one, especially for new business owners who are really just finding their feet, and who might not otherwise know where their attention should lie. 


Learn R, Python & Data Science Online

  • Gain the skills for your next job
  • From non-coding essentials to data science
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We earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Are There Any Downsides? 

Of course, there are certain downsides to Datacamp – as can be expected from any application or service that caters to vast swathes of users. 

Too Easy

Some elements of the course are too easy, which can seem like a waste of money and time in some situations.

This is especially true for those who are moderate or advanced users, and who might be looking for a greater challenge than the one presented by Datacamp.

This can be an unfortunate thing to realize once you have paid your subscription and can make the whole thing feel like a huge waste of time and money.

That being said, beginner and intermediate users might find the content more than useful for getting to grips with the basics. 

Customer Support

Another problem is customer support, something that is reportedly lacking within Datacamp.

This can be tricky for new customers who might need more of a helping hand, and very much represents one of the major pitfalls with online education: the lack of supervision and assistance at trying times. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Datacamp, what it is, and how long it takes to complete. 

So if you are wanting to enhance your existing skills, or make new, vital changes and advancements in your professional or educational life, then be sure to give Datacamp a try.

Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!